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Today I am featuring an Interview with Kath from Kathcake! She is one serious A-type lady who bakes, blogs, paints and is nearly finished her 6 year medical degree! I know!!!! Whew! Thank you Kath for squeezing me into that hectic schedule and finding the time to answer my questions…. Take it away….

What I….


It seems to me that the more I learn the more I realise how little I actually know. So it’s just one big lesson after the next. I feel like I will never be satisfied with the knowledge I have, and it’s always driven me to do lots of activities, interests and little adventures. I did mean that I had a very hard time even picking a topic to study in University. At least I am glad to say that I chose one which certainly keeps me occupied. Not a day goes by in Medicine that I don’t feel ‘stupid’, I mean there is so much to know and since everything is interconnected in the body – you then try to understand how all of that works. Wow. The human body is just incredible, in fact the animal body! I realise that it was a big gamble between Veterinary Science and Medicine. UCT decided for me since they only offer one! I wish I could read a textbook on love, now that is something I wish I knew!



I love cheese. I had to say that, as I am writing this my thoughts keep skipping to the thought of a thick piece of Gorgonzola served with some ham on a criossant. Ooh, I love food. I also love sunny weather! Another easy love to think of is animals – they are the ultimate for me, like kids I just cannot hate them and they fascinate me. Then I suppose there are so many to say that I’ll skip to listing a few… blue cheese, running, full moons, Dexter (the series), Cape Town, my amazing brother and sister, my ratties (pet rats), lemonade, Casa Blanca, Price and Prejudice, my Blackberry ( tsk.tsk), baking cupcakes, restoring furniture, hearing babies giggle, Jack Vettriano, The Prima Vera, Country Road, fresh mangos. OH! The list goes on… I nearly left out painting, that is my favourite hobby right there – sitting with my oil paints and putting on a good track, like Imogean Heap. Wow. I love her and Florence and The Machine, oh… and just recently I’m also loving Bat For Lashes.



The latest book I read was The Help. I really couldn’t put it DOWN! It took my just over a day to read it – I seem to do that, once I’m hooked on a book it becomes all I do. I even turn down social functions and outings just to stick to the story which just captivates me. Some of all favourites are books by William Kowalski – dunno why, I just think he’s amazing. The first book I read by him by Eddie’s Bastard and it just seemed to hit the spot of what I wanted from a book. I got so into it, just the right degree of happy and sad – it was just perfectly enteraining. I also love reading Karma Suture and Angina Monologues last year, by the author Rosamund Kendal. I must say, more often that I read any book I seem to be reading Ideas magazine – I love it!



I have no idea? I just want to be content one day, really. Right now there are a million little things I would like to have. Like reddish leather knee-high boots, another GHD and yet another annual subscription to Ideas magazine. That’s just stuff though, I suppose – when I think about it, I also want to run the comrades. I ‘m holding out until I’m at least 25 years old – apparently it’s not too great to do it before that age! So I do want to be a successful runner, jeepers and I wouldn’t complain with a bra cup size up – say a good filling C. Yes, there are a million random little things that I want but to be cliched and yet completely true to myself I actually have the biggest and best wishes I would ever ask for, they’re packaged less glamorously and sometimes answer back but it’s my family, boyfriend and believe it or not – me. For the first time in my life I am starting to ‘want’ me. High school was a bit of a boggy for me, I went from pressure driven overachiever to a bit ‘ano’ and just all over the place in a desperate attempt to be more than I was – to be better! Now, I am learning – slowly, that I have so much and I want so much of what I do have from the size 34 to the talents I have. I am grateful and actually starting to have a bit of a normal relationship with myself – it’s funny because in a round about way – I am actually falling in love with me which is harder than it seems.



This is not a hard question! There are two main things that I am loving to wear. The first is leopard print – anything with it’s glorious trademark seems to have me. Then, believe it or not, the second one is spanks. They are the most amazing thing ever – Bridget Jones never even touched upon their sacred, flattering awesomeness. I own a pair from La Senza, The bum-tucking in kind and I love the way I feel – strangely sexy but also reassured that my butt looks better than ever in them! Yup, I think these are the must-have-accessory for any woman no matter what size. Kelly Osbourne agrees with me!



I need? Wow. I need to finish my degree mostly, then I can start earning a living and stop comparing which baked bean cans are the cheapest. I do that, in Checkers of all places. Ah, but when I think about short term needs, I think the most important one is that I need to relax. It is a vital need too! I’m so bad at it, just sitting quietly and perhaps having a long bath. I tend to eat in the car, do my makeup in a lift, run to appointments, rush my showers and just make everything a race. Part of that is valid, like being a 5th year medic with lots of itty bitty part time jobs to support myself, a new entrepreneurial business venture, a rugby star of a boyfriend with matches all over the show and then a busy family. I just really need to master the art of relaxing if I ever want to remain sane. So I wish they made a ‘Dummy’s Guide to Relaxing’. Oh! I need my sister, she keep me normal, cool and I just always know that I have a best friend.


What an awesome interview. Thanks again Kath – it was such a pleasure!

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