Kruger for Kids: Life lessons from the Bush @ Ezulwini

After 3 mornings of 5am wake ups, my Safari Kids were fading when it came to morning game drives (despite a few afternoon naps of 2 hours!!!), so we decided to tag team as parents and I headed out alone on the first morning game drive at Ezulwini River Lodge.

I had a quick shower under the stars in the pitch dark (I somehow missed that there was an indoor shower too!) and headed on my way, leaving 3 sleeping bodies in bed.

I’m a huge fan of game drives. I can’t get enough. The thrill of what you might find always pulls me out on the next one, so I can never turn one down!

The game viewing at Ezulwini was slower and more spread out than our previous experience, but it was still equally exciting, maybe even more so as it was always unexpected!

With patience and persistence it’s incredible what hidden treasures the bush holds.

During our game drives at Ezulwini we came across so many beautiful creatures.

a pregnant zebra, her “painted” stripes looking particularly pretty amidst the bush…

a female kudu with her beautiful ears…

a colourful pair of mating locusts….

herds (and herds) of Impala…

incredible spider webs…

beautiful birdlife…

a cautious waterbuck on the banks of the dam where we would enjoy our morning tea break…

There’s just something about being in the bush….

It’s hard to explain the feeling of freedom that comes for disconnecting from life and reconnecting with nature.

It has to be experienced. (Often)

Stopping for a cup of tea or coffee as the sun rises and the bush comes to life is the perfect way to start the day.

Here is where you forget about the daily grind, the inbox, the cell phone, the to-do list, the meeting agenda, the rat race, the traffic, the school run, the homework…

This is where you realise that life is meant to be simpler. We’ve made it so complicated, haven’t we?

Life is meant to be lived at the same pace that the animals do!

Wake up slowly, head out hunting or spend the day eating at leisure, enjoy the sunshine, watch your offspring play, hang out with friends and family, listen to the soundtrack of nature, nap in the shade during the heat of the day.

Sounds like a pretty blissful existence right?! (well, until the predator starts prowling!)

Either way, it’s so wonderful spending time doing nothing at all except observing, watching, waiting, listening. These are skills we all seem to have lost in our modern way and they are such essential skills to hone for animals (& us) to function optimally.

You can learn a lot about life in the bush!

Each game drive at Ezulwini delivered another awesome animal experience…

Amazingly we even got to see the Big 5 (including the elusive leopard!), but you’ll have to come back next week to find out more about our Big 5 animal sightings at Ezulwini River Lodge in Balule.

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