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In case you haven’t yet realized I love pics of celebrity homes… I recently came across some fab tips for going green from top supermodel Gisele Bündchen which were accompanied by pics of her amazing home and garden in California. A great combination for a blog post if you ask me!


So, here are Gisele’s Green Living Tips… Along with her husband, Tom Brady, Gisele designed and built their home to be as eco-friendly as possible from the start.

“While many of the environmentally minded aspects of our house began with its initial design, others are part of our daily routine.” she says. “In researching materials to build our house, we were happy to find that we could use a lot of existing resources,” says Gisele. “In the end, 90 percent of the materials used to construct our house were reclaimed.”


85 percent of the fruits and vegetables they consume at home are grown in their own garden. “Not only do we know where our produce comes from, but our children experience firsthand the connection between the earth and their food. The children also love going into the chicken coop and feeding the chickens. And it’s a blast to pick up fresh eggs for our breakfast in the morning.”


Gisele and Tom have installed solar panels as well as a gray water system in their home. “Our gray-water system allows us to reuse the waste water for our garden and lawn.” Recycling is also a key element of their lives as it helps to reduce the trash sent to the landfill. ” We created a space to compost in order to eliminate food waste in our home. Leftovers go either to our compost or to our chickens.”


“Energy efficiency was a huge concern from the planning stage. The design of the house allows for as much natural light as possible while high ceilings and large windows generally allow us to have the lights off until sundown. Thick walls and dual-glazed windows were used to improve insulation.”


“We have a water-filter system on our sink that is the best purchase we’ve ever made,” says Bündchen. (Click this link to read my review of our water filter) “We unplug electronics and chargers when they are not being used and reduce our energy consumption further by using LED lighting featuring a low-voltage, high-efficiency lighting system equipped with motion sensors in certain rooms.”


I’m pleased to say that we already do use many of these Green Living Tips in our own home although there is always room for improvement. We have yet to get a gray water system or solar heating but both are on the list, and if when we ever get to the point of renovating our home we will be sure to look into reclaimed materials as a earth- and money-saving option!

What is your top tip for going green? Let me know in the comments below what you do in your own home to help the environment….

Images via Architectural Digest

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