How to Get a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

What does it take to get a night of peaceful sleep around here???

If it’s not the kids waking up due to nightmares or full bladders, it’s the neighbour’s dogs!. And if it’s not the dogs then it’s the local motor biker who loves to zoom around the streets in the wee hours! And if it’s not the biker, then it’s the drag racers on the freeway! And if it’s not them it’s our own alarm triggered by the noctural cats of our neighbourhood…. and if it’s none of the above culprits, it’s the mozzies!!!

While we may not be in control of much – other people’s bladders, inconsiderate neighbours, our super sensitive alarm – there is at least ONE thing we can control… those pesky mosquitos!

We’ve learnt this the hard way…. our camping experiences have taught us that you want to keep life as simple as possible, especially when it’s as complicated as camping…

Just kidding! Camping is a breeze (after you’ve packed and set up of course), but it can turn into a nightmare if you find your camp site is already occupied… by mozzies!

No one wants to compete with the miggies for a decent night’s sleep… a blow up mattress and canvas-thin walls next to potential snorers are hard enough! Spending the next day scratching your itchy bites is a sure fire way to ruin a holiday, so I make sure that one of the very first things I pack when we go camping is our Peaceful Sleep. In fact I keep the Family Care Aerosol Spray permanently packed in the camping kit and then I always pack another one too in our toiletry bag… just in case! Camping is ALL about preparation.

It was also one of the first items I packed when I headed off to the jungles of Borneo and the islands of Komodo in Indonesia – I wasn’t going to be visiting for too long, so didn’t feel that malaria tablets would be necessary but I didn’t want to chance it with a tropical disease in a foreign country, so I slathered the stuff on!

But even if you’re not sleeping in the jungle or camping next to a river mosquitos can find you… the dull drone of one dive bombing you from above is enough to ruin anyone’s most peaceful sleep!

The last few months of summer certainly seem to be the mozzies favourite time of the year as we’ve definitely seen an upsurge in their activity of late, unfortunately this coincides with the peak night time temperatures when all you want to do is throw open the window and kick off the duvet… leaving you even more exposed to these noisy nasties!

Fortunately I’ve fished out my trusty tube of Peaceful Sleep cream – part of their Family Care range that’s suitable for kids aged 6 months and older.

The range is available in a few different forms so it’s easy to find the one that works best for your family – gentle spritzer, cream, lotion, stick and aerosol varieties – and all of the products offer up to 8 hours of “force field” protection from mozzies!

After trying many of the bug sprays available, I’ve found that one of the best aspects of Peaceful Sleep is it’s really mild scent. It is not overpowering or off-putting in any way and I definitely feel happier using this product knowing that myself and my kids aren’t breathing in harmful fumes!

Peaceful Sleep is ensuring that I get more peaceful sleep by gently protecting my kids from the annoying whine of the mosquito air force while they sleep… thus allowing me a better night’s sleep in return… And I’m protected too so I can kick the duvet off and fling the windows wide open whenever I want to… except if the dogs are barking or the bikes are zooming, then it’s got to be ear plugs!


 Click the link for more about the Family Care range of insect repellants from Peaceful Sleep.


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Images: Kathryn Rossiter


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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this extremely helpful post, Kathryn! I’ve not had a decent night’s sleep for months thanks to the mosquito infestation here in Pretoria. I will be investing in every single product in the Peaceful Sleep Family Care range thanks to you. I just love the Becoming You blog!

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