How to Get Brows On Fleek

Brows on fleek” a phrase I hear so often in the makeup world. If you’re wondering what the hell I am referring to, don’t worry! I am about to take you on a journey on how you can get your eyebrows ‘’on fleek.’’

We can mainly thank Cara Delevingne for giving eyebrows a whole new status.

Thick and untouched by tweezers, her impeccably arched beauties are the envy and “it” brow wanted by woman and teenagers everywhere.

Now, I know what some of you might be thinking, well Rox not all of us have been blessed with Cara’s lush brows (myself included). I hear you ladies…. so here are a few brow products that I tried and tested that will help you get one step closer to those iconic beauties.

I must stress that finding a shape that suits you best is the first step. To help I have included a brow diagram to give a better idea of your ideal shape. Please seek professional help for this. Too many DIY’s turned into a plucking marathon, with, sadly, the tweezer being victorious.


Maybelline Brow Drama

Bold, sculpted brows? Natural and in place? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then write this product down, now!


At first I was a bit intimidated by the brush as it seemed a bit bulky, but I was pleasantly surprised. This mascara look-a-like product was easy to apply, the colour and consistency build-able. Best of all it gave a natural fullness to my brow that lasted all day. I really enjoyed this product, so much so I used it on a few of the models I work on-including the male models.




Maybelline Brow Drama Pomade Crayon

This brow-tamer is exactly as it says in the name: crayon. It adds a lot more boldness to the brow than the brow sculpting mascara mentioned above. It is long wearing and you get a great amount of product, so it’s definitely value for money. I did however, find the crayon hard to work with as it is quite wide and personally I prefer a fluffy brow, but if a full, bold brow is your vibe then this is perfect. Think more statement than natural. Regardless, this product is still pretty amazeballs.





Maybelline Brow Satin

This product, like the Maybelline Brow Drama, also creates a natural looking brow. One side has a pencil to fill in gaps or create hair strokes while the other side is a creamy powder to blend. I love being able to create individual hairs with a pencil. It takes a bit more time and some practice, but once you get it you will be so happy you did. This product is a great all-in-one, all you will need is some clear brow gel to set and you’re “fleeking” fantastic.




Eylure brow set

The go to medium in the 90’s. Using powder can be a great way to fill in and create either a natural brow, or a stand out power brow.


This Eylure brow set comes with a gel, powder and highlighter for under the brow. The medium brown I used was not my fav, but the second time I felt more confident. The waxy gel keeps your brows in place, whilst the powder fills and defines. There is a how to on the back of the box which is great, but I do feel the brush given is a bit too thick which makes it difficult when it comes to precision. Bottom line this product is not bad and great for an all-in-one stop, brow shop.


Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel


Clear, compact and fits in your makeup bag with no problem. I love clear brow gels! They are the easiest way to keep your brows on ‘’fleek” with minimal effort. This one from Rimmel London is comfortable to use and leaves no residue on the brow. This little gem lasts all day and is unisex. Amazing for the girl or boy on the go.



So there you have it, my tried and tested brow products to keep your brows looking on point AKA “fleek” – I told you I’d explain!


Roxanne Sayers

Rox is a professional makeup artist and loves beauty mostly because of how it makes a person feel – confident and empowered response from my clients.Her favourite beauty quote is: “Makeup is art, beauty is spirit”

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