Life Lately – March 2014

So life has been a pretty hectic whirlwind of late… not that I’m complaining. It’s all been pretty awesome, exciting stuff – weekends away, cute kids, fun with friends. So much happiness that my cup is overflowing. I’m one blessed girl.

In case you don’t follow me on Instagram (why the hell not??) I thought I’d do a quick round of of the amazing-ness that has been the past month plus add in a few links to posts you might have missed too! Here goes…


My husband and I were treated to a wonderful night away at Spier Wine Estate and enjoyed a romantic picnic and open air movie plus we watched a beautiful sunrise and then zooted around the vineyards on Segways! These proved to be SO MUCH FUN that I ended up with the scariest bruise you’ve ever seen, but it was so worth it!



During the past few weeks I have been quite swamped with work and falling a bit behind on some blog posts so I decided to dedicate a few days to beauty product testing and photographing (which means you’ll have noticed a slew of new beauty product review posts!) Anyway it was so much fun and quite refreshing to get out from behind the keyboard for a morning or two. And now that I’ve done the photographing and reviewing I can actually enjoy using all the fabulous products I’ve been treated to without the guilt! YAY!


Through no encouragement of my own it seems I might be training up a new assistant here at Becoming you…. my 3 year old daughter looks set to become a beauty blogger extraordinaire judging by her recent activities evidenced below…

First up, her sorting out all her beauty paraphernalia and products on her bed by type…. then photographing her (and moms) lipsticks with the iPad! Proof I suppose that our kids don’t always do what we say, but do what we do!!



My son on the other hand looks set to be inheriting my superior list writing skills…. although it looks like I’ll have to spend a bit more time on spelling homework!


One of the perks of writing this blog is that I am invited to a number of lovely events which I always try to make a plan to attend… Lately I’ve enjoyed discovering the new winter fashion collections from Poetry and Old Khaki, a yoga lesson and introduction to the new Mio range of skin and body products from the people behind Mama Mio (one of my favourite brands) and a tour of the Amarula factory in Stellenbosch as well as the launch of their NEW Amarula Gold drink.





The first weekend in March saw me attending the Britney themed bachelorette party of my best friend from high school. The highlight was definitely the pole-dancing lesson! Yes, I actually managed to take part with no prior experience but believe me my arms felt it for a few days afterwards…. what a workout! I discovered muscles I never knew I had and am very inspired to give it another go considering how much fun it was at the time. I’m all about exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.


The following week was her wedding and it was a beautiful Irish-inspired affair set amidst the trees of a forest near Gansbaai…. and the sun shone through the leaves just as she walked down the aisle. So special! Irish dancing and drinking ensued leading to much merriment! After waiting for this day for almost 20 years I can honestly say it was worth the wait!



Due to the wedding proximity to our favourite hideaway, Grootbos, we were fortunate enough to spend another 2 nights enjoying the pleasures that this 5-star getaway has to offer…. A late Friday night arrival and wedding on the Saturday plus overcast weather meant our time was short and our activities limited, but we did manage to appreciate the delicious food, buffet breakfast and friendly staff.

One of our favourite guides, Jo, also took us on a whirlwind tour of Stanford and the surrounding areas, including wine and cheese tasting, which was lovely. We are very keen to make a return visit soon and discover more of this lovely village at our leisure!

Be sure to take advantage of the Grootbos Winter Special running from 1 July – 30 August 2014 and get to experience the wonders of this beautiful nature reserve for yourself!






Last week I was given an opportunity that I never dreamt would come my way, and to tell the truth it was rather daunting, but I’m not one to shy away from an open door and this felt like something I needed to say yes to! On Friday I headed off to a gorgeous house in Llundudno which was the set of a TV commercial shoot…. and I was to be the star. The commercial is in fact a pilot so it won’t air on TV but I’m quite happy about that! The experience was a great one and I’m really glad I did it but it wasn’t without some nerves. In the afternoon my kids joined me and made their own film debut which they LOVED, esp because it involved a dog! They were super stars and even the crew were impressed with their work ethic… the fact that some bribery involving a trip to the Lego shop was involved might have helped 😉 It was a good day esp as this was the view….


This past weekend we went to a super fun summer party hosted by some friends. I was given another chance to dress up (YAY), this time as a music star from the 60s – present day. The theme was “Dancing through the Decades” and it was such fun to let loose, not something us parents get to do very often and I really miss it!!  My husband and I went as a “A Rapper and a Slapper” Can you guess who we were?? (Hint – I pretty much recycled the outfit mentioned above!)


So there you have it, a snapshot of my life lately…. If you’ve enjoyed a few of these “behind the scenes” pics then please remember to follow me over on Instagram. My handle is @becomingyou

Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. Ah, I just stumbled upon this post now (it came up in a ‘You may also like…’ list) and couldn’t resist commenting. How CUTE is your budding beauty blogging assistant?!

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