Beauty Review: L’oreal Color Riche Delicate Rose Lipstick collection


This is Rayne’s first beauty review on Becoming You as part of my NEW Beauty Babes series


How pleased was I when Kathryn suggested I review these three luxurious L’Oreal lipsticks from the Delicate Rose selection of the Color Riche Collection to review? WAY excited.

I have had my eye on them forever. I am such a sucker for celebrity/cosmetic brand collaborations and L’Oreal hit it right on the nose with this range of L’oreal Delicate Rose Lipsticks.


First off, the packaging. It just looks and feels super luxe. The black and gold is the perfect colour combo, the L’Oreal embossed across the bullet is super sleek, and the golden celebrity signature at the front of the bullet is the perfect touch to a celeb range.

At the top there is a golden ‘R’ – I have no idea what this is for, I am assuming it stands for ‘Riche’? You can find the range and shade names at the bottom of the tube.


The three shades I reviewed are:

Blake’s: This shade is Blake Lively in a tube. Seriously! It is a bright, fun, popping pink with a slight orange tinge. Originally I thought this would be the perfect shade for a blonde or fair complexioned person but the more I wore it I started seeing the kind of maroon or even blue-ish undertone. This means it can suit darker complexions too. I definitely thought it worked well with my hazel coloured eyes and made them look greener. Always a bonus.

Natasha’s: This shade is a very wearable one of the range. Deeper than Eva’s, but not quite as bright and poppy as Blake’s, it feels and looks the most matte to me (even though they are all from the same range) but that may be because this one contains absolutely no shimmer whilst the other two have slight shimmer. It is also the most buildable shade of the three, meaning you can achieve different lip options with just one tube.

Eva’s: Miss Longoria’s shade is definitely right up my alley. Out of the three shades, this one is the least opaque, yet it is my favourite. It is the perfect day time and night time appropriate shade. You can wear it with heavy make-up and with really simple make-up. Either way the dusty mauve shade compliments most looks. It is definitely the choice to always keep in your handbag in case of emergencies. It also contains the slightest glimmer of shimmer in it.

L-R: Blake, Natasha, Eva


All three of the shades look slightly more opaque in their bullets than what they pay off as on your lips. They apply smoothly and velvety with a matte finish, but an extra coat or two won’t go amiss. This would be why the range is the ‘Delicate Rose’ range. Lightbulb moment!



If you are wanting a bolder and brighter look, all you need to do is pair the lipstick with a lipliner. Apply the liner around your lip line, fill in your lips and apply the lipstick on top. The shade pay off is much deeper and bolder and will last even longer than usual.

Overall, I really enjoyed these lipsticks. I would want the entire collection just to have them displayed on my vanity as they are seriously gorgeous! I definitely have my eye on the red’s and nude’s Colour Riche Collections now.





Images: Rayne Alexander

Rayne Alexander

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  1. Oh wow!!! I have my eyes set on Eva… I’d better add it to my Christmas wishlist! Price ranges would be great in upcoming posts so that I don’t need to do that extra bit of research myself ? super helpful as I love my lipsticks but haven’t yet ventured past my Mac collection! I’m so excited for this series of posts!

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