I love to hear from my readers, especially positive feedback! Here are some comments and emails from various readers and sponsors…

I saw the Trip of Wonders #WonderfulIndonesia competition on your blog and entered and was one of the lucky 12 that won and recently returned from the trip. I just wanted to tell you that the trip was absolutely amazing. The hospitality we received was impeccable. It was our first trip overseas and now the travel bug has us bad. We loved all the boat trips to the different islands, followed your “street cred” and took photo’s with Komodo’s and trekked up Padar Island. Indonesia is amazing, we cannot believe that they do not have a lot more tourists. They are definitely under rated. I also just want to say thank you to an amazing blog. May your blog grow from strength!

I have been a fan of your website for a very long time, I love your product reviews, and have gone to purchase a few (read a lot) of the products because of the honest way you review them!

I wanted to drop you a line to say a huge, heartfelt thank-you for your wonderfully positive, comprehensive and authentic review of Kuro-Bo! Thank-you again for all the work and effort that went into your beautifully crafted post – we really appreciate it! As always, it’s a pleasure working with you and your innate professionalism.
Tracy, Positive Dialogue Public Relations

My sister and I love your blog – we’re addicted!

I just wanted to say thanks very much for featuring my blog as part of the What I series on Becoming you. I’m really happy to be included. The feature has also brought new and fresh traffic to Frugal in SA

Wow! We have had an amazing response to our competition on the Becoming You blog.
Kitchen Passion

I enjoyed reading your blog on your visit to Prince Albert, made me really keen now to go and enjoy it.

I love working with Kathryn as she take a lot of pride in her blog.
Paul Dimaio, Spindel

Just to let you know that I absolutely love my new perfume! It smells gorgeous and I love how it holds its scent for the entire day. I have had to stop myself from using it everyday, and am trying to keep it for slightly special occasions. I have really been enjoying the new series on Blog bloggers read. It’s led to some interesting finds and new blogs to add to my list.

I absolutely love your blog! As a young woman recently married and in my first “proper” year of being a business owner it is great to read about the experiences and insight of another wonderful woman and to be reminded to stay true to myself. As a speech and drama teacher, I also love the insight into a mother’s mind as I work with children every day! I hope to finally set aside some time this holiday to set up and get into the swing of blogging myself 🙂 Thanks for all the inspiration! Thank you and keep writing!
Nikita McShane

After a recent move and the arrival of our second child I had to give up a successful career and become a stay at home mom. During this time, your blog has been a source of relaxation, inspiration and helpful family friendly info about our new hometown. It has made me think of starting my own blog to share our unique story. Thanks and keep the great post coming!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and I feel like I can totally relate to you…. You had me at the title… Becoming You… How apt for the space I’m in.!!! May have something to do with the fact that we share Myers Briggs letters 😉 Your blog has inspired me because you’ve shown me that sharing your passion can connect you to others in unimagined ways! Being a raging extrovert, I value connection over everything… Thanks for being inspirational. I hope to visit here a lot more often.

Hi Kathryn,
Just wanted to say that I really enjoy visiting your site because whether it be fashion, decor or French are always spot-on with what I find beautiful too and so that creates so much enjoyment for me! I live in PE, single mom of 2….so often forget me and what Im all about while sorting out the childrens’ social lives and you remind me…so thank you.

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for you collaboration in running the giveaway. It was successful for in traffic, increased followers, inquiries, and exposure. I hope it was also successful for you and of value to your readers. It was a pleasure working with you. You have a great blog. I hope you attract even more readers and sponsors soon! I’ll keep reading for sure.

I just read your “Top 10 Financial Mistakes I’ve Made (& you can avoid) article and just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It was really insightful!

Absolutely love your site!
Thanks for the awesome content!

‎Becoming you always sees such lovely things 🙂

Received my dvd ‘The Help’ and hubby and I watched it this last weekend. What an awesome movie.. So enjoyed it!! Thank you very much for the prize!:)

I sent this (Top 10 free things to do with kids in Cape Town) to my husband and he is steadily working his way through your lists. We’ve ticked 3 off so far (my girls thank you for giving their dad ideas for their Saturday adventures!) Well done on compiling them and thanks for sharing:)

I have just indulged for an hour reading your blog. It is brilliant, I feel very inspired. We will definitively be trying out some of your ideas of things to do over Easter. Thank-you!

Just want to say I love your posts and your presence on FB is just right.. Being on FB all day (part of the job) I never get tired of you popping up on my wall! Thank you for the interesting content!

Would it be possible for us to use some of the photos you took of the shop and used in your blog post for some of our marketing initiatives going forward. You took some amazing pics – some of the best we have of the shop so we would love to be able to use them – with your permission of course.

Thanks so much for all the hard work you’ve been putting into the vlog and your blog for us 🙂
Glossybox SA

Just found your blog, through the O Magazine mention. Good work, it’s fantastic!
Afriq Wonderland

I just love your blog, it always has a fun fresh perspective on things and we have loved using your ideas of fun things to do around Cape Town. We keep sharing these with friends who just love them too. Thanks

I really enjoy reading your blog, some interesting links.

Have you sat down with a big cup of coffee and enjoyed @Becomingyoublog lately?? I recommend it!! 🙂
Heather via Twitter


And proof of ROI for Spindel who has run an annual competition on Becoming you for the past 3 years.

I’m looking into buying my mum the Spindel dryer because she stresses about laundry (especially in winter!) almost every day. Actually, it is every day, lol. However, I was initially under the impression that Spindel completely dries the washing and that there’s no need to air dry it afterwards. But after reading your blog posts thoroughly and doing some general research on it, I realise that that’s not the case. My question is though, do you honestly think it’s worth buying? Do you use yours often and more or less how long do you reckon it takes for the clothes to air dry before it’s completely dry? smile emoticon One lady in a FB group mentioned that if the washing is loaded in incorrectly the machine spins uncontrollably. But obviously that’s not a huge issue because I’ll simply YouTube on how to load it correctly. Any other downsides to it that you might have experienced? Thanks in advance.
Hi Zakiyah. Yes that is correct. The Spindel removes the majority of the water from the garments thus making it much easier and faster to dry the washing. I use it after every load and my drying time is halved if not less. Some thinner items or those with a lot of polyester in them are almost dry when they come out. Never really timed it! I have found it to be a really helpful addition to our household esp if you don’t have a lot of indoor drying space during the wet weather. I have occassionally loaded the spindel incorrectly and it has spun a bit wildly but it’s a not a huge issue. I just turn it off and repack the clothes a bit firmer towards the bottom. The key is to load heavier things near the bottom of the spindel.
Hope that helps,
Ah that definitely helps. I’ll be ordering one this afternoon then. Thanks so much for the swift and detailed response! Have a lovely day.

Thank you to each and every reader who emails me – I’m so glad Becoming you has touched your lives in a positive way. Keep ’em coming!!