Beauty Review: L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Radiance Cream Mask

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Today’s review involves the use of L’Oréal extraordinary night mask which contains a blend of essential ingredients ranging from royal jelly, rosehip and argon oil (known for its nourishing, repairing and illuminating properties).

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Though I must admit I do not have a particularly dry skin, I do struggle with slight dehydration. This mask is best suited for those with a dry skin type, in need of some much needed nourishment. It did help my own skin, yearning for some relief after a recent chemical peel. Not only have I tested it, it served well for my mother who does have a dry, dehydrated skin no thanks to external stressors, but particularly her bad smoking habits!

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So what was our take on it?

It’s a light weight formulation, easily absorbed. It is best applied 1h before calling bedtime but it may also be left on overnight, leaving a non oily residue film on the skin, so you need not worry about your bedding becoming messy. There is no overbearing smell and our overall impression of this product is that it is a good investment if you are suffering from a dry, dull skin needing some TLC.


Stockists: Clicks and Dis-chem Pharmacies

Price: Approx R220




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Text & Images: Moeneeba Ismail


Moeneeba Ismail

Moeneeba is a lecturer in the health and wellness industry. For her, beauty and makeup is not just about looking pretty or feeling beautiful, it’s about having fun, being creative and staying up to date with current research in the industry. She is a huge makeup fan and her face is her No.1 canvas! She’s also quite partial to body care products.

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