Fun fashion finds for kids at Edgars

Kids grow out of their clothes so super fast that every season I find myself back in the shops restocking. My kids are both quite fashion forward – much more than I ever was as a child – they know exactly what they want to wear every day and even more so when we’re in the shops!

My son is nearly 8 and it’s all about looking cool – his preference is for anything trendy such as coloured skinny jeans, large peak caps, cool t-shirts and hi-top sneakers. Heaven help me – I have NO idea where his trendy side comes from. Must be his dad??

My daughter on the other hand is a definite girly girl – at 4 she already comments on everything everyone is wearing. A classic line I heard yesterday: “Ben, I like your outfit, do you like mine?” Barbie is HUGE in her life – although not to play with funnily enough, rather to dress like! She is all about “fashion” and recently picked out a pair of shoes specifically because “These are fashion, hey mom?” Again – HELP!!!

So you can understand that I was particularly pleased when Edgars contacted me and offered for us to do a little shop on their account. Yes please!

Last week we headed to the shops for our summer wardrobe update. And we came away with some great buys! What I was really pleased to discover is that Edgars have a great range of brands for kids – from toddlers to teens.

Here are a few pics of their picks!

My son was pleased to pick out a few surf brand t-shirts including Billabong and Quiksilver plus a pair of black skinny jeans and some super cool (so I’m told) denim shorts with braces (?)

kids fashion 1


He also loved this very trendy maroon light weight jacket and has worn it non stop since!

boys fashion edgars

kids fashion edgars 1

The girls section was filled with options for my Disney-loving daughter. She picked out a Minnie Mouse cap as well as a super cute swimming costume. Then for good measure she choose another costume – this one was a Barbie all-in-one suit with sleeves which I’m very pleased with esp for the height of summer when it’s vital to keep protected from the sun!

barbie kids fashion

Her other choices included as much sparkle as possible – a pretty Barbie t-shirt (which came with a rainbow tiara!!) as well as a super stylish black and white striped skirt with a gold sequinned waist band and a matching black t-shirt with gold sparkles from the Zerbit range which are exclusive to Edgars. If I’m honest I’m a bit envious of this last outfit – would love it in my size!!

zerbit kids fashion

The good news is that Edgars are having a great sale on all kids fashion THIS weekend. You can get 20% less on kids fashion until 12 Oct! Don’t miss it!

Images: Kathryn Rossiter
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  1. I wish it could be so easy for teenagers!! Never mind fashions which you’re unsure of, the stores they want to buy from!! HELP!!

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