Making time for Me (and a chance to WIN a weekend away in the Cederberg!)

Time for Me – for moms these words are like manna from heaven or the holy grail or something equally precious and rare!! The sad truth is they just don’t happen very often (or at all!) for busy mamas…

Whether you’re a mom of a 1-month-old, a 21-month-old or a 21-year-old you’ll appreciate the idea of Me Time even if you don’t get to experience it all that often for yourself! Fortunately I’m here to share some good news for those of you stuck in the trenches… it does get better, eventually!

You see, I’m in what is quite possibly the “sweet spot” of parenting, and boy you better believe I’m appreciating it! The time between ages 5 and 10 is probably one of the “easier” times when it comes to raising kids… they’re able to walk, talk, swim, dress themselves, feed themselves and fasten their own seatbelts… not to mention that if you’ve done the discipline thing right up front, you can start to ease off on the accelerator and enjoy the ride…. until you hit puberty with all its hormones and hassles and have to hit the handbrake!

What this “sweet spot” means is that I’m far more able to sneak in more spots of Me Time than ever before. When I was a new mom (and for 5 years thereafter) the idea of lying on my bed reading a book in the afternoon sunshine was as far removed as my winning an Oscar for Best Actress or climbing Mount Everest…. It was never going to happen! But these days I find I can sneak in a few pages, uninterrupted (if I can just ignore my inbox and blog long enough of course!)

Nowadays I can also get out and enjoy Me Time far more often than before thanks to a husband who realises the benefits of my Me Time… for himself e.g. happy wife = happy life! Occasionally I browse the aisles of Woolies on my ace or spend a half hour enjoying my red steamer at Seattle in the quiet company of a coffee shop of strangers… but still the time available for Me Time is few and far between…

me time

One way I’ve discovered to incorporate more Me Time into my life is by getting away from the routine of life and escaping to the country for a weekend break or longer holiday. Obviously this generally means my husband and family come too, but the beauty of their age is that they are quite happy to entertain themselves for stretches of time, especially if there are other kids to keep them happy, leaving me with time alone where I am able to enjoy the serenity of nature all around me.

The beauty of taking time for Me – whether at the local shopping mall or out in a naturally beautiful wilderness spot, is that just a few minutes alone allows me to restore my spiritual, mental and physical energy and leave me far more able to meet the demands of my busy life…

But the truth is that you don’t need to travel far and wide to carve out Me Time, sometimes all it takes is sitting down to paint your nails or running a hot bath with a few drops of essential oils to create a special spa experience at home… just move the bath toys out of sight!!

It can even be as simple as investing a few minutes a day in a pampering skin or body routine. I have been using the African Extracts Advantage range over the last month and I love that the products are inspired by nature and have a delicate nature-inspired fragrance that transports me to the Rooibos fields of the Cederberg with every whiff!


It’s important for me to spend time each day applying creams and serums and relishing the way they soothe my senses. Every evening I’ve started to take a quiet moment of silence to smell the scent, apply the products softly to my skin and follow up with a cup of black Rooibos tea before jumping into bed with my book. A little moment of Me Time that is sacred and special, everyday! By adding this new routine to my day, my stress levels and visible signs of ageing are sure to be lessening as we speak…

What do you do when you, finally, get a moment of Me Time? Do you have a daily routine where you spend a few minutes alone celebrating what it means to be you? If so, “like” African Extracts Rooibos on Facebook and look out for their competition post. Share your Me Time secret and you could win a luxury getaway for two to Bushmanskloof Luxury Retreat at the home of Rooibos in the Cederberg. The perfect place to celebrate Me Time, naturally!


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Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. Going for a run at least twice a week is my special ME TIME even though some would shudder at the thought of this being classified into this category! The endorphins that kick in is what does it for me, and running out in the beauty of nature found in our back yard provides me with a serene happiness in my spirit. On a less regular basis, I find a spa treatment (preferably a pedicure) a very decadent and rewarding ME TIME moment 🙂

    1. Spa time = Me time perfection!! Trying to find more time to exercise myself. Maybe if I reposition it as “me time” I’ll be more inclined to enjoy it!!

  2. I enjoy soaking in a bubble bath, its something i can do at home when i really need that ‘me time’ – with fragranced rejuvenating bath salts & lots of candles. I often listen to my favourite music at this time as well as i dont usually get a chance to. This is a very relaxing & calming moment for me taht helps me destress & think!

  3. On the rare occasions I get some me time I like to give myself a full facial and soak in a warm bubble bath. This really allows my body and mind to unwind and relax and I feel like a new woman afterwards.

    1. Aaaah yes nothing beats a bubble bath for me time…. my favourite thing to do when we are lucky enough to travel is to run the deepest bath imaginable and soak for as long as possible. Sheer bliss!

  4. Me time can be anything from a walk on the greenbelt or the beach . Even a half hour nap is enough for me to feel refreshed.

  5. There are two ways I relax: 1) I take my easel out into the garden under our enormous oak trees, surrounded by nature and my furkids and let the stresses of the week drain away. 2) I volunteer at a number of Animal Charities and spend a few hours a month helping the less fortunate furkids out there. It is hard work, but at the end of the day my soul feels refreshed and awakened. Not far behind these activities is a mug of organic Rooibos tea. 😉 #NaturalAdvantAGE P.S. Since using African Extracts Rooibos #AdvantAge, my skincare routine is a breeze, so that’s one less thing to stress about. 😀

  6. Me time is definitely cuddling up somewhere with a good book and either a coffee OR Milo and rusks 🙂

    I have been using the African Extracts Rooibos products for over a year now and absolutely love them. I love the smell and the effect it has on my skin, plus .. local is lekker !!! Also, its not animal tested, which is super important to me. I think its time to start using the Advantage range now that I am nearing my 30s!

  7. Nothing is better than relaxing in a bubble bath with a glass of wine or getting a hot stone massage and zoning of.

  8. I find shopping on my own is therapeutic and great Me Time. I take myself out for lunch as well and sometimes i even go watch a movie. Perfect for me ?

  9. I find shopping on my own is therapeutic and great Me Time. I take myself out for lunch as well and sometimes i even go watch a movie. Perfect for me ?

  10. As cliché as it sounds a bubble bath, reading a good book and a chance to both without my children interrupting. “what are you doing mommy?” “can I do [something they are always allowed to do; or something they are never allowed to do]?”

    Also eating something yummy without having to share with kids.

  11. Me time is where I don’t hear someone calling “mommy, mommy, mommy”… Whether it is in the car (listening to the song I chose, instead of a nursery tune); a day at the spa; a shower where someone is not banging on the door; an afternoon nap that is not abruptly cut short with someone calling me or a day spent alone at home…


  12. I use my “me time” to examine my life honestly and openly. Spending quiet “me time” gives me the opportunity to renew myself and create order in my life. Until you value yourself, you will not value your “me time” and until you value your “me time” you will not do anything with it.

  13. Me Time is when all the little people have gone to bed, and the house is quiet. I can then indulge in a few games of CandyCrush. Awesome!

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