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I’m sharing my space today with Rayne… and Britney ūüėČ

A review of Britney’s latest scent, VIP Private Show, by my Beauty Babe, Rayne Alexander…. Thanks ladies!

Something about my relationship with perfumes, that I am always a little shamefaced to admit, is that I full on adore celebrity fragrances. There, I said it!

Britney’s newest scent is no exception.

I know there is nothing really to be ashamed of. However I feel like people always associate celebrity fragrances with “immature” scents. But honestly, give me a Rihanna, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift or, especially, a Britney Spears scent and I am in fragrance heaven.

This must be at least my 5th or 6th Ms Spears fragrance and they just keep getting better! (Okay, no. Nothing will beat the original Fantasy but that is the exception to the rule).

This latest fragrance, named VIP Private Show, shares a name with a song on one of her albums and is definitely one of the best Britney Spears scents so far.


The scent

A similarity across all of her fragrances would be their sweetness. They are all sweet, but VIP Private Show could not be described as light.

This is a seductive fruity, floral scent with fresh, fruity top notes of blood orange, succulent red apple and delicious mango nectar for a burst of lush sweetness.

I am really not the greatest when it comes to recognising all the flavours but Googling Private Show revealed the extra added notes are nectarine, clementines and whipped cream. The warm dry down scent consists of musk and luminous amber.

A heart of white flowers is complemented with a gorgeous bouquet of violet, orange blossom and magnolia to create floral femininity.

The fragrance flirts with a¬†sensual blend of raspberry wood, golden amber and velvet musk at it’s base.

‚ÄúPrivate Show celebrates one of my biggest passions, dancing, and I‚Äôm so excited to take the fragrance to a more personal place with¬†VIP Private Show! It‚Äôs inspired by the intimate feeling of putting on a show, where it‚Äôs just you and the audience.‚ÄĚ – Britney Spears

The lasting longevity of VIP Private Show is roughly 4 to 5 hours so this is the kind of fragrance that you will need to pop into your handbag for a touch up during a work day or a long event.

The bottle

Taking inspiration from the dazzling lights of the spotlight,¬†VIP Private Show comes in a glam cut-glass bottle with a bottle cap in Britney’s favorite shade of pastel pink. The sparkling golden gem cap adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, fitting for any VIP.

Who wears VIP Private Show from Britney Spears?

This is a scent for a woman who loves the spotlight. Who has an alluring sensuality and likes to make the most of it!



Overall, I really adore VIP¬†Private Show¬†and I am so chuffed that the metaphorical bar is never lowered when it comes to Britney’s perfumes!

A bottle of a¬†Britney Spears¬†fragrance is sold every 15 seconds worldwide, so why aren’t you out purchasing VIP Private Show¬†right now!

Fragrance House: Elizabeth Arden

Name of Scent: Private Show

Type of Scent: Eau de Parfum

Scent Family: Floral Fruity

Top Notes: blood orange, red apple, mango

Heart Notes: violet, orange blossom, magnolia

Base Notes: raspberry wood, golden amber, velvet musk

Retail Price: R465 for a 30ml, R565 for a 50ml and R655 for a 100ml

Launches: In store now. Get a free bag with any 100ml fragrance from 14 August 2017 while stocks last.

Stockists: Available from Edgars, Red Square, Foschini For Beauty and Truworths.



Images: Rayne Alexander

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