Johannesburg – A city full of African history

As I am based in Cape Town and have lived here almost all my life the majority of my posts tend to focus on things to do and places to go in the Mother City… I started to realize that although I may never find myself in Jozi there are plenty of people who do and they might like some content!! With that in mind I was keen to accept a guest post offer about Johannesburg when I was approached and I am pleased to share with you some amazing art galleries and museums that celebrate our African history in this vibrant city…

Johannesburg is a great place to visit with several compelling attractions in the city well worth visiting. There are not many places in Africa that hold such value as Johannesburg – it is an important cultural and historical city. You can find historical places to visit as well as visit many modern tourist attractions as well.

Here are a few of the best cultural destinations to discover in Johannesburg…

Johannesburg Art Gallery
Johannesburg has a gallery dedicated particularly to art. This art gallery is known as Johannesburg Art Gallery. There are 15 spacious exhibition halls in this art gallery and visitors can also visit the
garden attached to the art gallery. The garden is exclusively used for exhibiting sculptures. Johannesburg Art Gallery holds a lot of artistic treasures for art lovers dating back to five centuries.

Museum Africa
Museum Africa reflects the history of the African continent. The museum was established back in 1933. The museum has been built on the site originally used by the old fruit and vegetable market, situated in Newtown. Several African books and materials covering the various facets of the African culture can be found in the Museum Africa. Many of the books have been dedicated to the museum by Johannesburg Library.

Apartheid Museum
The Apartheid Museum is one of the main attractions of Johannesburg. The museum exhibits the history of South Africa. The Apartheid Museum initiative was launched by the South African Government
in 1995 and the museum was finally opened to the public in 2001.

The Nelson Mandela Museum
One of the most important reasons for the great historic value of Johannesburg is Nelson Mandela. His unparalleled fight for freedom and independence is world renowned. The Nelson Mandela Museum was made inside the Soweto home of Mr Mandela. Neighbouring residents offers guides of the museum and history of the struggle by Mr. Nelson Mandela. The Nelson Mandela Museum is a “must visit” historical place in Johannesburg.

One of the reasons why Johannesburg has become a tourism destination is because it offers budget as well as luxurious accommodations for tourists. You can find cheap flights to Johannesburg from the UK through Reliance Travels or any other key travel agents.

Text and Images: Pauline Hernandez

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