Battle of the…. High End Skincare Brands (Lancôme vs Exuviance review)

Rayne is back with another ‘Battle of the…’ post today…

Since starting to write posts for Kathryn, I have really been loving the different aspect of this genre of post. It allows you to be a little more cut-throat in your opinion and it forces you to look for negatives in a product, where you otherwise may have only wrote about the positives.

So today’s battle is between two high end brands: The ultra luxe Lancôme and the high end Exuviance.


Lancôme Advanced Skin Corrector & Advanced Eye Contour Perfecting Corrector

Agh, just holding these products in my hand makes me happy. I am such a huge fan of Lancôme, who wouldn’t be? I have gotten such fantastic results from previous use of their products.

So, the Advanced Eye Contour Perfecting Corrector is pretty much a triple threat in a tube. Formulated to target fine lines, the eye contour is more refined and dark circles are diminished. After four weeks, your eye area overall is will look rested and even toned. I have been using it for just over two weeks and I have already seen a significant improvement. More in the under eye dark circle area than anything else (And trust me, I have fine lines!). My undereye area was less puffy and I was just a tad more revitalised. I did not notice much change with my faint crows feet but there was a vast difference with my puffiness and dull skintone. It was most noticeable when I was not wearing makeup, then I could see the full effect of the clearness.

This eye cream is R838 for 15ml and available from Foschini online.

Next up, the Advanced Skin Corrector, this is very similar to the Genefique Youth Activating Serum in terms of scent and texture. Advertised as “A potent anti-aging skin corrector-Formulated with LR 2412, a molecule that penetrates into skin layers to trigger continuous micro-transformations”. Woweeee.

This product is meant to reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles. It will also “remarkably” reduce the signs of acne scarring and UV damage. This can be used either without make-up or as a prep and prime for your face prior to make-up application.

I am pretty harsh when it comes to such expensive items that cannot actually be seen on the face. However, this really does have your face feeling super soft after one application. The reduction of acne scars and pores is only supposed to kick in after four weeks of religious use. I am rather keeping this as a “special occasion” product, though, just because of the price tag. What I can say is that – in conjunction with the below product – I am LOVING my new skincare routine.


Exuviance Toning Neck Cream and Bionic Oxygen Facial

Wow, so the Bionic Oxygen Facial is officially THE weirdest facial I have ever used. To quote my boyfriend, who also tested it, “it feels like worms are wriggling on your face”.

Basically you apply a layer to your face (a blue formula), it then foams up into a white froth (like, bright white and THICK) and it then starts to soak into the skin. So you are then left with no residue. While it is foaming up, it really does feel like wriggling creatures are on your face. My boyfriend lasted maybe three minutes before having to wash it off – what a waste! I managed the entire time and once it was rinsed off, it left impressively soft and smooth skin.

It also left me looking more “awake” and rejuvenated. This is one of the traits you always see advertised on packaging, but this really REALLY delivers. And lastly, it smells absolutely divine. Kind of a fresh mix of melon and cucumber even though those are not ingredients.

Over time, your skin will look radiant, revitalized, transformed and refreshed. I see this quickly becoming a favourite of mine.

You can purchase the Bionic Oxygen Facial yourself at the Dermastore for R990.

And secondly from Exuvience, emitting the same delicious melony cucumbery smell, the Toning Neck Cream. Truth be told, it is the first neck/decolletage cream I have ever used. It is a “potent firming & exfoliating treatment to correct premature aging”. At 23, I would certainly call my lines on my chest premature. Like way way premature, but they’re there.

It is formulated with key ingredients Lipo-Amino Acid, Apple Stem Cell Extract, NeoGlucosamine and CitraFill. All of these aid in encouraging a healthy collagen network, diminishing the appearance of brown marks, and stimulates the underlying support matrix of the skin. Because it is an active ingredient product, it needs to be introduced slowly to the skin. Daily sunscreen use is also highly recommended when using this. Although, it should always be!

I have been using this once a day, just because it is so pricey. You are meant to use it twice daily though. So far I have noticed how beautifully it sinks into the skin and leaves your skin soft and smelling great for hours. I haven’t noticed a major difference in the fine lines diminishing but that could be because this product is targeted at mature skin with deeper set lines. Either way, I am definitely continuing use of it – I am loving it!

The Toning Neck Cream can also be purchased from the Dermastore for R940 for a 75g tube.


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