My 5 Favourite Finds – November 2017

It’s the last day of November, let that sink in….

How crazy fast has 2017 flown by? I’m not quite ready for December, but I also TOTALLY AM!

Who am I kidding? I’ve been winding down since the start of November and I’m totally ready for a holiday (a real one, where I don’t have to photograph it or write about it!!!)

But before we all kick into holiday mode let me share my 5 Favourite Finds for the month of November. (I hope you guys are super proud of me publishing this on time for a change!)

Let’s get to it…




First up is this AMAZING gadget I invested in for improving my video content and I haven’t looked back… I first came across the dji OSMO mobile phone gimbal on our trip up to the Kruger in April when a fellow traveller (from Alaska!) had one of these gadgets… and jumped straight to the top of my must-have lust list. Initially it was a dream. Not one I ever thought would happen BUT I knew as a blogger that the future is video and I really needed to up my video game.

Fast forward a few months and I had a horrible YouTube hacking experience which resulted in my account being terminated. Plenty of tears (and weeks) flowed by and eventually I decided to pick myself up and try again. YIP it took A LOT of courage to start again. It took A LOT of effort to locate all my videos again and upload them with new thumbnails and create new playlists and basically start from scratch. I pushed through and got it going and I’m pleased to say my new YouTube channel is now live…. but I knew it wasn’t going to be enough. I needed some extra motivation to get filming and editing more video. And then I went along to a press event and saw the dji OSMO in action again. We were leaving on our #BucketListWeekend in 2 days time so time was of the essence! The very next day I made the call to pop into ORMS and buy one (at almost R6 000 it wasn’t an easy or quick decision) I had to first get permission from my Finance Director (aka Husband) to take this huge risk and purchase something so expensive, but he agreed and despite this being the biggest, fastest purchase I’ve made in investing in my business, it’s totally paid off!

The dji OSMO is a hand-held smartphone gimbal system that features 3-axis stabilisation for producing smooth videos and sharp images. The Osmo Mobile syncs with compatible Apple and Android devices through the DJI Go App. Once the app is installed and synced with the Osmo Mobile you can control your phone’s camera with either dedicated physical buttons or from your phone’s screen, you can also enable the Osmo Mobile’s best feature, ActiveTrack, a feature that automatically keeps your smartphone’s camera facing you as you move.

Since I bought it we’ve made videos about our Hot Air Balloon ride, our trip on board Rovos Rail, a weekend in Wellington and we’ve worked with brands to do some great product reviews (including this one featuring Jimi Atrik shoes which I’m quite proud of!). I’ve used the dji OSMO at least once a week since I’ve got it and we haven’t really even tapped into all the awesome yet. Anyway it’s most certainly one of my favourite finds because it’s allowed me to become a videographer/ vlogger with relative ease (all my previous footage was completely unusable due to the S H A KE!) I’m so pleased with this purchase… now I’ve got my eye on a drone… the dji SPARK would do nicely. I just need to make a bit more money from my OSMO investment first 😉 – (Now R 4 999 on sale at ORMS)


2. Soaring Free Superfoods Super Shake Chocolate Boost

Second on my list this month is something I’ve been reaching for almost every day (if I could it would be EVERY day!) I was gifted my first pack by Wellness Warehouse when they opened their new store in Steenberg Village and it sat in my pantry for a few weeks until one day I decided to try it….

My husband likes his protein shakes and I’ve always been a bit wary – I mean how good are all those ingredients for you??? I can totally see the benefit and convenience of replacing a meal a day with a shake but I wasn’t convince about the protein shake concept. And then I started using the Superfoods one. And I’m sold. Fortunately the good thing about this one is that it’s all natural… and filled with delicious, healthy ingredients that are really great for your body! This Super Shake is 100% raw and vegan, it’s Non GMO, Dairy and Gluten free, has no added sugar and is packed with 6 superfoods such as chia and hemp seeds, maca and raw cacao. Plus it tastes really great too – I’m sure those protein shakes don’t taste like this!!!

