My Make-up Lesson with Cindy Horton

Recently I was treated to a few hours with professional makeup artist Cindy Horton. Cindy approached me a few weeks back with an idea of giving me a make-up lesson and as luck would have it I was due to be attending a black tie fundraiser event so the timing couldn’t have been better! Who wouldn’t want to attend an event looking amazing?? So, on Friday afternoon I popped in at her studio located at Rouge Day Spa in Kenilworth for a few hours….


The way she works is that she takes you step-by-step through the process of applying day makeup after a brief introduction to the most useful brushes and how to use them.

Brush Bag

Cindy says “most women learn how to apply make-up from their older sister or mom and often these techniques are incorrect or outdated”, so a lesson – whether you’re a novice or an old hand in need of a refresher course is a great investment in making the most of your natural beauty!

As she works she shows you little tips and tricks and teaches you exactly where to apply each product and how to do it well! Then after each step she hands the brush over to you, so that you can mirror exactly what she has done and thereby get a better idea and “feel” of how to do it yourself! Cindy’s approach was great – she was really helpful in guiding me where I was going wrong and quick to answer any of my questions. After we finished an easy, fresh daytime make-up we then moved on to doing a few tweaks to create a bit more drama for a nighttime look.

I found the information she shared with me about applying eyeshadow really helpful – I never seem to get this right and realised part of my problem has been that I’ve been using the incorrect brushes, applying too much and in the incorrect area. It was a big revelation to me that a little goes a long way – and all you’re trying to do is highlight your best features and disguise your poor features. Make-up, especially during the day, shouldn’t be obvious. What you’re aiming for is to just look like a more finished version of you – one where people might not even realise you’re wearing any make-up!

I left the lesson feeling very empowered when it comes to makeup and can’t wait for another opportunity to put what I’ve learnt to the test. I also happened to look great so was able to head off to my formal event feeling like a princess…

Here is a “Before” & “After” pic to prove it!


Cindy also provides a really helpful booklet with more information on each product she uses and how to apply it – useful for when you get stuck back at home. And afterwards she emails you a list of all the products and brands she used during your lesson (divided into “must-haves” and “nice to haves”) so you can slowly start purchasing the correct colours and products for your look!

Other services Cindy offers are to assist with make-up buying, sorting our your current makeup collection and give follow up lessons in a particular area. Cindy also sells a lovely brush kit with a collection of the 8 essential brushes you will need (pictured above).


The great news is that Cindy Horton is sponsoring a personalised make-up lesson and What’s in the bag service for one lucky Becoming you reader valued at R700! Read on to find out how you can win this amazing experience!



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