My Favourite Finds for May 2016

As a blogger I’m truly amazed at the wonderful products and sheer number of items that find their way onto my desk.

I never started this blog with any intention for it to become what it has and the fact that people and brands trust me to share their stories and review their products really blows me away every day.

To be honest I love receiving new surprises in the post (who wouldn’t??) but now over 5 years in to this journey, I struggle to keep up. There’s just no way I can mention every product or feature every brand. My heart would love to share the love to all but the truth is I just can’t… I’m only one person trying to do it all… and failing horribly most of the time.

So now, my practice is that I just feature the best of the best! If I have the time a detailed post about a stand out brand or range or product, sometimes a round up of products that fall into the same category as part of an educational post and then once a month this series… My 5 favourite finds.

My 5 favourite finds is a mix of anything and everything, from beauty to fashion and everything in between. BUT only the top 5 things that have stood out for me over the past month. So be assured that whatever you see here are my true favourites, some I’ve stumbled across, others have found their way past my desk or into my bathroom or makeup drawer, but none have been paid for!

Without further ado…

My favourite finds for May 2016!

1. FitBit Alta

My running journey started in January… as most New Year’s Resolutions do! I joined Run/Walk for Life after a friend mentioned she would be starting up again, and the slowly a few other friends joined, and a few strangers who are now friends and we all started looping around the track every second morning. After what felt like forever we finally hit the road and now I’m thrilled to say I am actually a runner (something I never thought possible) Yes, it’s only 5km’s, but I feel like I’m running the Comrades and the fact that I actually go 3 x a week is the biggest achievement of all. My motivation was my health. I have quite high cholesterol and my fitness was probably minus-something. I’d like to think both have improved although I have yet to get my bloods tested properly since I started.

But since I hit the road, the one thing I was lacking was a fitness tracking device… I tried running with my phone and using Strava to track my runs and the iPhone Health App for my steps but I dropped my phone a few too many times. Oops! So I started doing some research to find out which option would work best for me.

And then, as luck would have it, I was invited to the launch of the new FitBit Alta and was gifted with a gorgeous navy FitBit of my very own… It went onto my wrist immediately and I’ve not taken it off… well, except to shower! I’ve been feeling ever so fit wearing it!

So what makes the Alta ultra?

  • The FitBit magically tracks all your steps for the day whether you’re running the roads or walking the malls. Plus it picks up when you’re being especially active and times your runs along with the distance covered. You can also manually add your runs.
  • You can set daily and hourly goals to improve your fitness and movement and the FitBit vibrates if you need to get up and get moving eg. if you’re short of your 250 steps each hour.
  • FitBit are one of the Discovery approved fitness tracking devices so all your steps count towards your 10 000 daily step goal that contributes towards collecting a free coffee or smoothie! Yes please!
  • The battery lasts almost a week and then can be charged via your laptop with the handy charging cable it comes with.
  • The cellphone app is a great way to monitor your progress in all areas of your health and fitness.
  • It keeps track of your daily water and food consumption but you need to log this in yourself via the cellphone app.
  • If you wear the FitBit at night, the device can track your sleep. The hours of deep, restful sleep as well as the times when you’re awake and active at night. Something I’ve been finding really useful. I discovered I definitely should be going to bed earlier – which I have now been doing and that has meant I’ve been waking more naturally each morning without the need for an alarm – and feeling far better for it!
  • And for those of you who want to wake with the birds for a run without disturbing your sleeping partner you’ll love the vibrating, silent alarm…
  • In fact the device also vibrates to alert you to phone calls and sms’s (not what’s app) so if you’re in a meeting or have left your phone on silent by mistake you’ll still be alerting to calls!
  • Unfortunately this FitBit doesn’t include a heart rate monitor but for my needs I’ve found this stylish addition to my life totally worthwhile!


2. Burn the Floor dance show production

Unfortunately the Burn the Floor show has been and gone in Joburg and Cape Town but I decided to still mention it as one of my faves as it’s still showing in Durban and if you’re in the are it’s WELL worth it (in fact it’s so good I would fly up to see it again!) I was blown away by this dynamic dance show!! I arrived expecting not much, and left invigorated by the pace, vibrancy and enthusiasm that this all-star dancing cast displayed. Whew who knew dance could be so exciting? And if you’re not in Durban then I would really recommend you make a plan to see this international production the next time it’s in town!


3. Maria Galland Les Essences

I recently attended the re-launch of Maria Galland in South Africa and got to sample three of the new essences from this iconic French beauty brand.

The idea behind the Les Essences is that they are selected exclusively for your skin and it’s specific needs “Tailor Made Beauty”. Created from some of the most exclusive and rare ingredients in the world, the three chosen essences for my skin’s needs were:

Essence 003 – Malachite for Sensitive Skin

  • As a highly active antioxidant, precious extract of malachite protects sensitive skin
  • An algae/aloe vera complex and panthenol supply moisture and soothe

Essence 004 – White Truffle for Hydration

  • White truffle for a fresh, radiant complexion
  • A liposomal stem cell extract reduces wrinkles

Essence 001 – Caviar for Anti-aging

  • An exclusive caviar extract assists cell renewal
  • Smoothing lipopeptides have a natural lifting effect

The three essences come in a small package of 3 vials – enough to pamper your skin for one week as one vial lasts for 2 days before you move on to the next vial to treat the next skin concern.

These felt like a real indulgence and I enjoyed using them to give my skin a radiance boost of beauty benefits.


4. Bodyography mini lip glosses

As I mention in the Instagram pic above, I love these sweet mini-sized lipglosses from Bodyography. Tiny versions of the brands hybrid of a lipstick, gloss & stain, they are infused with natural butters and Vitamins resulting in an ultra luscious lips.

Shiny and creamy at the same time they are also long wear and extremely moisturizing and they smell delicious too. I love their unique names…. From top to bottom: It Girl, Tickled Pink and Cupids Beau. These 3 come in small set of 5 mini glosses – a great gift for a girlfriend all together or even as separates!


5. Green Cross Boots

Our grannies were on to something! Green Cross really know feet! Fortunately they’ve been upping their style game in recent years and we don’t need to opt for laceup granny sandals in order to give our feet the best comfort around…their range now offers the most comfortable AND stylish shoes around whether you’re looking for pumps, heels or boots.

I headed to my local Green Cross store as the winter weather rolled in and found this perfect pair of boots – a distressed light brown with cosy inner that makes my toes very happy indeed.

Definitely my favourite find in terms of shoes for the season…



Images: Kathryn Rossiter on Instagram as @becomingyou

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

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  1. Those boots are stunning. I’ve noticed them upping their game lately and definitely think I need to pop in for a look at their winter selection 🙂

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