Fragrance File: Les Eaux De CHANEL Paris Riviera (limited edition)

Choosing a signature scent to wear for summer is one of the most important decisions you can make before the season starts – this might sound frivolous but when you consider the human ability to conjure up strong memories from scent alone then you realise why it’s so important. If you’re choosing your scent for summer 2019/20 then you need to remember that THIS is your memory maker!

This is thanks to something called ‘the Proust effect’, named after Marcel Proust (who used the smell of fresh Madeleine’s to write hundreds of pages of memories. Scientists think that the proximity of the hippocampus (the area that stores memories) and the amygdala (the part responsible for processing sensory information) in the brain is why we have strong scent memories.

The sense of smell is so powerful that catching just a few subtle notes can make you feel like you’re somewhere else entirely. So whether you’re jetting off somewhere special this festive season or staying at home, the fragrance you choose to spritz every day has the ability to transport you – now and in the future!

And today’s scent is ready to take you right to the edge of the Mediterranean!

The Scent

Les Eaux De CHANEL Paris-Riviera is a specially released limited edition fragrance recently launched under the Les Eaux de Chanel range of scents.

Les Eaux de Chanel is a capsule range of light, fresh fragrances that draw inspiration from destinations beloved by Gabrielle Chanel – Venise, Deauville and Biarritz – and now the French Riviera.

The fourth fragrance of the Chanel Les Eaux De Chanel collection transports you from Paris to the Riviera. This new scent blends Parisian style with the romance of the Riviera.

This fruity floral fragrance evokes the fragrant turquoise Mediterranean coast line and pairs the sweet, tangy freshness of Sicilian orange with the delicateness of neroli and white flowers, to evoke the soft, luminous atmosphere of the Côte d’Azur.

Subtle notes of jasmine mingle with the orange blossom, and a base of sandalwood and musky benzoin balm are found at the finish.

The initial spritz is a strong, sweet citrus that settles into the white floral notes which then softens to a light woody base. The scent is warm and gentle, a promise of fun- and friend-filled summer days to come. Enjoy the journey!

Mademoiselle Chanel at her house “La Pausa” in the French Riviera with her dog Gigot in 1930. © All Rights Reserved

The inspiration

This scent has been created by Olivier Polge, in cooperation with the CHANEL Laboratory of Fragrance Creation and Development, who shares his vision for the fragrance below…

“The dream Côte d’Azur of the 1920s is what guided the development of this new fragrance. A sun-filled Eden that was a magnet for artists. The flawless architecture of the villas in those days. The bright and happy atmosphere of party nights…”

“The mere mention of its name conjures up images of a coastline winding its way between the Alps and the Mediterranean. Bringing the promise of azure blue and dancing sunlight, the Riviera evokes an enveloping softness and the lazy days of summer. From the far south bordering Italy and Monte Carlo to the Var, artists and creators from around the world were drawn to this Mediterranean coast as early as the 1920s.

Thanks to her friend Misia Sert, who also introduced her to Venice, the gateway to the Orient, Gabrielle Chanel began sojourning on the Riviera in 1920. She loved driving to Monaco with the Grand Duke Dimitri or traveling south on the Train Bleu, a means of transport made famous by Serge de Diaghilev who wrote a ballet by the same name and entrusted the costume design to Mademoiselle Chanel. She could often be found on the Côte d’Azur during the Roaring Twenties, one day on the Duke of Westminster’s yacht in Monte Carlo, another at her regular haunt, the Hôtel de Paris in Monaco, or at the Société des Bains de Mer resort known for its legendary parties.

Gabrielle Chanel also frequented Cannes, where she opened a boutique, and joined the painters and writers who flocked to Saint Tropez, which was but a fishing port at the time. But a little to the East, on the heights of Roquebrune, is where she chose to point her compass and have her villa “La Pausa” built. Mademoiselle oversaw every last architectural detail, and had olive groves and fields of lavender planted. She made it her permanent vacation home, where she entertained a number of celebrities such as Jean Cocteau and Salvador Dali. There in her beloved southern France, Gabrielle Chanel wove a tapestry of moments suspended in time and joyful memories.”

With its breathtaking landscapes and exciting lifestyle, the French Riviera became the new society hotspot. And it is this special area that proved to be the inspiration behind the newest Chanel scent as Olivier Polge noticed a remarkable lightheartedness in the pictures of Gabrielle Chanel surrounded by friends, her face upturned to the sun, and incarnated it with a fragrance of Mediterranean flowers bathed in fresh citrus. He teamed jasmine with a unique quality of neroli from the orange blossoms found in the South of France.

The PARIS-RIVIERA Eau de Toilette creates a snapshot of summer with a single spray. A promise of azure blue skies and sun on the skin. A one-way trip to the legendary Mediterranean coast.


“PARIS-RIVIERA is a floral and luminous fragrance that reflects the joyful, sunny spirit of the Côte d’Azur in the 1920s.” – Olivier Polge

The Bottle

The flacon of Paris-Riviera remains the same as the previous editions of the collection.

Simplicity and elegance are reflected in the clear lines of the light glass bottle with a rounded shape that fits into the palm of the hand easily and suggests the silhouette of a flask travelers would tote with them on long journeys for the occasional tipple!

The bottle is wrapped in a sleek corrugated cardboard case, designed with natural materials that evoke the ripples of sea water as it recedes from the beach and leaves its marks in the sand.

A special pump encourages generous perfuming with a large, enveloping misting spray that has the effect of a soft and delicate cloud.

Who Wears CHANEL Paris-Riviera?

This is a scent for women who are fun, feminine and fresh. Women who have a carefree charm and enjoy the warm, sunny days of summer holidays.

This daytime scent is ideal for a leisurely lunch with girlfriends, for a roadtrip in the sunshine or just to lift your spirits!

One spritz is sure to transport you to the long, languid summer days of southern France, where lazy afternoons at the shore turn to bubbly sundowners and lively parties under the stars….

Name of Scent: Les Eaux De CHANEL Paris Riviera

Fragrance House: Chanel

Type of Scent: Eau de Toilette

Scent Family: Floral Fruity

Top Notes: Orange peel, petitgrain, Mediterranean flowers, citruses

Heart Notes: Neroli from South France, jasmine

Base Notes: Benzoin, sandalwood

Price: R2070 for 125ml

Stockists: CHANEL counters and select Woolworths and Edgars stores. This limited edition is only available until 31 May 2020 and on

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