Tech Talk: How an app changed our pre-school morning mayhem (plus WIN!)

Mornings for moms are inevitably a ‘mare. A “normal” morning in most households across the country includes getting an assortment of children in different schools up and out the door to their respective school gate before the bell rings.

BEFORE even getting dressed and ready for your own full time job a morning of mayhem can include (but is not limited to) early-morning extra-murals (who does that??), sports schedules and lifts to arrange, kit bags to pack, missing uniform items to locate, lunch boxes to pack, tests/ homework diaries and slips to sign and a few envelopes of exact change to pay for any number of tiny, yet essential, expenses… and usually no one has any cash on them at all!

In the past I’ve resorted to taking out a couple of hundred rand at the beginning of each term – in R2 coins! But this involves a visit to the bank ( stash is depleted ever so quickly when the kids find it and raid it for their tuckshop treats…

Fortunately I’ve discovered a “life hack” app that has changed at least ONE aspect of our morning madness and made life a little less stressful…

Karri is an amazing addition to my life. One small app for mom-kind…

For just over a year my kids’ school has encouraged parents to sign up to Karri and use it as the primary way to make all payments to the school. The app makes it really quick and easy for parents to pay for these from the convenience of your phone – without the need for a bank bag of R2 coins or the stress of finding an envelope at 6am!

From civvies days collections, school concert tickets, class outings and donations for ground staff or fundraising events, Karri is able to accept payments both big and small in a safe, quick and convenient way.

All you have to do is convince your school to investigate using Karri! Once parents download the app they will be convinced that this is the way forward…

Using Karri is as easy as downloading the app, registering an account (in less than 60 seconds), choosing a payment mechanism (MasterCard or Visa), adding credit to the wallet and then making an instant payment to your school for the specified events. There are no bank charges and Karri is completely free to use. 

Once you’ve made your secure, instant payments you can keep track of all your transactions on the Karri transaction history.

A bonus is that if you forget to pay for an event Karri will send you a friendly reminder so your child will never miss out again! (And once you’ve booked your tickets you’ll have a reminder in your calendar too which is much-needed when you’re trying to stay on top of multiple calendars!)

We’ve used the Karri app to pay for fundraising event sponsorships, civvies days, Christmas concert tickets and even pre-ordered food at the annual Camp Out event – saving dad the schlep of taking cash…

Something that also appeals to me is that Karri eliminates the need to have cash held on school grounds, making school a safer place for all. Having large amounts of cash on school premises could make schools an easy target for criminals therefore pursuing a cash-free environment at every school is an important issue to address. Hundreds of schools across South Africa are now using the Karri app successfully and have stopped accepting cash payments from parents. If converting your school to a cash-free environment and making your own life easier in the process is something you’re keen to encourage then why not gently suggest Karri to your school principal.

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I’ve partnered with Karri to offer one lucky Becoming you reader (mom or dad!) a chance to WIN a R500 Takealot voucher towards their Back-to-School purchases for 2020. As an added bonus IF the competition winner is a current Karri user they will also WIN a R500 credit in their Karri wallet which they can use towards all the unforeseen school expenses that crop up during the year. I know THAT is a prize I would love to win!



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  1. It has been a pleasure using this app. The convenience is fantssitc and has really relieved allot of having to remember to send photo money, tuck money etc. It also eliminates my kids having to walk around at school with cash and them having to remember to hand in the money. Absolutely love the app. Best thing since sliced bread

  2. I have 3 kids, let me tell you…needing money on the morning of school is a NIGHTMARE! THis would be a dream if the school implemented it. I’m going to start campaigning. lol

  3. It is a game changing app indeed. I feel it puts the word convenience to shame, it’s a parent dream come true. I’m glad my twin boys school implemented use of this app.

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