Spa Review: Moor Body Treatments at Lis Spa!

On Saturday I went to heaven… no, not that Heaven but it was pretty close! I spent an entire afternoon (3 hours!!) experiencing pure indulgence at Lis Spa located in one of my favourite spots in Cape Town, Wynberg Chelsea Village.

I was treated to the most amazing sequence of beautifying body and face treatments using the magnificent Neydharting Moor range of products (I recently reviewed the Moor Night Cream ).

The Moor Experience
First up was the full body wrap where I was covered in the peat mud from the Neydharting Moor in Austria and “wrapped” in plastic and left to relax while I was treated to a heavenly head massage while the mud worked it’s magic. Being smeared in dark black mud goes against the normal “cleansing” treatments you would usually expect but this mud has the most incredible cleansing effect on the skin and is known to draw out impurities and tone up the skin. While it is applied to the skin it heats up which is quite a unique experience. The wrap is designed to slim and tone the body, hydrate or firm the skin and relax and soothe muscles, relieve tired and aching joints, ease inflammation, and help flush out toxins. I can highly recommend this as a regular body treatment to enjoy for any of these body issues. (Because the product is so active the mud is not available for retail – it can only be applied by a therapist).

The mud is well-known for it’s healing qualities and has been used since the 18th century. The mud from the moor contains over 1 000 different minerals, herbs and vitamins, many of which have been found to contain very powerful anti-aging properties too. By combining these natural botanicals with scientifically advanced peptides, Neydharting Moor Skin & Body Care deeply hydrates and visibly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The products are used in treatments at the world famous Neydharting Healing Spa and are so effective that they have been endorsed and subsidized by health care plans in five European countries.

Neydharting Moor is the only skincare line in the world that uses the peat and peat water from the famous Neydharting Moor.

After showering off all the mud in the discreet en-suite shower I hopped back onto the bed and very nearly fell asleep while my very talented and professional therapist, Robyn, skillfully massaged my tight back, neck and shoulder muscles. As I said: HEAVEN

If that wasn’t enough I then enjoyed a facial again using the Neydharting Moor products including the same mud which heated up on my face to stimulate and balance my skin. Once the mud is removed the balm is applied and massaged in until all redness is removed from your skin (this depends on how dehydrated your skin is!) An AMAZING face massage followed when I DID fall asleep. I am pretty convinced that Robyn is an angel sent from above! She was so lovely, friendly but not too chatty, patient and in no hurry. I can highly recommend her!

The experience was totally amazing and is definitely somewhere I hope to return. The Moor Experience would make a wonderful pamper present for a bride-to-be or new mom needing some time out. Why not treat your mom for Mother’s Day or yourself at any chance you can!! You shouldn’t have to have an excuse to enjoy this experience and reap the rewards. All this week my skin has been looking fantastic, glowing and radiant. It feels amazingly hydrated and smooth and definitely younger!

Moor skincare products are available to purchase online from or from Lis Spa, contact details are listed below.

Lis Spa Contact Details

17 Wolfe Street, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800
Tel: 021 761 0759
Cell: 082 417 2775

Neydharting Moor Contact Details
Cell: 082 785 4115
Twitter: @Moor_SkinBody

Images: Lis Spa

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