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Being a mom is hard – dealing with nappies, tantrums, teething, sibling rivalry, homework. In fact the only thing harder than being a mom is being a Centrum Guardian! Motherhood seems like nothing in the face of the work done by the highly skilled individuals known as Centrum Guardians.  Struggling to navigate a stormy sea of new emotions that are unique to moms seems much less daunting when one thinks of Emergency and Rescue Services personnel pulling passengers trapped beneath capsized boats in stormy seas. That is, believe it or not, just an average day in the life of South Africa’s world-class Emergency and Rescue Services personnel. It is no wonder really that the South African Emergency and Rescue Services is ranked as one of the best in the world.

Recognising the good work of these individuals is something that Centrum takes seriously. So serious in fact, that Centrum has created Centrum Guardians. Since 2008, Centrum, South Africa’s leading multivitamin has been recognising the courage, passion and determination of these personnel.

centrum guardian awards

You would be forgiven if you summarised emergency workers as just firefighters, paramedics, rescue swimmers and crew, I know I did.

Thankfully for us, emergency rescue workers are varied and specialised and include people who man the boats when swimmers are in the water, the dog unit as well as workers from the SAPS – they all play a part in an emergency or rescue operation. As a result of the volatile nature of their jobs, it is impossible to even imagine every situation that might present itself but what is comforting is that their basic approach is to always “run in when others run out” in order to save a life by any means necessary.

Over the past five years, Centrum Guardians has raised nearly R3 million worth of specialized training from sponsors for Emergency and Rescue Services personnel. Training helps to avert and, in some cases, to minimise disasters. Trianing includes:

  • Fighting petrochemical fires
  • New car technology and advanced extrication techniques
  • Latest emergency medical protocols

I am so very thankful for the world-class emergency personnel we have in South Africa. These incredibly brave and courageous people give 100% to saving the lives of strangers, often sacrificing their personal time and risking their own lives to do so.

Centrum is once again looking to find the ultimate Centrum Guardian of 2015 and this is where you come in…… You can play your part and help to acknowledge the amazing work the rescue personnel do every day by voting for your favourite Centrum Guardian for 2015 here:

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