How to Survive Valentine’s Day

Wednesday sees one of the most beloved and dreaded days of the year… Valentine’s Day!

Across the western world men quake in their boots, while women get all a-quiver for an entirely different reason!

Most coupled men I know think that this day should pass on by with no acknowledgement on their part at all – a day of “commercialised cheese” is how my own husband likes to refer to it… The honest truth is that excuses are lame! You may sound principled, but also cheap!

The problem with Valentine’s Day (and most problems everywhere to be honest) is that more often than not expectations are not met. And most women have expectations about Valentine’s Day – whether they admit to them or not!

She said she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day, but don’t be stupid, of course she does! Save yourself the torment and just do something, anything, for the special lady in your life. The gesture doesn’t have to be grand. We’re not talking diamond jewellery (although that’s ALWAYS welcome). Romance can be simple and sweet – a handwritten card or a home-cooked romantic dinner has the same impact.

The most NB aspect of the day is that you show you love and care about your significant other.  Yes, you may do this all year round, but why not just make it a little bit more special on Valentine’s Day, when there are expectations, whether we like it or not! And, if you haven’t been doing that all year round already, then this is the perfect time to make an effort! You’ve really got nothing to lose here guys!

To make this all a bit easier for you (and to help you avoid blowouts over unmet expectations), I’ve put together a Valentines Day survival kit that both men and women will appreciate for a special evening together…

A nice meal – If your budget allows book a table at a restaurant, if not order takeaways or cook something yourself (moms who cook nightly will especially enjoy this one!)

Flowers – These are a perennial favourite because they always go down well. Most women adore flowers but don’t buy them for themselves so spoil her with a bouquet – whether it’s from a florist, supermarket or picked from the garden!

A Card – I’ve already suggested a hand-written card, but an old fashioned love letter is a free alternative – all it takes is some time!

Chocolate – If you’re in a relationship you should know the favourite chocolate of your beloved… and if not go for the best quality chocolate you can afford. And if chocolate isn’t your thing buy a tub of ice cream to share.

Champagne – A bottle of bubbles signifies a special occasion and can turn an ordinary Wednesday night into something special.

Candles – Romance itself in an flick of a match – such an easy way to change the mood. A beautifully scented one is also always welcome!

Romantic movie – Buy or hire your favourite romantic movie – one you both enjoy (or can tolerate!) My go-to is always The Notebook – not a very original choice, but a popular one for good reason!

Nova Breath Mouth Spray – Valentine’s Day is the one day you want to take someone’s breath away – but not for the wrong reasons! You really don’t want to be struggling with bad breath that puts someone off when you’re leaning in for a kiss! So be prepared and stock up on some Nova Breath mouth spray to keep in your pocket. This new product assists in the prevention and treatment of halitosis (bad breath) leaving you far more confident to lean in for that long-awaited kiss with that special someone! Read on below for more about this new product.

With these few things delivered in a special box to her office or wrapped separately to unwrap in the morning you certainly won’t be disappointing anyone! In fact, I think you’ll have a pretty good night ahead 😉


Kiss for at least 10 seconds every day to make love last, pecks are for acquaintances!

More about Nova Breath

Nova Breath is a natural range of four over the counter products that offer long lasting results to beat chronic bad breath known as Halitosis, an embarrassing condition that can be very stressful and isolating.

Causes of chronic bad breath can be oral or non-oral and include: Medications, Bacteria, Tooth decay, onion, garlic, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes, Hormonal changes (such as during pregnancy, menopause, ovulation & menstruation) or illness (such as bronchial and lung infections, diabetes, cancer, kidney failure) can also result in bad breath.

The four products in the Nova Breath range include Mouthwash, Mouth Spray, Lozenges and Toothpaste and they all contain a medically tested herbal formulation which includes Echinacea, Lavender, Mastic gum and Salvia extracts. The ingredients work together to reduce unpleasant oral odours. The unique clinically tested formulation is enriched with mucoadhesives to keep the ingredients in your mouth, and ultimately the required result, for up to eight hours ensuring you can enjoy #AllDayAction!

The good news is that with the launch of Nova Breath you don’t need to leave those around you breathless for all the wrong reasons!

Nova Breath Mouth Spray is a handy pocket-sized spray that will help you #BeatBadBreath. Press lightly once or twice to spray the solution into the oral cavity. The action of the mouth spray begins immediately. Suitable for adults and children six years and older. R51.00 excl. VAT.

Available from leading pharmacies and health shops nationwide.



This post was sponsored by BGM Pharmaceuticals.


Images: Supplied and Kathryn Rossiter

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