Fragrance File: Si Rose by Giorgio Armani

I’m a huge fan of fragrances – my overflowing dressing table can attest to my passion for a pretty scent.

Up to this point I haven’t featured many of them on my site, an oversight on my behalf as perfumes and fragrances are some of my favourite things!!

Recently I decided to be more proactive in sharing my own love for perfume… and started a new series called Fragrance File. It will be a monthly series in which I will share my thoughts and reviews on each scent that crosses my path. Some of the posts will be about scents which I’ve loved for years (and rebought as they’ve run out), while others I will have received to review. And still others will be reviewed by my most trusted Beauty Babes (like this one!). This new series will be a blend… so to speak 😉

Armani Si is one of my all time favourite fragrances as you can see I am almost at the end of the Eau de Parfum which is a gorgeous sweet scent, sexy scent with notes of blackcurrent, vanilla, rose, patchouli and amber wood. Armani Si is the type of perfume that is recognizable and lingers on the skin all day.

Today I am going to be telling you about one of the new variants of Armani Si – Rose Eau De Parfum. As the name would suggest this version has a high note of sweet Turkish Rose it also has patchouli and vanilla similar to the Eau de Parfum although the Rose version is a little less sweet and ‘softer’ than the original version and although it is a lighter scent it still lingers all day on the skin.

Can we also talk about the sleekness of the bottle and packaging its a classy, clean and looks amazing on my dressing table. I love how each variant has a small difference to differentiate them eg the Rose version has this gorgeous satin ribbon around it and then the EDP has a black lid, the EDT has a baby pink lid and the intense is a solid black bottle. This makes it easy if you have all the versions.

If you are looking for a signature scent I would highly recommend having a look at the Armani Si variants, you are sure to find something that suits you. Whether you prefer a sweet, floral or intense version, there is a Si for you.

Fragrance House: Armani

Name of Scent: Si Rose

Type of Scent: Eau de Parfum

Scent Family: Floral

Retail Price: R1390 for 50ml, R1970 for 100ml

Stockists: Woolworths, Edgars, Red Square

Images & Test: Cara Fay

Cara Fay

Cara Fay is a lifestyle blogger who’s passion lies in beauty. Having grown up with a make-up and skin care loving mom, her life long obsession began at her mom’s dressing table! Her fave beauty products are lipsticks and highlighters.

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