My Mini Makeover

Over the past week I’ve been treated to the most amazing mini makeover, it wasn’t planned at all, but just so happened that I was invited to enjoy a few different experiences and they all took place within a few days of each other!

So instead of writing about each experience individually I thought I would share my thoughts on each step of my transformation plus add in a few “before” and “after” pictures for each experience. Prepare for lots of pics of me… my apologies!

Here goes….

First up was a spray tan with new to SA tanning solution, Vita Liberata. This international brand was one of the first non-toxic, organic and paraben free self-tan products. It is available as a spray tan in a salon and also comes with a range of products which can be used at home.

The product is made with natural ingredients such as Hyaluron, Pomegranate, Yam and Ginkgo Biloba and is designed to moisturise and hydrate the skin all WITHOUT any of the usual self-tan smell due to the odourless formula!



Going for a spray tan requires a certain amount of body confidence as you do need to bare all for the therapist doing the deed (a tiny disposable thong is provided for your “modesty” haha!) Anyway I decided to embrace the opportunity and go all in… With the colder weather around it seemed like a strange time of the year to be going for a tan (let’s face it not many people were going to be seeing the benefits of my new look under all the layers of clothing) but I was pleasantly surprised at what a difference having a tan hiding under my clothes actually made to my self-confidence!

And so many people commented on how healthy and radiant I looked (ok that was AFTER I rinsed off my face when my sister likened me to “Hawaiian Beach Barbie” and I realised that the colour keeps developing until you rinse it off!!)  The “After” photo below was taken before I rinsed off, so you can see that I came out quite dark brown but once I’d had a shower the colour was much more natural and I was happy to show my face in public again!! In fact I wanted to! The funny thing is that my husband didn’t actually notice the tan initially. The first thing he picked up on was that my teeth looked whiter. I was also told that my eyes looked bluer! So there you have two extra reasons why you need to get a spray tan.

The power of having a healthy (eg. fake) tan is that you really do look so much healthier (and thinner!) and that equates to feeling so much more confident about yourself. I highly recommend the Vita Liberata spray tan for anyone looking to boost their body confidence – for a special occasion or just because! The tan is quick drying and has a perfect fade (no scaly crocodile skin or flaky patches).

It lasts for up to 10 – 14 days depending on how well your prep and maintain the skin. For example, thorough exfoliating BEFORE the tan and plenty of moisturising AFTER the tan. I came away with a sample size bottle and small mit to allow me to test out and extend my tan at home and will be doing this shortly!

Before & After


A few days later I popped into enjoy one of my most blissful beauty experiences – a QMS facial. This really is one of my happy places and I know my skin will always look amazing afterwards. This facial is really relaxing and pampering for my face (none of those painful extractions!)

After cleansing the skin , an exfoliation with alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA’s) & enzymes dissolves intercellular glue to rid the skin of excess build-up of dead skin. Then a thick algae mask is applied that feels super cooling on the skin and helps to lock in moisture and remove excess loosened dead skin cells.  This mask is also used for skin analysis and correct recommendation of homecare products to suit individual skin needs. This is one of my favourite parts of the facial as you have your eyes and lips covered in the thick mask and can completely zone out of life for a short while! (Though the claustrophobic among you might struggle)

After the mask the active ingredients can penetrate up to 15% deeper into the skin so this is when the Day Collagen is applied – a highly concentrated serum with natural soluble collagen and remarkable free radical protectors.  It is moisturizing, firming, regenerative and protective. Another mask can then be applied but at this point I had the 24 hr cream, Sport Active tinted moisturizer and SPF15 plus Cellular Alpine eye cream applied.

Age has been creeping up on me which results in quite dry, dehydrated skin so the deep exfoliation followed by super hydrating and nourishing masks are perfect for my face. My skin is literally glowing when I walk out from the QMS facial! See the pic below for evidence of my happy face 😉

Before & After


Now no makeover is complete without a new hair do! Fortunately David Gilson happened to be in town for a few days at my local Carlton Hair in Constantia Village so I took myself off for a few hours in the salon. My hair has been in DESPERATE need of an update for months so this visit was “long” overdue!

My problem with my hair is that I never quite know what to do with it. Yes I love having long hair and I’m blessed with a large amount of it which does give me plenty of styling choices but with too much choice comes indecisiveness and I always just stick to what I know – a few highlights. Boring! Upon arrival I had a brief chat to David himself and he immediately knew what would work for me. Within a few minutes we had decided to go a little bit darker than my current honey blonde – to disguise the regrowth while also giving me a bit more warmth for winter! Plus he added in a few subtle highlights to frame my face…

His assistants set about applying the highlight foils and then the divine Davines organic colour. After a blissful wash and head massage I was spoilt with the NEW Davines replumping treatment which is perfect to use each time you colour your hair as it is super moisturising. Another stint under the weird moisture-locking contraption and then it was time for the style – here I decided to not rock the boat too much. One change at a time is pretty much the most I can handle when it comes to my hair! So I kept it long and slightly layered. And after a beautiful blow dry (can I get a hairstylist to do this for me everyday please??) I headed out the door to enjoy my new look at a stunning Dove event hosted at the Twelve Apostles.

Before & After


So there you have it – my mini makeover. What do you think? Too much of my face? I’m sorry about that! Too much of my fabulous blogging perks. Again, sorry! I probably do have the best job IN THE WORLD – well, for someone who loves to be a girl! Thanks for reading this far I do appreciate your interest…. and stay tuned over the next few weeks for some great news for those of your keen to try out the QMS facial for yourself xx


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  1. Whoop Whoop! Looking fab Kath !!!!!! xxx love the tan !!!! might have to give that a try when theres a special event ! x

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