Managing my Makeup Mayhem with The Beauty Box

One of the perks of writing product reviews is that I am spoilt with freebies to test and try which I’m very grateful for and totally love BUT the downside is that my makeup drawer starts to look like this….

Not very productive for someone who needs to apply makeup quickly as she rushes off to do the school run or attend a launch. As you can see it’s near impossible to find anything!! I must quickly add that it hasn’t always looked like this and in fact the sight of this makeup mayhem gives me shivers as I’m far more inclined to be neat and organised with “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place” but things have slipped a bit lately!

I have been trying to find creative storage solutions for things around my home. I gain a huge sense of satisfaction from finding a perfect solution (is that wierd?) Recent organizational wins have been my handbag storage loops that I have attached to the side of my freestanding wardrobe and adding nails/ hooks for my hairdryer and curling iron (and future ghd!) to hand from on the side of my dressing table.

But neither of these come close to my new Beauty Box!! The arrival of this little drawer set has revolutionized my beauty storage and routine. What a great concept. 5 clear little drawers for all my favourite beauty products. After it was delivered I spent a good few hours sorting out my overcrowded dressing table with the help of my makeup obsessed 3 year old daughter. I first eliminated the products I no longer use or need and she was only too pleased to be the recipient of my cast offs (and quite keen to take over some of my favourites too!) Then I categorized them by type in order to give each their own dedicated drawer….. The OCD side of my was loving life!



I decided to “layer” the products in order of use. First up was all my foundations, concealers, BB creams, hand creams and various other tubes or samples I have to use up. Then I put all my blushers and bronzers in the next drawer. Eye makeup was next – I used the perspex diverders that came in each drawer to separate my eyeshadows, liners, mascaras. I must admit it was lovely to see all my products in one place. A great way to identify what I am missing in my collection (and what I have too much of!) Lipsticks and glosses with the odd lip liner took their place in the second to last drawer. The bottom drawer has a slightly different layout and is a bit deeper which made it perfect to store my growing nail polish collection.


makeup organizer

I loved putting all my “pretties” in their sparkly new home and being able to see everything at a glance not only makes my dressing table look like a boudoir but makes it super easy and efficient to do my makeup.

Made of Lucite Acrylic with gorgeous glass crystal handles, The Beauty Box will complement any décor and design and is ideal to use in your bedroom, bathroom or dressing room. The Beauty Box comes in a variety of sizes and has other amazing products to add on to the original box which I tried such as brush holders and can be used to store other items too such as facial products, spa essentials or even jewellery.

Buy The Beauty Box on Style 36 or The Spa Shop.

Alternatively you can order directly from The Beauty Box. They deliver around SA.
Delaney at 084 777 7052

Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Disclaimer: I was given a Beauty Box to test and keep for the purpose of this review.

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