Moms Night Away!

Earlier this month my bookclub besties and I decided that it was high time we prioritized ourselves and go away for a night without kids and husbands! Of the 5 in our group, 3 have had babies this year so you can well imagine that time alone or with girl friends has been very limited!

We started planning a few months back (ie. laying the groundwork with the dads!!) and then we took the plunge and made a booking! We opted to keep fairly close to home as we were only going away for 24 hours and didn’t want to spend 6 of those in the car! Fortunately there are some many amazing places with an hour’s drive of Cape Town that feel like another world. We chose to rent a place in Scarborough and headed off for 24 hours of blissful, girly time!

2012-11-10 14.20.44

2012-11-10 18.20.14

One of the main criteria for the weekend was that we were not going to be cooking any food – only preparing snacks or reheating a pre-made pasta! I can’t tell you how AMAZING it was to spend 24 hours with these girls. Uninterrupted chatting, reading mags in the sun, painting our nails, sipping on G&T’s and sparkling wine and mojito’s (ok not all at the same time), snacking on olives and cheese, running down to the beach to watch the sunset, posing for pics like teens, playing 30 seconds, watching girly movies and scoffing plenty of chocolate. The next morning we headed over the mountain to Simonstown and had a yummy breakfast at The Meeting Place, followed by a leisurely stroll through vintage shops – both outings that would otherwise be off limits with kids in tow!

2012-11-11 11.21.17

2012-11-11 11.16.34

It was all such fabulous fun and I can HIGHLY recommend that all girls get together with their friends every few months (or even once a year). We’re def keen to make it a quarterly event! Look at your calendar and book a night or weekend away now! Especially if you’re a mom! Just do it. The kids will survive, and the dads will cope! Moms never seem to get a break between work, homework, school lifts, doctors visits, meal planning and preparing, parties and playdates. A break away from the routine (and noise!) will do wonders for you – and the rest of your family. In fact, most of us reported back that the dads all had a blast bucking the rules: making pizzas and watching a movie ’til late or setting up tents in the garden and have a “boys only braai” – the kids are already asking when the moms are going away again!! What a win all round 😉

Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. That is such a great idea, I reckon I am definitely going to do something like this next year with my besties 🙂

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