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Recently I was given the chance to review a brand of baby monitor new to the South Africa market however as my kids are now past the age where I need to use a monitor I asked two of my friends to test out the new Motorola monitor and give me their honest opinions of their experience.

Delia and Lizanne share their thoughts and experience in their Motorola baby monitor reviews below…

by Delia Flisberg (Mom of 5 aged between 8 months and 10 years)


I have a 9month old baby and have been using this monitor for the past 3weeks.

The unit is basic and very low on features, which makes it extremely easy to use. There is a power button, volume control and sound lights. If your baby is crying you will see all the lights light up, but if he/she is just moving around, you may only see a few lights light up. Simultaneously you will also be able to hear the baby through the speaker. The life span of the battery is very good. I left the parent unit on, unplugged for 36hrs and the battery was still good.

Both Parent and Baby unit work with an AC adapter. The Belt Clip attachment on the parent unit makes it easy and comfortable to walk around with especially when you’re busy cooking or working in the garden.

The unit can be placed as far away as 5 meters from the baby and you will still be able to hear him/her. I tested the baby monitor from the opposite end of the house, about 30meters away from the baby monitor, and the sound became unclear.

The unit feels fragile to handle, especially the clip, and the design looks a bit cheap. The unit could do with some more useful features such as an battery indicator and a talk back function.

All in all the monitor served its purpose as a entry level baby monitor.

MOTOROLA AUDIO BABY MONITOR (MODEL MBP16) – R859,99 (pictured at top)
by Lizanne Pitt (Mom of 2 aged 4 months and 2.5 years)

I’ve never had a baby monitor, partly because I find them expensive and partly because I was worried that it would break and I wouldn’t hear my babies. So, I inevitably walk a trench in the floor between the lounge and where baby sleeps in the day to check on them, every 5 minutes.

When I was offered the opportunity to try the Motorola MBP16, I thought I’d give it a go. I must say I am quite impressed. My husband loves the two-way talk function, as he thinks it hilarious to send me instructions from the bedroom to wherever I am in the house. I, on the other hand, take it seriously and am impressed with the sense of calm I feel knowing I can sit down for long enough to finish my tea, as I know I will hear my baby cry over the monitor.

Its a cute looking monitor, with rounded edges and no fancy bits and pieces. The microphone is quite sensitive so it doesn’t even have to be in the baby’s cot to pick up sounds.

The LED sound level indicator helps you to gauge whether its necessary to go into the room or if the baby is just moving. The talk feature means you can soothe baby or reassure them through the monitor, although I still like to go into the room to do this. I like that the parent unit runs off batteries and has a belt clip, so I can hang up washing in the garden with the monitor and still hear when she wakes up. The batteries have a good charge life if you put the unit off when you’re not using it. Its slim for a monitor but a bit too bulky to stick in a pocket, so the belt clip comes in handy.

A function that my 2 year old quite enjoys is the lullabies, there are 5 to choose from, and although electronic and not THAT soothing, they are calm and help distract baby from crying. These can be switched on and off on the baby unit, not the parent unit, so if you use lullabies to put the baby to sleep, you need to switch it off from that unit.

The nightlight is also a great feature, it means I can see a little better when I walk out of the room, and it is a comfort for baby that its not totally dark. Although if I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a dull orange light I may be convinced the aliens have come to get me…

All in all, the Motorola MBP16 an easy to use, functional, good looking monitor, and I would recommend it if you want something fairly simple.

by Delia Flisberg

The Motorola MBP33 digital wireless video baby monitor, has an incredibly clear day and night vision making it easy to keep an eye on your baby as they sleep.

It is easy to use with clear instructions and simple functions. The parent unit has a perfectly sized LCD screen but unfortunately has poor battery power, especially when you are frequently making use of the video display function.

If find that the range and sound quality is fairly poor. For extra convenience the parent unit could do with an added “Belt clip on” feature which will allow easy mobility. Unit can only be transported in hand, pocket or/and can be place on stand.

All in all I’m very impressed with the elegant slim design and existing features.

by Lizanne Pitt

This is such a cool invention… not only can you hear your baby’s every sound but you can see them move and breath. Its great for staring at your child while they sleep… which we all do (admit it). As I mentioned in my review of the audio version, I’m not a monitor mom, but I quite like being able to hear and see my baby. It makes having two kids a lot easier, so I can see one while playing with the other.

The camera has infrared so it can pick up your baby even in the dark, which is pretty awesome. It also has a zoom function which is useful when you want to see your baby’s chest move or just see more details on their face. It pans up and down and left and right, so you can view the whole room using the parent control.

As with the audio version, there are lovely electronic lullabies should you feel like soothing your baby like that. You can also chat to baby through the parent unit, although again I prefer going to the crib myself.

According to the brochure, you can rig more than one camera up to the parent unit, which would also be great when you want to watch both your kids… I’m thinking of getting one more for my son’s room. This would also be grand as the cameras have thermometers so you can see what the temperature is in any room.

The video monitor is a bit bulkier than the audio one, so its not a matter of slipping it into your pocket and walking around with it, so you have to watch them when you’re sitting in one place or turn up the volume and keep walking around. But even with the bulk its still a pretty little monitor, and the camera is easy to mount on the wall which makes it great to place above a cot and out of the way of curious little fingers.

The only negative I found with this monitor is that the battery life is not very good, I end up having it plugged in most of the time, because it goes from one bar to flat in a matter of seconds. That said, when its plugged in at a desk or nightstand its makes no difference.

This monitor is a bit on the expensive side, but the visual capabilities make it worth the price. I would recommend this monitor for moms looking for visual confirmation that their baby is still alive and well.

The Motorola Baby Monitor is distributed in South Africa by Just Baby and is available to purchase at major retailers across the country including Baby City, Toy’s R Us and Dion Wired. It is also available to purchase via

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