A new kids fashion series by #Fashionabi

I don’t know about you but often I stand in front of my wardrobe and take ages to decide what to wear for the day. Knowing how to pull an outfit together is a skill… some people have it as a natural inbuilt one from birth and others need to learn it. I am most definitely one of the latter. My daughter, just turned 5, has the fashionista gene in her bones, and I certainly can’t take credit for it. My thoughts are it must have skipped a few generations and come down from my gran!!

Anyway Abi is a huge fashion fan. The highlight of her day is getting dressed. Selecting which top to wear with which pants and shoes all on her own each morning – it certainly makes my mornings easier. She’s usually up and dressed long before me!

As you can image a highlight in her life is going shopping. We don’t go very often as we are lucky enough to have a few friends who kindly hand things down to us but when we do hit the shops she can spend hours deciding what to buy and has very definite ideas on what she loves and loathes. My input is hardly ever required or taken into account. My budget however dictates that she doesn’t get all the fashion forward choices her heart desires…. often resulting in a bit of frustration on both our parts esp when I feel that the item in question is purely for fashion and has no practical purpose!

On her own insistence I’ve started to document her amazing outfit combinations – not every day – but on certain days she will say “Mom, do you like my look? Take a photo”

So #fashionabi was born! I hope to continue documenting her budding fashion sense as often as possible on my Instagram account. Who knows where it will lead?!

Here are a few of her latest outfit choices. Maybe they will inspire you or your own daughter in your morning outfit selection!!

fashion abi 1

fashion abi 2

fashion abi 3

fashion abi 4

fashion abi 5

fashion abi 6

fashion abi 7

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Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn Rossiter

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