Fragrance File: La Mia Perla by La Perla

Recently I was invited to the glamorous launch of a sparkling new fragrance from stunning lingerie brand, La Perla…. the fragrance? La Mia Perla

Inspired by the quiet confidence and innate pleasure of a woman who knows she is wearing beautiful lingerie, La Mia Perla is a new scent that is both hypnotic and cocooning… A scent created by women FOR women.

“La Mia Perla is a celebration of women’s sensuality and strength. A tribute to unashamed femininity.”

The La Perla brand has become a byword for expertly crafted, luxurious lingerie. Creative director Julia Haart strives to empower women through her exquisite yet thoughtful creation.

“Women are multifaceted. Some days we’re playful and some days we want to be kick-ass and serious – my goal in life is to enable women to do their own thing and feel beautiful doing it.” – Julia Haart, Creative Director, La Perla

The name La Mia Perla means “My Pearl” and to wear La Mia Perla is to embrace the very things that make you who you are – a unique pearl!

The scent

The scent itself, crafted by master perfumer Honorine Blanc and overseen by Julia Haart, abandons the classic fragrance pyramid structure in favour of a circular pearl-shaped composition and the result is a captivating melange of elegant notes called a “Solaroriental”.

A hypnotic floral core is defined by jasmine sambac and white peony is accented
by hints of spicy mandarin and white pepper, while notes of silky-smooth sandalwood
and muscenone add a muskiness to the base.

“One of the greatest displays of freedom is choosing what you wear on your body”

When spritzed onto the skin, it has an alluring warmth that melts in rather than sits on the surface.

There’s a delicious lightness to it that is neither too much, nor too gentle. It’s sweet with gourmand notes initially, but these evolve into creamy, powdery aromas that have a slightly oriental association that is seductive and sophisticated.

The bottle

Encased in a strong, yet sophisticated, glass vessel, the bottle is certainly dressing table-worthy. La Perla has played with geometry and the box features a 3D effect that catches your eye.

The unique bottle design symbolizes the roundness of the composition and it’s creation which does not have the usual pyramid structure.

The “roundness” of the bottle and the cap are also meant to represent the roundness of a woman’s personality.

Who wears La Mia Perla?

This scent is modern, different, alluring and will appeal to a new generation of scent seekers.

The campaign

An olfactory celebration of female sensuality and strength, exuding beauty and femininity, La Mia Perla is the embodiment of a pearl both in shape and presence and is designed to be worn as a personal emblem.

Just as the lustre of a pearl evokes power and intrigue, La Mia Perla tells the story of a woman who finds her own sensuality as it emerges to the surface from within.

Annika Krijt, the star of the La Mia Perla campaign, personifies the powerful yet feminine La Perla woman. In the evocative TV, print and PR campaign the rising Dutch model emerges from the water with distinctive femininity and just as her sensuality surfaces, she holds her scent, her pearl, close to her skin, drawing strength from the power it holds within. Watch the ad here…

Fragrance House: La Perla

Name of Scent: La Mia Perla

Type of Scent: Eau de Parfum

Scent Family: Oriental Floral or “Solaroriental”

All Notes: There are no top, heart or base notes as this is a “Solaroriental” where all notes are equal. Notes include: Mandarin, white pepper, jasmine, peony, orris, “silky suede ambrox”, muscenone (musk note) and sandalwood.

Retail Price: 30ml – R950.00, 50ml – R1250.00, 100ml – R1650.00

Launches: September 2017

Stockists: Exclusive to selected Edgars and Red Square stores from September 2017, and available at selected Foschini stores from October 2017.






Images: Kathryn Rossiter & Supplied

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