Top 10 foods to feed your toddler.

As my little one has just turned 1, I have recently tried to leave the pureed baby food stage behind me and take the leap into the scary next stage of feeding her actual food – well the food we eat.

As you can imagine not much goes in and meal times have become much more “fight” than “fun” so I am trying to establish some ideas for what I can get in that meets the following criteria:

1. Easy to prepare (and quick too!)
2. Affordable to make
3. She actually likes it!
4. She can feed some of it to herself
5. Nutritious

The stakes are high….

Here are some of the ideas which I have tried and a few which we are still to attempt.

1. Yoghurt – this has saved many a terrible meal time!
2. Quiche – my little one seems to like this and I managed to disguise some spinach in a recent one which she ate! Get creative with fillings.
3. Eggs – fried, boiled, omlette, scrambled (not her favourite type) These are our back up if ever we are going out for a meal without the kids.
4. Mince – Cottage pie was a big hit, Spaghetti Bolognese but with smaller pasta pieces
5. Pasta – she likes most types with a sauce I just have to cut up the chicken quite small, Macaroni Cheese, Lasanga or Tuna Bake are good options. Also when time is tight keep a few bottles of puree and make these your “pasta sauce”
6. Toast – enough said… (my sister recently reminded me of Cinnamon Toast which was a hit, we have yet to try French Toast but will do soon!)
7. Finger foods – baby tomatoes, cubed butternut or sweet potato, cucumber, peas, baby sweetcorn, cheese – blocks or slices, raisins, rice cakes, pizza slices. My little one loves to feed herself these days – I just have to learn to turn a blind eye to the mess!!!
8. Fruit – bananas are a big hit and so nutritious they almost count as a meal! Halved grapes, grated apple, avocado is an amazing food filled with good fats. (yes it’s a fruit!)
9. Stew with rice – either lamb, beef or chicken with very soft potatoes, butternut, carrots etc. Recently I made a great risotto with chicken and leeks and with a bit of blending she really like it!
10. Fish – we try to eat this once a week but don’t always get that right. Anyway I am planning to do this soon. Might try Fish Fingers first.

What do you feed your kids?? I’m always looking for new ideas so please do leave a comment….

Good books to try for the more fussy children are Deceptively Delicious and Double Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. I have the first one and it is filled with yummy options.

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