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So in less than a week I will be heading “Back to School” but this time I won’t be the student I will be the PARENT! How did that happen??

Yes, my oldest baby will be going to Grade 1. I’m so excited for him but can’t help but feel a little bit nervous too. I don’t think he has any idea about all the changes coming his way (like homework!) so is enjoying a carefree last week of holidays while his mama stresses out about buying all the right bits of uniform, reading up on all the new rules and regulations and labeling EVERY SINGLE PENCIL CRAYON!

Think of my next Wednesday when I wave goodbye to my little boy in his far-too-large shirt, super long socks, shiny new shoes and huge backpack. Not only will his life be changing but so will mine – again exciting and nerve-wracking the prospect of extra-murals, Parent-Teacher meetings and a whole new sea of moms to meet and befriend. Gulp!

To ease into the new school year I thought a little giveaway might be in order. Nothing like a competition to lift the spirits, right?

I have the following Back to School hamper to giveaway to one lucky winner.

– A Back to School immune boosting vitamin hamper valued at R1000 from Pharmachoice .

– A shoe care kit hamper from Plush valued at R460 (The runner up will also receive this hamper!)

– 2 “Grip and Go” glass water bottles from Consol Glass.



Follow the steps in the competition software below…

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4. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me you have “liked” all the relevant Facebook pages and give me your Top Tip to Make Back to School a Breeze!

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Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. Have liked all the pages. My top tip for making back to school a breeze is to get the kids to decide what they will be having for lunch, and to buy the items in bulk and store in the cupboard. For example energy bars, small dried fruit packets.

  2. My top tip to making back to school a breeze is to be well prepared 2 days before so that the day before can be a relaxing day.
    Fan of all the pages

  3. Liked both pages. My top tip is for first time children at school. Drop them off and go. I promise you 2 min after you leave they will stop crying and start having fun. It only makes it harder on both of you if you prolong the good bye

  4. Like all the pages

    My best tip would be to have everything ready the week before, prepare ur kids and have trial runs.

  5. I have liked all pages, only had to go and ‘like’ the new Pharmachoice page 😉
    My Top Tip to make back to school a breeze would be lots and lots of hugs and kisses, reassurance that everything will be ok, and definitely a cupcake in the lunch box 😉
    Thanks for this wonderful give-away Becoming You! Good luck everyone 😀

  6. Done 🙂
    Top tip from me is remember that after the initial trauma he will make new friends and start loving school!

    Also- keep muffins and snacks and things in the freezer, ready for “we’re late!” emergency lunches and have a box stashed away with a purse filled with R5 coins (for when civvies day sneaks up on you and you don’t have any change) as well as spare pencils, rulers and glue (no matter how well you label, these things always go missing and the time will come when there is drama because he can’t do his project tomorrow without them) and with big school comes birthday parties so I try and have a few small presents in there too so that I don’t have to stress about finding presents to take along to the parties 🙂

  7. I have liked the pages. My top tip is to be exited with them and be prepared so that the first morning is calm and not rushed. Talk about all the great things ahead of them! Put a note in the lunchbox.

  8. I have liked all the pages.
    My top tip to make school is breeze is to be prepared! I have 3 kids in primary school so I make sure lunches are made and packed night before. Just need to put a juice & yoghurt in lunch bag in the morning. Make sure uniforms are layedout the night before. Ensure all school bags packed night before, homework checked and notes received & signed so you don’t run around in the morning…just too stressful otherwise!

  9. Hi! I have liked all the pages and tweeted about the competition! 🙂 I am very excited about this amazing giveaway!!
    I don’t have a top tip as I am a first time mommy but I would say that preparing in the evening for the next morning is the best! Everything from lunchboxes to school uniforms and breakfast, can be planned!
    Holding thumbs!!

  10. Prepare everything the night before(clothes and lunch) so there is no rush in the morning and no stress for the kids.

    Liked all the pages!

  11. I have liked all 3 pages. My top tip is be prepared for last minute project requests by having a well stocked ‘art box’ and keep R5 coins in the car for when your child remembers that they need to pay for something, on the way to school!

  12. One of my favourite things to make the task easier is to have them make their own workcovers. Get out the magazines and other paper bits, gluesticks and fun embellishment things (even my leftover scrapbooking things find their way in there – hahha) and then I just cover it with sticky plastic and voila! They love having something so individualised and “them”.

  13. It definitely gets easier as the days/months/years go by, the first day leaving your little one is really difficult for both parent and child…..if you show you are nervous or distraught then the child will pick this up and feel the same, so try to put on your happy face, wear your big girl panties and get through it. Prepare your child both mentally and emotionally for this new chapter in their (and yours) life in advance, try to get them to see it as an adventure. Make sure everything from uniforms, bags, stationery and lunches are prepared and laid out the night before and do not forget to set your alarm!!! Liked, loved and following all pages and on twitter and have tweeted <3 Good luck for you and your little boy on his first day at school Kathryn 🙂

  14. All pages liked.

    My tip is to prepare bags, lunches, etc the night before. Also, to talk the kids about school and what to expect, so that they are not so anxious on day 1.

  15. I have liked all the facebook pages you asked. My top tip is to have clothes and books ready the night before so morning is “grab and go ready”.

