Going Greek: Siros Island

After 7 days at sea (with overnight stops at anchor or in a harbour) we headed out on our last day across the deep blue… from Sifnos to Siros.

This was our last day sailing in Greece and it was tinged with sadness… we’d had much more fun that we expected and taken to the sailing life with ease. There would be few other holidays that would match this one in terms of enjoyment, adventure, relaxation.

The whole sailing experience was brand new to us but it was really great fun learning a new skill (although we still have A LOT to learn!), spending time on a boat was novel and meeting new friends from across the world was really fun. Exploring all the different Greek islands that we were fortunate enough to discover on our travels was amazing and a true highlight for me who loves seeing new places – a new place every day, for 7 days! Winning!

We arrived in Siros with only a few hours of daylight left – and we wanted to have one last swim in the sea before heading home via a day in Athens – so we headed along the pier ready to explore the town. But first we spotted a catamaran flying a South African flag – not a very common sight in these parts of the world! So we stopped to say “Hi” or rather “Howzit” – and in true South African hospitality were invited aboard for a beer!

We met 3 South African couples in their 60s who were enjoying their sundowners with merriment. What a lovely life, retired and taking to the ocean to see where the wind would take you! I certainly have now set my sights on returning to do this again one day in our own retirement! haha

After saying our farewells we made our way along the pier and past the local fishing boats…


Following the road we headed up as high as we could to take advantage of the views over the bay…

And then headed back down to dip our toes in the water – and eventually submerge our bodies too!

On our way back to our yacht we found the rest of our crew enjoying Aperol Spritz at the water’s edge so joined them for one last sundowner before heading further into town for our evening meal at a traditional Greek tavern tucked away in a back street and frequented by locals – the best kind!

Let it be said at this point that Greek food is the business. We dined like kings during our time in the country and the great thing was that the prices weren’t crazy at all. We found pizza was a good way to compare prices and a standard pizza at a restaurant cost about 12 Euro which is fairly equivalent, if not cheaper than in South Africa! During our visit to Greek we enjoyed amazing fresh fish and seafood, Greek yoghurt, lamb, baklava, tzatziki, dolmades, fresh salads, calamari, pita bread, spanakopita, souvlaki skewers and cheese pies, not to mention many bottles of the local brew – Mythos (and the occasional shot of Ouzo) What we can say however is avoid the local wine, and don’t buy any going through duty free either as we did – it’s WAAAAAY too expensive and you definitely can’t beat South African wine (and what we pay for it!)

After our memorable last supper, which we enjoyed while watching the local kids run around in the street until past 11pm (they really do live a good life – them and the cats!) We headed back to our rocking bed on the boat, mesmerised by the moor rising over the bay and the incredible yacht that had pulled up alongside us for the night…

The next morning we rose with the dawn, having ordered our taxi driver from the night before to collect us on the dock at 6am!

We headed over to the other side of Siros to catch our flight back to Athens – catching a small glimpse of the main town on the island, and regretting we hadn’t made the effort to get there the previous evening. But what is regret? Worthless. If we’d headed that direction we wouldn’t have had the special supper and memories from our last night with our crew!

As we took flight in the small 2 prop plane and waved goodbye to the islands I looked back on one of the most memorable weeks of my life. Our sailing adventure was over – but we’d been bitten by the bug!

Flights from Siros to Athens only leave intermittently – only 10 flights a week – so our flight schedule meant that we would arrive in Athens around 8am and only be flying out again around 9pm. And that meant we had a day to explore the city! I wasn’t going to let that pass us by… Come back next week for more about our whirlwind day in Athens!!

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Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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