Kitting my Kids out with Mr Price Kids

Kitting kids out for the new season is usually an expensive and stressful experience. The winter clothes that fitted them just a mere 6 months ago no longer do. And if you’re blessed with a girl and a boy like I am, then there’s no such thing as hand-me-downs from an older sibling. Unless you have a generous friend or older cousin you can forget….. you have to buy a virtually new wardrobe every 6 months!! Yikes.

I had just been having a sort out through my son’s cupboard and working out which tops would last another season and where the gaps in his wardrobe were (eg. MANY) when Mr Price contacted me and asked whether I would be keen to review their new #moresomawesome range of kids clothes and purchase a few via their online store! Well, you don’t have to ask this mom twice if she would like some cash towards kitting out her kids for winter. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who would give an emphatic Yes!

So last Thursday I sat down with each of my kids (separately) for some bonding time on my lap over the laptop. We chatted about what clothes they loved and which they would like to buy. It was actually such a great lesson in teaching them about money and what they could afford with their budget. How quickly items add up and why you need to think about what you are buying. They had to select a few items they needed and then way up the merits of each item and whether they would get worn often, what the fabric was (cotton only please!) and if it went with other items we already owned. Plus they also had a chance to show me what they really love and convince me that their fashion choice of a very stylish skater boy peak cap was a non-negotiable in the shopping basket! Such an interesting insight into their personalities and how their minds work when it comes to what they wear! It was such fun….. and might I add MUCH more fun that shopping in real life – for all of us.

Yes, I’m a girl and do love a little browse around the aisles every so often (as does my daughter) but if you’ve ever been shopping with a boy of any age you will know that unique type  of torture (for you and for them). Don’t be fooled to thinking that your toddler son will suddenly enjoy a trip to the shops one day. He will never. Not at 8 or 80!

Anyway back to our shopping experience with the Mr Price Online Store. The process was super easy and browsing through the menus was quick. You can select by girls or boys and then choose the age range or a new collection or even items that are marked down. From there we chose which items we were looking for.

My daughter was all about getting a few new warm tops and couldn’t be swayed from the branded items – Barbie, Minnie and Princess Sofia came out “tops” in the end for her, although there are many non-branded items that are super cute and stylish like the ones shown below!


As I mentioned my son is a bit older and growing at a rate of knots so his cupboard was looking a little bare at the start of this season which meant we had to stock up on pants, tops & pyjamas and at his insistence we also threw in a few extra accessories like a peak hat, scarf and belt (clearly he is growing up and trendy clothing is more important to him than I realised!!) Here are some of the cool clothing choices for boys….


I was really impressed with the ease of selecting the items, the variety available. I was grateful that most items made mention of the fabric as this is often our deciding factor when shopping due to their sensitive skin and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Mr Price stocked a number of 100% cotton items if we looked carefully! The prices too were very reasonable and we were able to buy a fair number of items with our budget – enough to keep everyone happy!

Here are a few screenshots of the process for you to see how simple the site actually is…







The checkout and payment process was really easy – and I liked that they had various payment methods available. My kids were super amped to discover the process of “buying clothes on the computer” as they had never been exposed to this techonology before. I had to do a little bit of explaining to manage their expectations of when the doorbell would be rung (eg. not immediately!) but the delivery time of Monday morning meant that the turnaround was actually really good – only 2 working days if you take out the weekend.

Unfortunately, as moms are prone to do, I selected a size too large for my son’s pj’s hoping he would be able to grow into them, but that might only be in 3 years time, so I will took advantage of the easy returns policy and popped in at my local Mr Price store yesterday afternoon to do an exchange. There are 3 easy ways to return items and it’s all explained really well on the handy returns form you get with your parcel so I won’t go into it now but it was super quick and easy in store!

So, what did we finally manage to select? Here are a few pics of my super cute models….



005 (683x1024)

011 (683x1024)

Overall I had a really positive experience and I’ll definitely be back soon to restock my kids with more of Mr Price’s #moresomeawesome kids range!

If you would like to treat your own kids to some #MoresomeAwesome fashion this winter you’ll be pleased to know I’m giving away a R200 gift voucher to spend on their online store.



