What I…. Melinda from Diaries of a White mother raising a Black baby

Today I am excited to interview Melinda from Diaries of a white mother raising a black baby! This is her space where she writes about her ups and downs bringing up her adopted daughter, Emma.

What I…


Having figured that I knew it all after my ¼ life crisis, it took my daughter to make me realize I in fact
know nothing. I don’t know why the sky is blue or why rainbows have the colours they do. I don’t
know what a butterfly is called a butterfly and I don’t know why cheesy toast tastes better than
cheesy bread. I also don’t know why dad asks to have his finger pulled and I DEFINITELY don’t know
why this particular little party trick has my toddler rolling on the floor with laughter


But I do know this. I love my husband and daughter more than life itself and I do know that I’m trying
to be the best mother and wife. I also know that I love my parents so much more after becoming a
parent myself and I also know that if God has a sense of humour my daughter will be the same horrid,
angsty, woe-is-me teenager I once was


Before I became a mom I probably LIKED things a lot more than I LOVED them and it would take
something pretty darn impressive for me to declare a love for it or of it.
Now I love the smallest thing. I love watching my daughter ‘dance’, I love it when she cuddles up
onto my lap and asks for a kiss. I love it when out of the blue she tells me she loves me. I love family
holidays with my family. I love watching her make new friends, which she does everywhere she
goes, and I love watching her embrace every situation with an enthusiasm and passion I can only
envy. I love looking at the world through the eyes of an eager, optimistic, hopeful dreamy toddler.



Read? People read? With an English Honours degree behind me I enjoy reading but since Emma came
along the very act of sitting still with a book in hand is a feat in itself. But when I do get the chance to
cuddle up with my Kindle or tenderly touch the pages of a book, I lose myself in a world of words,
filled with delicious metaphors and descriptions, scrumptious scenarios and tasty puns. I strongly
recommend, if you haven’t already, read THESE



Hmmmm…a tough one. Like a toddler, the line between ‘want’ and ‘need’ is blurry and often
indistinguishable for me. I want perky boobs and thighs that don’t look the surface of the moon. I
want a personality that men and women love and a face that launches ships. I want to look like a
supermodel (but without the workouts) and I want to earn gazillions of dollars for lying in bed all
day. But what I reall,y really want is to be the very best mother, friend and wife I can be. I want to be
around to see Emma grow up, fall in love, fall out of love, get married (or not), find her way in the
world and be happy with who she is. I want to share in her highs and lows and her successes and
failures. I want to hear about her first kiss and I want to cringe at the idea of her first encounter of the
sexual kind.


Once again this is a tough one. There’s what I ‘want’ to wear, what I ‘need’ to wear and what I
actually wear. Life B.E (before Emma) saw me in designer duds, luxury labels and expensive
cheap-looking clothes. Life W.E (with Emma) sees me being creative with what I have in my cupboard
and what catches my eye. Thankfully a lot of my more expensive stuff has lasted the test of time and
so I can pair a Mr. Price tee with really cool jeans and I’m A for AWAY. Emma however is an ultra cool
little toddler, always in Naartjie or Country Road.
I love sunglasses that are far too big for my face, handbags that weigh more than I do and watches
that could, at any time, snap my osteoporotic wrists.
I also wear my heart on my sleeve…



Oops, blurry lines again… I NEED perky boobs and thighs that don’t look the surface of the moon. I
NEED a personality that men and women love and a face that launches ships. I NEED to look like a
supermodel (but without the workouts) and I NEED to earn gazillions of dollars for lying in bed all
Seriously though I don’t need anything. I have a husband who loves me (most of the time), a
daughter who adores me (most of the time) and friends that make me laugh, cry and stand in awe of
what they do every single day as mothers, business women and entrepreneurs.

Wow! Thanks so much for taking part Melinda – what fab answers! Love them.

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