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Skin nutrition isn’t the hardest thing to figure out. When it comes to food, if it come from the earth or is naturally occurring, you can bet it’s good for your body and your skin. Conversely, processed foods and foods with high amounts of sodium or preservatives are going to wreak havoc on your skin. Eating a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables is the best way to get that healthy glow. In particular, you should try to eat plenty of foods with age fighting antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.

Why Antioxidants?

Antioxidants help by building up the skin cell membrane, so it can fight the free radicals that cause wrinkles and dull skin. Look for fruits such as berries, prunes, apples, pears, avocados, pineapple, and kiwi among other fresh fruits, and vegetables such as artichoke, spinach, cabbage, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and broccoli. Antioxidants don’t just come from fruits and veggies. You can also fight free radicals with beans, nuts, herbs, whole grains, green tea, and dark chocolate containing at least 60% cacao.

What About Omega-3s?

Omega-3 fatty acids will also help the appearance of your skin by plumping up the skin cells and keeping the outer layer strong to fight pollutants and other toxins. You can find omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish such as salmon, cod, and sardines, flax seeds, walnuts, soybeans, and other sea foods like scallops, shrimp, tuna and halibut. You should aim to get two servings of omega-3s each week to maintain a healthy glow and to promote good health overall.

What It Comes Down To

Try to focus on a healthy diet overall by sticking to the perimeter of the grocery store and avoiding processed foods with unpronounceable ingredients. Eat whole, healthy and natural foods as much as possible. Some other foods that are good for your complexion include low-fat dairy products, whole grains and lean protein. If you include these foods in your diet regularly, and remember to drink plenty of water,  you can promote healthy skin and a healthy body to boot.

tablespoon of flax seeds - _MG_8879

Try this smoothie for a surge of skin happy nutrients.

In a food processor or blender, mix the following ingredients and blend until smooth.


½ chilled mango, chopped

1 medium carrot, peeled and shredded

2 chilled oranges, peeled and cut into sections

½ cup plain nonfat yogurt, chilled

2 tablespoons flaxseed

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1 tablespoon raw honey

Makes 2 servings or 2 ¼ cups.

About the Authour: Tess K. writes about skin care, nutrition, healthy food and healthy living for Kass Clinics medical spa in Minneapolis Minnesota.

Images via Flickr Creative Commons: 1) Emilian Robert Vicol 2) Sean Dreilinger

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