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Recently I read an article about how more and more moms are getting online and I thought that the latest research would be interesting reading for my mom readers, fellow bloggers and brands that are looking to tap into this market!  According to BabyCenter’s 21st Century Mom Insight Series, mothers have changed their habits and are now no longer behaving as typical Generation X but rather as more media-savvy Millennials and this is shaping every aspect of their lives from parenting tactics, shopping trends, and social media habits!

The digital habits of moms are changing and they are now the new Millennial Moms, even if they were born 20 years before that generation!

The moms of today are spending more than an hour longer on video and streaming apps then their predecessors and aren’t as concerned about sharing pictures of their children and details of their lives online. Moms are using social media and mobile applications to research recipes, find parenting advice, work on their finances and make purchases from food to clothing to baby equipment (P.S. most popular down). This is big news in the digital world. It means that moms (well, dads too) are entering an age where they are comfortable in the social space of the internet.

brand loyalty among millennial moms

Millennial Moms spend an average of 8.3 hours daily consuming media – about an hour more per day than Gen X moms – with most of that extra time spent streaming video or going online using a smartphone or tablet. According to the study, the Millennial Mom toolkit includes laptops (83%) and smartphones (81%). Additionally, Millennial Moms have a preference for all portable devices compared to Gen Xers.

As digital natives, Millennial Moms are very comfortable using technology, including apps, to manage their lives and get more accomplished in less time. These moms turn to their mobile devices to look up recipes (76%), manage finances (69%), and search for parenting advice (76%) monthly.

The amazing thing about tapping into the technology available to us is that it has enabled moms to create a more flexible work-home balance. For Millennials who are used to technological changes this is second nature to them. There are now more momtrepreneurs than ever looking to take advantage of the internet for it’s ability to work remotely and flexibly while giving modern moms new ways of earning that their own mothers never had.

A point I found particularly exciting is that 84% of moms are reading blogs daily because they feel that their favorite bloggers provide an authentic voice about things that affect them every day to parenting woes to food they are feeding their children to products they plan on purchasing. How awesome!!

I’m so excited to be a part of that and hope it will just continue to grow and grow! And that more and more moms would get online and brands and companies would start paying attention!

On that point, obviously I want to meet moms needs as much as I can, so I would love to hear in the comments below about what you would most like to see more of on Becoming you – maybe it’s been featured in the past and you want to see more of it or it’s something that’s never been featured. I’ve got great plans for this site including expanding my Family Friendly reviews section – both in Cape Town and hopefully, around SA! Watch this space!

So, if you are looking to connect more closely with moms in the online space what does this mean? Here are a few NB points:

Know her influencers: 59% made a purchase that a website recommended. 20% made a purchase because their network followed that brand. Connect with the influencers that moms trust (e.g. mom bloggers such as myself!)

Be a resource: Moms want ways to make their lives easier; they are searching for expert advice & apps that simplify everyday tasks.

Be transparent: Be authentic & clear about your core values. Moms want brands to admit mistakes & deal with repercussions.

Be respectful: Create a dialogue & acknowledge her thoughts & input. Don’t take moms for granted, they DO know best.

Understand her: She needs real time support. She wants to have a great experience with brands that she can share with friends.

Be mobile: Most moms connect to the internet during short spurts of down time which means they are using their phones and tablets. Their mobile phone is their number one tool to communicate, shop, take pictures, etc. Have a mobile friendly site or app. Make sure your content is short, gets to the point and is quick to download and read on the run!

Be social: Find out where your market is and be there! As mentioned above Moms trust bloggers – real moms like them with opinions they value who have shared similar experiences – likeable, relatable women that they view as a friend. They trust their online forum friends! Moms LOVE Pinterest, Instagram is gaining ground, YouTube channels for moms are popping up every week, Facebook is their favourite stomping ground and slowly they are realising the value of Twitter. Get onto these channels and connect.

If you’re a mom, does this sound right? Do you have any tips to add for brands wanting to connect with you?

If you’re a brand, I hope you’ve found this insightful and look forward to hearing from you 😉

Click here to read the rest of the BabyCentre Millenial Mom report.

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Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. I wasn’t Internet savy until I started my blog and it has opened me up to an online world that keeps growing and I’m engaging with people I wouldn’t normally meet. Internet comes with, like most things, it’s nasty side, but mostly I see the benefits.

  2. Agreed Sarah – I’ve loved using the Internet as a mom and am so glad of it’s positive impact on my life – I wouldn’t have the job I do without it 😉

  3. I think that this is so very true!

    I never really thought that people took our blog that seriously or really cared about what we did until we received a ginger bread house for Christmas. We made it and posted it on the blog and by the next day, the provider was sold out due to (what I can only assume to be) our followers wanting it. Every day leading up to Christmas I saw a new friend post a picture of their gingerbread houses and it blew my mind.

    It’s also a good reminder to only really talk about things that you really are passionate about.

  4. That is so cool Cindy – how awesome to see the influence of your blog at work! I’m so excited to see where things are heading in the digital arena esp for us “mommy bloggers” in SA 😉 Onwards and upwards I say!

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