Beauty Review: Kiehls #ChangeYourSkin – 1 month feedback

A month ago I posted about how I would be participating in the Kiehl’s #ChangeYourSkin campaign for 28 days along with 11 other beauty bloggers from across South Africa. Today is the day that I finally feedback to you my findings and results from taking part in this skincare challenge!

kiehls serums


I was tasked with using 3 super serums over the course of a month, namely:

Midnight Recovery Concentrate – a pioneer product in the facial oil category
Dermatologist Solutions™ Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution – the 1st clear, stabilized dark-spot serum
Dermatologist Solutions™ Clearly Corrective Retexturing Serum Concentrate – the 1st serum to address age-related dehydration

So, first, my feedback on the state of my skin…

Getting into a new skincare routine is tough! I had to keep reminding myself to use the two morning and three evening serums every day and to be honest I probably skipped a few applications because I really wasn’t used to using so many extra products in my daily routine.

I am a simple girl and stick to a face wash and moisturiser twice a day switching to a night cream before bed for extra nourishment. I’ve known I should be using a toner, eye cream and some sort of serum so this challenge was good for me to start being more diligent at least with the serum! I ramped it up to three at once!!

My thoughts on each of the serums…
The first one, Dermatologist Solutions™ Clearly Corrective Retexturing Serum Concentrate, had quite a different texture to what I am used to – quite a “silicon” feeling similar to a primer which made make-up application smoother. I noticed the fine lines on my face were less obvious and my skin felt softer initially but after using this product for a week I found that this texture was almost too “dry” for my super dry skin and didn’t offer enough moisture for me. (Read on to find out my solution to this!)

I love the pump bottle which prevents air and sunlight from spoiling the contents. The main ingredient in this serum is glycerin which attracts water to the surface of the skin and helps maintain the skin barrier.



Kiehls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

I initially used 2 drops of the Dermatologist Solutions™ Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution and found this was definitely too much for my face so dropped it down to one drop. This serum is quite liquid and feels “wet” on application so it takes quite a while to absorb into the skin and you definitley need to wait a few minutes before applying the next one at night.

I don’t struggle with too much obvious pigmentation except for a small spot on my temple but I do know that hiding under the surface of my skin is a fair amount almost waiting to appear! (I’ve been under one of those frightening UV light boxes that show up every spot or mark waiting in the wings!!) I found this serum was my least favourite and as I don’t have too many dark spots I became a bit lax with applying this over the course of the 4 weeks…. that being said I’m now reminded about the fact that prevention is better than cure so I think I will be slotting this one back into my regime!

This serum contains moisturizing glycerin and Pro-Xylane (hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyrantriol) plus plenty of Vitamin C (Ethyl Ascorbic Acid) which is a brilliant anti-oxidant that helps to boost the skin’s natural resistance to UV damage, speeds up healing, helps with inflammation and redness and reduces sun spots.




finds-kiehls-recovery_3001The last serum is the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and my favourite of the three! It works all night to replenish the skin with moisture and ensure younger-looking skin by morning. I started using a drop or two only at night as it is intended but loved it so much that I started to sneak a small drop into my day routine too but I would only recommend this for people with super dry skin as it might make oilier skin too oily! It’s got a lovely scent and the slightly oily texture is more of what you would expect from a serum. This iconic serum is a blend of essential oils and distilled botanicals and contains moisturizers like Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (derived from coconut and glycerin) and squalane, as well as rosehip seed oil, an amazing antioxidant and is designed to replenish your skin overnight. My dehydrated skin lapped this up!




smcc-2At the start of the campaign I pretty much just used these three serums plus my usual facewash but after 2 weeks realised that I definitely needed more moisture so I started using the Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream as both a day and night cream and my skin was far happier for it. I don’t know why I thought I would be able to go without moisturiser but I realised that a serum is definitley and ADDITION to any skincare regime.




And so, how has my skin reacted? Well what I can say is that initially I was sceptical… my skin still felt dry and not nearly as hydrated as I expected, but, since I’ve added in the moisturiser it’s been feeling much better. I’ve noticed far less adult acne over the past month, even the pesky PMS pimple didn’t rear it’s ugly head, which makes me rather pleased!

What has been amazing is that I’ve actually had a few compliments on my skin over the past month – not a regular occurence in the past which must say something about my new routine. Over the month I’ve actually been going without foundation more often as I have felt confident enough to walk out the door without makeup but unfortunately my rosacea has been flaring up this past week and it’s been very frustrating for me… it might have something to do with the fact that we’ve been away on holiday this past week and indulging in a bit more alchohol that usual (a drink a night) plus it’s been freaking freezing so I’ve been hanging out by the fire and I think the excess heat also really doesn’t help. I’m making a concerted effort this week to avoid both of these triggers to see what happens in this regard but what that does mean is that in the past week I’ve added one more Kiehl’s product to my day routine….



The new Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream with Vitamin C and SPF 50 which is really lovely and light but adds an extra kick of moisture too. I am using the Light tone, it looks darker than my skin on application but then blends beautifully into my skin tone. I’m really pleased about the super high SPF which is obviously an essential in our South African sun all year round and not always something I remember to add ON TOP of all the skin care products… which is really rather useless as the NUMBER 1 way to prevent premature aging is by staying out of the sun, or, alternatively, using a SPF everyday!




“It’s impressive to see Kiehl’s introduce a formula based on the original skin treatment spirit of BB creams but with a razor-sharp focus on efficacy for not only instant coverage but also long-term correction. As skincare experts, we wanted our BB formulation to offer equal parts skin tone correction and coverage; and, we couldn’t forget protection (from UV rays). But this wasn’t easy,” explains Cheryl Vitali, Kiehl’s Worldwide General Manager“We were determined to make this BB a truly beneficial skincare product, not just another BB. After 2 years of development, including numerous trials of different formulas and more than 4,000 applications of product, we were successful – this is a major achievement in the BB category.”




So, will I be contining with the #ChangeYourSkin challenge now that my month is over? For sure! Fortunately, even though I’ve been using these serums daily for 30 days, I still have over 3/4 of each bottle left which means I will most definitely be looking forward to seeing even more positive changes in my skin for the next few months.



To find out the results the other beauty bloggers achieved during the #ChangeYourSkin challenge follow Kiehl’s via social media: @KiehlsSA on Twitter or Kiehl’s South Africa on Facebook.


Images: Kiehl’s

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  1. Hi..i do have the midnite oil..dark spot corrector..the eventone corrector in a tube and the hydro plump serum..moisturiser
    Please advise how to use the above as in the evening i use the midnite oil..eventone corrector them the moisturiser..
    Thank you

    Great review..

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