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Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. Ah, your kiddies are SO gorgeous, Kathryn! I actually popped into the Mr Price at Somerset Mall last week to try and stock up on some clothes for Bean, but they had very little sock for his age… didn’t even THINK to try online shopping. DUH! So, going to check it out now… I can so relate to your woes about restocking a wardrobe from scratch every 6 months! I’m having to do it every 2 to 3 months at the moment… eek! There goes MY winter shopping budget! Loved this post – thank you so much for sharing, and for giving us a glimpse of your gorgeous kiddos. xxx

  2. OMG! What a prize! Would spend this voucher on my daughter Zoe by buying her POLKA DOT HOODIE and some funky leggings. I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Fingers crossed! xxx

  3. Awesome comp! I would buy my daughter one of the gorgeous knitted pullovers ad for my son a pair of jeans 🙂

  4. I would spend it on my BF’s niece… I love the polkadot leggins with the Pink belted tunic. #socute!

  5. I would spend it on my boyfriend’s baby sister…Get her some boots and knitted pullovers 🙂 Tweeted @Roxi_23

  6. I would spend the voucher on my son. Have tweeted @rehanaseedat and liked Becoming You facebook page a long time ago

  7. I would spend the voucher on my son, will buy a pullover for him . Have tweeted @rehanaseedat and liked Becoming You facebook page a long time ago.

  8. tweeted,completed the form ,and already liked the facebook page long ago.

    I love the great value for money at Mr Price and the fact its so fashionable…I would buy some winter PJs for my nephew.

  9. I would definitely spend it on my 2 year old little brother. I love dressing him up and we always have so much fun together. He is just adorable. Plus my mommy will get to save this winter. Yay!! 🙂

  10. I have a few Mr Price items sitting in my online basket, all for my 19 month old daughter, Hanaan. She’s been through a lot in the last few months, including two hospital procedures. She’s due for another one, to have an eyelid cyst removed next week. I’d love to spoil her with some fluffy hoodies for winter.

  11. I would allow my daughter to choose something girly and pretty for her wardrobe – a pretty skirt or dress or one of the gorgeous knitwear items on the website.

  12. I would spend my voucher on my 8 year old niece as she always gets fever during these cold freezing winter days so I would love to warm her up with some warm clothes from Mr Price. Liked and shared on Facebook, tweeted @XhosaCliqs 🙂

  13. I know exactly where the voucher would go – to my 13 year old daughter! Who knows what she would choose!!

  14. I would spend that awesome voucher on my 6 month old babygirl it’s her first winter,will buy some minnie mouse tops and jeans and for my 2.5 year old son a tracktop

  15. I saw these gorgeous boots that would look perfect on this little Blessing I take after during weekdays. It’s the winter season and it’s getting colder outside and I feel like she’s deserving of the boots. They’re perfect for her!!!!! Holding thumbs 🙂

    I love kiddy shopping!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I went through the site a few days back and I saw these gorgeous grey ankle boots that would be perfect for my little princess during this winter season. She always gets up at 5am to prepare for pre school and dropping her off is always the hardest thing during this season because I feel that she gets cold.

    Hoping I get to spend this on her!

    Holding thumbs.

    Entered on twitter: @Beydaisy

  17. liked/shaed/tweeted I would definitely love to spoil my 5yr old niece with some winter leggings and the hoodie…so gorgeous 🙂

  18. this range is so adorable 🙂 I would love to kit out both my small kids in winter hoodies and leggings. liked, shared and tweeted 🙂

  19. I would definitely spend it on my gorgeous son! Already like your page on FB and I shared your post on the competiton!! PS the kids are growing so quickly!! Love to all!

  20. I would buy something for my daughter. With 3 boys, I just love shopping for pretty things for my little girl!
    I have liked you on FB already.

  21. I would buy tights and jerseys and a cute jacket for a 3 year old named Maya .
    have tweeted on Mr price and becoming you sites and liked facebook as well.

  22. would love to be able to win and get my daughter some lovely outifts for winter especially the boots and hoodie, very cute.

  23. I love mr prize clothes, my kids have so much fun in wearing and buying them, shared on my facebook with all my friends.

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