I’ve been reaching for this almost every lunch time when I’m home and find myself really looking forward to this little “treat” (although it’s not a treat because it’s actually really good for me) My 200g pack has lasted me at least 2 weeks as I only use 1 or 2 TBSP for every shake and I get two full glasses out of that – all you need do is add 1 cup of water and 1 banana. I find I also enjoy adding a handful of ice to make it super cold and then it tastes just like a chocolate/ banana milkshake (you can leave the banana out if they aren’t your thing but I’m a hungry girl so need that little bit extra!) I’ll most certainly be repurchasing this item next time I visit my local Wellness Warehouse, although it’s also avail online! (R155 for 200g)


3. Revlon Kiss Lip Balms & Eye brow pencils

I was just going to include 1 Revlon product in this round up BUT I can’t choose – both of these products arrived on my desk recently and BOTH have made their way into my daily beauty routine with ease so they both have to get a mention!

First up is the gorgeous new Revlon Kiss Lip Balms. These are super fun, fruity lip balms that come in a range of 6 “flavours” – Crisp Apple (red), Sweet Cherry (Cerise Pink), Juice Peach (Apricot), Berry Burst (Purple), Fresh Strawberry (Pink) and Tropical Coconut (Plain).

I love their fun colours and packaging – they really make for a pretty stocking filler – I’m also crazy about the hydrating formula and the fact that they have an SPF20. My favourite has been the Tropical Coconut one, I wear it “nude” to keep my lips smooth and soft and just LOVE the scent. Totally tropical! My 7 year old daughter has been eyeing these out too and has sneakily managed to wangle one for herself (and even for a friend!) so they have appeal across all ages! (R49 ea)

The second Revlon product that’s become a daily favourite is the Colorstay Brow Pencils. I’ve been using the Blonde one every day to fill in my brows as it’s a really natural colour and doesn’t look obvious at all (I opt for Soft Brown for evenings). I have fairly good brows, albeit a bit patchy, and I really liked the natural effect this waxy crayon/ pencil gave, the texture of the crayon makes the brows stay put and the angled tip makes it easier to be more precise, plus it comes with a little brow come to keep them looking neat! I’m a fan.

P.S. If you don’t yet fill in your brows you might want to reconsider – hands down it is the fastest way to finish a face whether you’re wearing makeup or not and well worth spending a few mins of your time tweaking these face defining features!


4. The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

I’m currently OBSESSED with Hygge – the concept of cosiness that makes the Danes the happiest people in the world! There’s a lot more to it than that but that’s the idea in a nutshell. I’m loving finding all the books I can on the subject and find myself devouring them every evening in bed – something very “Hygge” indeed!! I’m planning a post on all my faves but I need to add a few more to my collection (let me know if you have a recommendation)

What I am loving about this new interest is that it’s making me really conscious of the atmosphere I’m trying to create in my home – not just the decor. So far this Little Book of Hygge is my favourite of the 3 I’ve read – for it’s beautiful design and interesting content. I looked forward to diving into the pages of this pretty book and I can’t say when last I gave up an episode of my favourite series for a book – but for this one I did! I can’t wait to get my hands on the newly released follow up – The Little Book of Lykke – that’s currently on my Christmas list! (R214 on Loot)


5. AssembLIT Constantia Upper light

Slowly, slowly I’m pulling together the last few rooms of my home. Over the past few months I’ve been working on my Dining Room (Room Reveal to happen in Jan!) and I finally find the finishing touch while browsing at the Constantia Gift Fair earlier this month… a stylishly simple hanging pendant light with exposed globe from AssembLIT. I spotted them on my first walk by, and then went back for the Constantia Upper style in white.

It works perfectly with the Scandi style space I’m trying to create and I love the soft light it throws creating a very “Hygge” atmosphere (my newest obsession) (R899 in natural, R995 in white, bulb not included.)



So which of this month’s favourite finds do you love most? Or have you found something even better? Let me know in the comments below…


Disclosure: 1 – 0; 2 – 1; 3 – 0; 4 – 1; 5 – 0

Images: Kathryn Rossiter & supplied

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