  16. Liked all the pages.
    My Top Tip is, I gave my little girl a watch and told her she can see the time I was going to pick her up from school. Although she couldn’t read the time, it helped boost her confidence and didnt make her feel abandoned. Cos she had her watch and she knew I was gonna pick her up from school.

  17. I am already a fan of Becoming You and Console Glass on Facebook, and I also just liked The PharmaChoice ZA Facebook page.

    Top Tip – Buy extra stationery when doing school shopping because three quarter of the time, they lose half of their new stuff on the first day with all the excitement 🙂

    Tweeted also – @Roxi_23

  18. My top tip is to try & get the kids into an earlier bedtime routine a few days before they go back to school. It helps if you have to get them out of bed at 6:30am in the morning to get to school to get to work…It really does help to be organised, I really wish I could get more organised. I think this will be an interesting weekend trying to see if last years clothes still fit & fixing all the missing buttons & seeing if the kids lunchboxes are still in their bags from last year! It also really helps if your husband can do the drop-off!

  19. Have liked and tweeted. Top tip is to buy everything u need 2 weeks before school opens, label everything, stock up on lunch goodies and juices, chat to them about what is in store for them and let them know you will always be there for them.

  20. Liked all the pages!! Top tip would be to be as organised as possible to make the morning back to school as relaxed and stress free for both you and kid/s.

  21. Have liked all the pages. Tweeted this giveaway as well. Twittername: @online61524
    My top tip is to buy extra stationerywhile on special and prepare the night before to avoid early mornng rush

  22. All pages liked.My back to school tip is to have uniform and lunches packed the night before and early to bed for the little ones.

  23. I have liked all the relevant pages. My tip is to make sure everything is packed and school clothes are set out the evening beforehand. In the morning the family can have a relaxed breakfast together and discuss the new exciting school year.

  24. slip covers for books makes life so much easier, none of this cutting and pasting plastic after plastic.

  25. You get these small businesses that make labeling stickers for you with your kids name on it, so much faster to just paste onto all their stationary than trying to fit there names on pencils and stuff.

  26. I have liked all three pages. 🙂

    My top tip to make Back to school a breeze “Decide on Sunday what you’ll be making for the lunch boxes that whole week & do your shopping in advance. Make lunch boxes the night before, and make sure all clothes are laid out before bedtime. Prepare breakfast as far as possible (the night before) in order to minimize the morning rush. Make sure you stick to the same routine every morning so your kids can get familiar with it. Wake up on time, If you are on time and calm in the morning, your kids will also be calm and that will set the tone for them for the day ahead”

  27. I have liked all 3 pages. Get as much done the night before so that the next morning is not one big rush. You can both have a relaxed morning and over breakfast you can talk to him about all the fun things that going to school will mean for him.

  28. I have liked all the pages. My tip is aways prepare on Sunday for the weeek ahead. Especially the lunch and supper for the week. Check your childs homework book everyday and not in the morning. Be involved in all projects but don’t do it for him.

  29. i have like all the pages and tweeted @prajcoomar and my tip is to send your child to school with extra juice or water because it is summer and children are always in the sun and the 1st day can be exiting and sometimes scary so that extra refreshment will be good for them

  30. liked pages 🙂 awesome giveaway!!
    My tip is to make sure that you have everything packed the night before..lay out clothes so that its ready and will save a lot of time too..dont leave anything till the last minute!! also, pack a toilet roll in your little ones bag, you never know how clean the bathrooms at the school will be and if they will have enough..just to be safe 🙂

  31. All pages liked.

    Top tip? Ensuring that you have everything ready to go a few days before. Do all the necessary stationary, clothes etc shopping ahead of the rush, preferably without the kids in tow, it will make it easier to concentrate and pick out the correct things that you need.

  32. Hi
    Like all the pages

    My top tip : Talk to ur child about going to school and get them excited about stuff they will do at school. Especially things that they already enjoy doing at home.
    Eg playing on the jungle gym
    And also that there is other kids that they can make friends with.

    This worked wonders with my daughter

  33. Liked all pages.

    Top tip: kids generally fall out of routinne during the summer break & it is important to get back into a solid routine – at least a week before school! This would definitly make things abit easier in the moornings when things are crazee! This would also help kids who aree going to school for the first time as well.

  34. My Top Tip is, take it easy. The more stressed you are, the more stressed they become. Prepare lunches the night before and help the kids set out their uniforms so everything is ready for them in the morning.

    Liked all the pages.

  35. Liked all the pages!
    My top tip for back to school is to get them back into the early to bed, early to rise routine a few days before school starts!
    Tweeted @vintagekitchy

  36. I have liked all the pages!
    My top tips is… try to not cry infront of your children the first day of school, pack them a nice healty lunch with all the food your child loves. Yogurt, fresh fruit, biltong, muffins, dried fruit…
    Get to meet up with there caregivers before the school start, it will help your child because they will already know the teachers. Routine, Routine, Routine!

  37. All done.
    It’s scary, my son is 3 and I planned on homeschooling him forever sadly things have gone a little off kilter and I have to send him to an actual school 🙁 okay well a kindergarten but still. First day of school… *sob*

  38. Liked all pages 🙂 and tweeted. My tip is to prepare your child for everything by explaining to them how things will work when they go to school. Be positive about it and it will rub off on them so they won’t be too nervous. Don’t be afraid to let go 🙂

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