How to Carve a Turkey {video}

Christmas can be stressful… Keeping up friendly relations with all your relations, choosing the most affordable/ appropriate/ awesome gift for your fussiest friend, catering for the crowds in a hot kitchen while everyone else chills outside with their chilled drinks or dealing with a “helpful” aunt trying to show you how to carve a turkey…. it’s not always the most relaxing season, is it?

Fortunately carving the turkey, a critical aspect of every Christmas dinner, need not add to your stress!!

I recently partnered with WÜSTHOF, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision kitchen knives, to try out their Classic Carving set

The Classic Carving set is the ideal addition to your Christmas kitchen as it comprises of a 20cm carving knife and a 16cm serving fork that is also very helpful for carving, as it gives you a really good hold on the item you are carving (in this case a rather large turkey!) The blades of both these items are made of high-carbon stainless steel and super sharp. I found the knives a good weight and really comfortable to use.

The good news is that the knife is also really versatile as it can be used on a wide range of roasts and large cuts of meat, such as gammon, as well as for all other tasks such as cutting up large fruit – it’s certainly made slicing up a pineapple and a watermelon (two summer staples in our house) a whole lot easier!!

But back to the turkey….

Carving a turkey on Christmas Day can ramp up the stress levels as every approaches the “hangry” hour and starts to step into the kitchen to speed things up (or grab a few sneaky snacks prior to the main meal… I think one of the main reasons I can get my husband to do this job is the promise of a few of the off cuts!!) But know you needn’t have to call someone else to assist – by watching our short video you should be able to do it yourself! Maybe I’ll even give it a try this year 😉


How to Carve a Turkey

To help you learn the right way to carve a turkey, I created a short, fun, and (hopefully) helpful video showcasing the right way to use the ultra-comfortable Classic Carving set from WÜSTHOF

My hope is that it will guide you as to which order to get your carve on, but also help you realise that with the right tools, and a few tips, this should be one of the easiest aspects of serving Christmas turkey!

Watch the video below to see these super sharp knives in action!

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WÜSTHOF knives are available to purchase online via Yuppiechef as well as other online retailers. One of my personal faves from the WÜSTHOF range is their super sharp & very versatile colourful range of kitchen knives. At one stage I had 3 but now I’m down to 2 sadly (I reckon someone pinched it when they realised how awesome they are!!)


Video: Kathryn Rossiter

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