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Yesterday afternoon I put aside all my other pressing demands and concerning worries and let myself just be for an hour or two… the reason? The arrival of my first CReATE box from Cotton Candi!

I love being creative but the truth is that in this crazy life I lead there is ZERO time for anything arty or fun or frivolous and that is really not very healthy at all. In fact the impact of never taking time out for myself came crashing down on my this past long weekend. What should have been a fun, friend-filled weekend turned into one long haze of tissues, bed and Corenza C. Yip my health had had enough and revolted against my plans to the extent that I didn’t get up for 3 days. (in hindsight I’m so grateful it was a long weekend, I would never have managed to keep going with all the usual responsibilities of motherhood had it not been!)

Anyway I digress… So yesterday I decided to spend some time doing something I love, just because I love it! I can’t tell you when the last time was that that type of thing made it to the top of my to-do list.

The beauty of the CReATE box is that it came filled with ideas PLUS the tools to make them happen so I didn’t have to trawl Pinterest or rush out to source the crafty things I needed. I just sat down at my dining room table and started.

The CReATE team aims to inspire tweens, teens and their parents to get creating and find ways to connect with each other and themselves, and I can say that I really did…. and my kids even came to join the action without being coerced.

I really enjoyed some quiet time peacefully playing with washi tape, and methodically putting pins in place to create my own string art. It was all very therapeutic. Time to slow down and remind myself of what’s really important…. enjoying the little things in life and appreciating moments!

As I mentioned, about half way through my string art my son (8) wanted in on the action so I used it as a chance for him to tap into his creative side and handed it over to him to enjoy. As CReATE state, these boxes are “an opportunity for busy moms and dads to enjoy intentional, creative moments with their children, without having to have the stress of coming up with the ideas and sourcing the necessary materials. Our aim is for both parents and children to spend quality time together through the process of creating and obtain as much enjoyment from the time spent together, as they do pride in the final finished products.” And we really did!

The great news about the crafty activities in the box is that they are all designed to be challenging, but not overwhelming, as well as fun and functional – something that you’ll be able to display with pride in your home or even give as a unique handmade gift to someone special.

Each monthly CReATE will contain 4 new CReATive activities with clear step-by-step instructions for each activity on a easy to file card and materials for each craft. A specific word theme will be incorporated into one of the crafts around that theme will be included as well.

Here are a few of my photos featuring the first CReATE box which included:

  • 9 washi tape covered tea light candles, and a washi tape covered A5 notebook
  • A felt birdie keyring
  • Button Bracelets
  • JOY String Art on a cork base

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CReATE is available on a month by month basis but you can also order a subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months for yourself or a friend via the Cotton Candi online store. All prices include delivery to your door via courier.

One month CReATE costs R295
A subscription for 3 CReATES has a 5% discount, R280 per month
A subscription for 6 CReATES has a 8% discount, R271 per month
A subscription of 12 CReATES has a 12% discount, R260 per month

Sibling top-ups are available on each option. This allows you to purchase additional materials for one or two siblings at a reduced rate of R200 each.

Every month the ordered CReATES get sent off on the first working day of each month via courier. All orders for the following month must be in by no later than the 16th of the preceding month. As an example, if you want to receive your launch edition, which will be sent on the 1st of November, you need to place your order before the 16th October.

To place an order visit the Cotton Candi website:

And now you get the chance to WIN the first CReATE box for yourself!





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