Kids Book Buzz: Summer Season Reviews

It is that time of year – gifting giving, gift planning and gift choosing! Have you heard of the easiest simple gift buying guide for kids?

This season we are here to help you choose the perfect ‘Something to read’ for your special little one/s!

We have rounded up our favourite books for each age to help make your gift purchasing a little easier!


Baby – Toddler: 1-3 years

Little World Under the Sea

This delightful under the sea themed board book will get little minds working as they identify and enjoy the many surprises in this special push and pull adventure! From divers to whales little explorers will love this aquatic adventure!

Options in the series: To the Moon, In the City and Jungle Journey.

ISBN: 9780241373019

Publisher: Ladybird, Penguin Books

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This classic children’s tale by Eric Carle is a must have for every home book collection. As this lovable caterpillar eats his way through the week your little one learns a whole range of food vocabulary and learns to associate numbers with an amount. To top this the story is fun and shares the wonderful transformation journey of a little caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly wit young readers. This book includes the sweetest soft plush caterpillar – ideal for role playing the story together!

Author: Eric Carle

ISBN: 9780723297857

Publisher: Penguin Books

Pre-schooler: 4-6 years

Oi Duck-Billed Platypus!

This award winning series brings us the next installment in this delightful book that explores a wonderful story filled with cute animal characters as they try to rhyme along the way. This funny, read-aloud story brings fun and laughter into bedtime story time. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing this unique story together!

Options in this series: Oi Frog!, Oi Dog!, Oi Cat!

Author: Kes Gray

ISBN: 9781444937329

Publisher: Campbell Books, Pan Macmillan Books


What the Ladybird Heard- Special 10 Year Anniversary Edition!

This special editions comes in a large picture book format and celebrates the most famous little ladybird with a special gold cover and special notes from the author and illustrator. This story based on an average little farm tells the terrific adventure of how someone really small can make a big impact!

Author: Julia Donaldson

ISBN: 1509894756

Publisher: Pan Macmillan Books


Younger Child: 7-9 years

Let’s Go On Safari

Such a lovely way to introduce a child to non-fiction book content. This lovely book  is written in the form of a diary and follows a young girl, Kate on her exciting journey to Africa and her experiences on a real safari. Kids will lap up the many facts and interesting snippets about the wild African animals and their habitats. The book also features many lovely photographs. We love that this book provides examples of small-scale, achievable animal advocacy projects that kids can initiate in their own communities and schools.

Let’s Go on Safari! has been endorsed by significant conservation bodies, including the Jane Goodall Institute, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Global Wildlife Conservation, an organisation working around the world to save endangered animals.

Author: Kate Gilman Williams and Michelle Campbell

ISBN: 9781775847069

Publisher: Struik Nature, Penguin Random House

Dilly The Donkey

Sharing the wonderful message that no matter how old and slow you are, you can still save the day is this lovely adorable donkey Dilly. This donkey with a difference takes children on one rip roaring adventure!

Author: Elli Woollard

ISBN: 9780241396636

Publisher: Pan Macmillan


Older Child: 10-12 years

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wrecking Ball

In the latest release of the ever-popular, award-winning, best seller series the Heffley family gain an unexpected inheritance and finally have the chance to make some much needed improvements to their home. This take an unexpected turn and will the Heffley’s come out the other side unscathed? Kids will enjoy the delightful cartoon style illustrations that have become synonemous with The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. Jeff Kinney brings his unique humor and story-telling abilities into this really delightfully down-to-earth story.

Options in this series: This is the 14th book in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series!

Author: Jeff Kinney

ISBN: 9780241396636

Publisher: Puffin, Penguin Random House

Arabel and Mortimer Stories

A delightful story collection of a girl and her pet raven, Mortimer. These two get up to all sorts of fun together as she tries to keep him out of trouble! This book is a lovely read together story or for kids to tackle on their own. The illustrations are delightful will provide much enjoyment to readers of this special story.

Author: Joan Aiken

ISBN: 9780241386576

Publisher: Puffin Book, Penguin Random House



We hope you have enjoyed this second edition of our Kids Book Buzz Series.

Catch our next installment in the first quarter of 2020!

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Emma is a mom of three. She is an educationalist and holds a Bachelor Degree in English, Media & Writing and Film. She is also a qualified Primary School Teacher. She has a keen interest in curriculum and content development especially for child related fields. With many years of teaching children, and advising parents, she is passionate about childhood development and education - of kids and parents. Her hobbies include photography, reading, travel and spending time in the outdoors with her family and relaxing either in or near the surf!

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