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Winter is definitely here!!! The weather in Cape Town over the past few days has been crazy! But I’m not here to moan about the cold…. what I actually want to talk about is how if I’m feeling the cold (and you’re feeling the cold) then it stands to reason that there are MANY more people feeling it too… and when I’m lying in my cosy warm bed at night listening to the sound of the rain pelting down all I can think about is the vulnerable people in our city who are even more deeply impacted by the cold than me!

Which is why I’m spreading the word about the amazing Warm up Winter campaign that Common Good is running over the next few weeks.


We watched this video clip during church on Sunday and it deeply impacted me…

So, I’m getting behind this great initiative and spreading the word, because I think there is room in all of our lives to be more generous and this is an easy way to do it! All it takes is a few hours of your time sorting through your cupboards and identifying items you could give away. I will be doing exactly that over the next 2 weekends.

One of the main aims for me is to encourage my kids to get involved in the process of giving and teaching them about what it is to be generous, especially to those who have nothing… I also want to teach them how to give in a way that does not erode the dignity of the receiver which is “Would this item give someone dignity?”


So how can you help? Well why not join me in this Warm up Winter campaign. I will be collecting winter clothing items for adults and children and if you would like to donate please send me an email to arrange a drop off time. Besides warm clothes the other items that will be welcome are business clothes, blankets, bras, NEW underwear, socks, kids and baby clothing. All of the items will be distributed to charities in the Cape Town area and the baby & children’s clothes will go to the main charity I support called True North in Vrygrond near Capricorn park.

All you need to do is sort your clothes (and those of your children), put them in black bags and pop me an email. If you’re based in the Southern Suburbs of CT I will also be happy to collect. I will then be taking them to the main sort organised by Common Good where all the clothes will be sorted into categories and delivered to the relevant charities.

Thank you in advance for partnering with me in this Warm up Winter initiative!
Happy sorting

Please note:
Make sure all clothes are clean and are in good condition. If an item needs fixing – like a button or hem needs to be sewn – please spend a few minutes doing so before giving it. For those items that need a little more mending but are otherwise in good condition consider donating them to: HDI Support, 7 Transvaal Street Paarden Island, Office ph: 021 5110178. They will repair the items and distribute them to relief efforts in the City.

Images: Women & child – Sophie Smith; Blankets – Suns & Daughters; Raindrops – Unknown

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