Fragrance File: Berdoues Grands Crus Collection (plus WIN!)

Sometimes there are still unexpected surprises that come my way in my beauty blogging journey and at a recent launch I made a discovery that was just that.

The French fragrance house of Berdoues and more specifically their travel-inspired Grands Crus Collection

Consisting of 12 different fragrances that evoke different places around the world, each Grands Cru expresses one world’s region through a unique interpretation of its olfactory identity.

These Eaux de Parfum scents immediately transport you to a different time and place from the very first waft that conjures up a voyage, an immersion, a stirred memory…

Combining freshness and elegance the collection is suitable for men and women and there is certainly a scent for everyone. From the Fresh to the Floral, from the Woody to the Oriental. Everyone will discover a Grands Cru scent that corresponds to them.

One of my favourite ways to experience a country is through it’s fragrance – and fragrance is one of the best ways to evoke memories. I’ve always been inclined towards selecting a scent for a particular holiday. I started this tradition on my honeymoon when I bought a perfume in duty-free on my way to Mauritius. Until this day, whenever I wear that particular perfume, I’m transported back to such a happy season in my life!

Whether you are inspired to buy a new scent before your journey to a new place, or inspired to purchase a bottle after a most memorable trip to continue your journey for a while longer, travellers will love this unique opportunity to connect the emotions of their trip to something more lasting.


Nothing is more beautiful than the moment that precedes the voyage. – M. Kundera.


I’m blown away by the beauty of this collection. As an avid traveller I adore the concept and the scents themselves are exquisite. The quality of the selected essences, as well as their concentration of 15% pure perfume, ensures an exceptional resistance on the skin. Grands Crus scents are made with the same care as the best wines in France which includes a month-long maceration in vats to ensure that each Grands Cru releases its character, power and personality.

There really is something for everyone in this collection and that is thanks to the brands collaboration with a new generation of noses in Grasse which has created a unique variety of olfactory options.

I am also deeply in love with the gorgeous, creative packaging. Each box and bottle reflects the unique culture of the destination it represents and they are all beautiful. I would happily display a selection of these bottles as decor!

The Berdoues Grands Crus Collection


A selection of invigorating scents for discoveries devoted to freshness. 


Assam of India – The subtle perfume of tea leaves

Citron From Menton – Tea From India – Sandalwood From Mysore

Assam of India conjures up the tea plains of Assam, in North-East India. A unique blend that retains the natural elegance of the tea leaves yet ennobles the substance of an Indian tea to new heights.


Azur Riviera – An addicting and aquatic fragrance 

Fucus from France – Jasmine from Egypt – Orange Blossom Tunisia

Created as a fresh, sunny fragrance in homage to the unique landscapes of the French Riviera. This fragrance is fresh and full of surprises thanks to a blend made up of a floral bouquet and a marine personality. When the Mediterranean Sea spray blends audaciously with the softness of the white flowers, France reveals itself and shines!

This scent ranks up there as one of my top two choices – Let it be known that it is VERY hard to choose an ultimate favourite and I think it’s best to choose a few faves!


Scorza di Sicilia – A sweet citrusy fragrance

Citron from Calabria – Virginian cedar – Vetiver from Indonesia

From the Italian “Scorza di Sicilia” or “Sicilian bark”, it conjures up the scorching lands of Italy. ‘Scorza’ bark carries within it authenticity as a legacy. A miraculous alchemy between generosity of the earth, abundance of the sun and scarcity of the rain. The unique essence of citrus fruits have inspired this sparkling scent with a bright sweetness of a sun-drenched fruit.


Selva do Brazil – The simplicity of a botanical perfume

Tonka bean from Brazil – Petitgrain from Paraguay – Gaiac wood from Argentina

From the Portuguese ‘selva do Brasil’ or ‘forest of Brazil’, it evokes the Amazonian forest that offers luxuriance, warmth and moisture. This scent unveils unreal nature. A gentle shower falls from the sky to slowly graze the skin, in a moment of freshness and lightness. This perfume, a great blend from far-away, leaves a sublime and harmonious of scent.

This green scent was the first to grab my attention and, after spending a few hours amidst the mist of the Grands Crus Collection, it remained my final favourite! I love it’s sublime subtle scent and, although I’ve yet to travel to the Amazon, I still feel this is firm favourite. And that is the beauty of this collection – you can make a selection based on so many different reasons – and a different reason every day!



A selection of subtle and floral scents that reveal tenderness and emotion. 


Peng Lai – A mythical, floral fragrance

Osmanthus from China – Benzoin from Laos –Tonka bean from Brazil

The tale of PÉNG LÁI, tells of the mythic island where the goddess o f flowers, He Xiangu, sojourned. This olfactory experience invites you to daydream and reveals one of China’s most precious flowers, the Osmanthus.


Somei Yoshino – A delicate perfume of cherry blossom

Shiso from Japan – Patchouli from Indonesia – Jasmin Sambac from India

Evokes the land of Japan : an invitation to contemplation. This is a tale made of tenderness and serenity as epitomised by the blossoming of Japanese cherry trees.


Vanira Moorea – An exotic, sun-drenched perfume

Vanilla from Tahiti – Orange from Brazil – Petitgrain from Paraguay

Tahiti in a glass bottle. A wild, fleshy vanilla with deliciously addictive notes.



A selection of oriental and exotic scents to explore singular lands.


Hoja de Cuba – A fragrance of warm tobacco.

Tobacco From Turkey – Allspice From Jamaïca – Vetiver From Haïti

The fragrance trail of the aromas combines with the candour of the origins of this Grand Cru to reveal the singular beauty and sweet scent of tobacco fields to reveal the warmth and sensuality of Cuba.


Maasai Mara – The authenticity of a warm, spicy perfume.

Blue camomile from Egypt – Labdanum from Spain – Buchu from South Africa

Produced by a spicy blend with subtle honeyed notes, our perfumers encapsulate a journey to the heart of Africa’s untamed Maasai Mara lands.


Oud al Sahraa – A mantle of oud wood fragrance

Oud wood from Malaysia – Myrrh from Namibia – Mandarin from Italy

From the Arabic: “Oud Al Sahraa” or “Oud of the desert”, the name conjures up the land and origins of the Orient.



A selection of wooded, leathery and smoked scents where you will be carried away to peaks of intensity. 


Arz el-Rab – The natural elegance of wood – sober and authentic

Virginian Cedar – Iris From Morocco – Ginger From China

From the Arabic: أرز الربّ Arz el-Rab or ‘Cedars of God Forest’ of Mount Lebanon, it conjures up the land and origins of Lebanon.



As I mentioned above the beauty of the Berdous Grands Crus collection is that you can make a selection based on so many different reasons – and a different reason every day! This is a perfume concept that showcases your state of mind, your mood, your wishes, your chances, your travels, your life…



WIN the Berdoues Grands Crus Collection fragrance of your choice!

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Entries close on Monday 2 March. Winner announced on Tuesday 3 March.

Grands Crus Collection is now available in 14 Foschini doors plus their online store. From the first week of March 2020 the collection will be available in 12 Truworths doors.

Each fragrance retails for R1,595.00

Mall of AfricaEast Rand Mall
CenturionCanal Walk
Mall of the NorthTyger Valley
Waterfall MallGateway
Vaal MallWestville
Canal WalkRichards Bay
Tyger ValleyGreenacres
Somerset MallWalmer Park



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