8 Easy Ways to make Extra Money Working from Home

With the way the world is today – recessions, retrenchments, forced retirements – today’s guest blog post is one I think almost everyone will be interested in…


8 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Working from Home

With most of us working very long hours but still lacking sufficient time to spend with our families, maybe it’s time we come up with viable work from home ideas that will enable you spend more time with your family and also make some money.

Whether the money is to help you make ends meet or you just following your passion or even both of them, the ideas are pretty good and you will make some extra cash.

Maybe you are raising kids and you are not dedicated to the idea of using day-care and all you want is to spend more time with your little ones… these ideas will help you come up with income generating activities.

Here are some of the work from home ideas that I came up with to help you spend more time with your family…


1.Cake Making and Decorating/ Catering

Maybe baking is something you enjoy and, if you are creative, making and decorating cakes can be a very good way of earning some extra income. Alternatively if you prefer cooking you might like to start a small catering company making meals for busy professionals or snacks for birthday parties and events.

baking business

2. Online Surveys

Want to spend more time with your family and make money? It’s possible by simply filling out online surveys. Normally, a full online survey takes 5 to 40 minutes to fill out and all you have to do is find a legitimate company. (Be warned there are hundreds of bogus companies on the internet that may end up not paying you for your service). You can make between 5 to 30 Euros per survey just by answering a few questions without leaving the comfort of your own home.

3. Online Trading

Sites such as CMC Markets make it easy for people to trade online. Using your laptop, you can do it yourself without needing to go to an office. Online trading is a business that you must treat exactly as you would treat any other business you owned. You just need to find the best stocks to trade and you can make quite good money without being away from your family.

flexible job ideas

4. Start Blogging

If you’ve got a creative touch and can write good articles and take decent photos, then you can make a small income from a blog thanks to commissions from Affiliate companies, Google AdSense and sponsored advertisers. You get to choose the topic of your blog, when to write it, what kind of products you want to promote and the kind of ads you want to see featured in your blog. This isn’t a quick fix in terms of raking in millions but if you find your niche amongst the parenting, food or fashion blogs you might discover that your hobby could grow into a small business allowing you to make money without being away from your family.

working from home

5. Freelance writer

Everyday writers are needed to create news articles, formulate new content and come up with fresh ideas that fill the pages of websites on the internet. Many companies outsource their content and hire freelance writers to create it. Obviously writing experience is very helpful to develop this career but if you get it right it will offer you a chance to earn extra income without leaving your family the whole day.


6. Graphic or Website Design

Design is a competitive field but if you can design or have a formal training it can be a profitable business which you can carry out while you still spending quality time with your family.

working from home creative business

7. Get crafty

If you’re good with your hands why not start making jewellery or pretty cards from the comfort of your lounge in the evenings.


8. Sign up to Sell Products

There are so many companies that offer free training for those looking to start selling various products to their network from family and friends. Think beauty products, cleaning products, skincare products plus a whole host of others – too many to name here! If you’re friendly, outgoing and have an established network you might do very well joining up with an organisation like one of these.


Which ways have you thought of to make extra money working from home? There are so many other options for making easy money while staying home with your kids. If you’ve got a good idea please share it in the comments below…


Text: Kim Dawkins

Images: Pexels


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