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Lovely lingerie is always a treat to receive as a gift and even nicer to wear! I can’t say I wear beautiful matching sets every day but when I do I definitely feel better about myself and much more confident even if no one else can see it! I recently went for a professional bra fitting after my second pregnancy and was amazed at the difference in my confidence after I started wearing the correct bra size! I highly recommend every women should be fitted at least every 2 years and especially after weight fluctuations such as pregnancy and breast feeding! Storm in A-G Cup offers a great service!

The right underwear can also really make or break an outfit – nothing worse than lumps and bumps visible in all the wrong places!! Shapewear might not look terribly sexy but there is a definite time and place for it – especially as one gets older and finds your body is a little bit less firm than it once was! (ahem!)

I love these tips for a great fit from Maidenform – a leading underwear brand specializing in shapewear including minimizer bras!

1. The support of the bra comes form the underband of the bra and not from the shoulder straps. To ensure a good fit, you should not have to experience pressure on the tops of the shoulders from the weight of your breasts.

2. The bottom band and the back of the bra should be a snug fit without digging in. The back of the bra should lay straight across your back without riding up or pulling down. Check sideways in a mirror.

3. Adjust the shoulder straps to ensure the breast projects properly and sits halfway between the shoulder and the elbow.

4. You breasts should always be moved in and away from the wire when putting on your bra. This will ensure proper comfort and ensure that the wire does not damage your breast tissue or cause discomfort.

5. Make sure your breasts sit into the bottom of the cup. You should not experience fabric puckering – this indicates that the cup is too deep.

6. When putting on a bra adjust your breasts to make sure they are in the cup properly – gently pull them up and away from the bra and readjust. When trying on the bra always put on a t-shirt over the bra to see what shape that bra style gives you.

7. Wearing the right bra will enhance and support your whole upper body creating better posture and cause less damage to your back in the long run which is especially NB for fuller figured women.

8. When you do find the right bra buy several of the same style in different colours.

Right now I’m loving these lingerie lovelies….

A few from After Eden

These pretty sets are from Elle Macphearsen

And that essential shapewear I mentioned. There is one for every body shape, size and concern. These are from Maidenform….

For more information on any of these brands or for details of stockists near you telephone 0214610346

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  1. I love that shop! I actually looked 5 kg’s lighter after they fitted me with the correct bra size and shape. Never knew what a big difference it could make 🙂

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