Top 10 Family Holiday Ideas that Teenagers will love

Planning a family holiday with teens can be difficult. Teenagers are difficult to impress, especially when it comes to holidays. That’s why planning a family vacation with teens can be a tricky job. With so many things that can go wrong and lead to undesirable situations, the prospect of finding perfect vacation ideas with teenagers seems quite impossible. But it’s not.

Getting your teens involved while planning your trip is an excellent way to get started. During the process, you’ll quickly identify who’s excited about what and plan accordingly.

And let’s face it, if the kids are happy, the trip turns out far more enjoyable for their parents, even if it wasn’t their go-to family holiday idea in the first place.

Here are a few holiday ideas with teenagers that can help to ensure a memorable trip…

Family Holiday Ideas With Teenagers

Having fun and taking a break from a monotonous lifestyle is sometimes all a family needs to get their lives back on track.

Most importantly, teenagers have developing personalities, so these trips, whether they’re adventurous or insightful, molds them into the individuals they grow up to be. That’s why this list of summer vacation ideas with teenagers includes options to entice diverse teenagers and adults alike.

1. Trips to National Parks

For the majority of the year, most teen’s lives are centered around technology and mobile devices. What would be a better way to get them out of their tech-caves than exploring the wonderful National Parks across the country?

You can take road trips or choose to get out and let your teens embrace the outdoors. There are a plethora of activities you can take up while visiting National Parks. These include hiking, bird watching, game viewing, bike riding, and even kayaking.

Time spent observing nature will offer many learning experiences to widen the horizons of their young minds.

2. Theme Park Vacations

There’s nothing like over-the-top theme parks to excite teenagers and reignite childhood memories in adults as well. Even if you’ve been to theme parks with your children when they were younger, it’ll still be a whole new experience for them as teens.

While young children are excited about meeting their favorite fictional characters, teens look forward to roller coasters and other thrilling aspects of theme parks. This easily makes them one of the best summer vacation ideas of families with teenagers.

13+ events like Horror Nights in Orlando and H2O Live have innovative recreational attractions where your teens can have the time of their lives.

Some popular options for theme park vacations include:

Walt Disney World

By this age, your child might have outgrown his love for fictional characters and princesses, but Walt Disney World has many other attractions to keep them hooked. Especially with the opening of Star Wars land at Hollywood Studios, the place is the ideal holiday destination for families with teenagers.

Along with adventurous rides and themed food items, your teens can experience some of the most-loved fandoms in real-time.

However, a trip to Walt Disney World in the US can be very expensive. You might want to follow a strict budget and plan things to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Universal Studios

Compared to Walt Disney World, Universal Studios is a better-suited option for young adults in theme park vacations. Apart from visiting the Wizarding World, your kids can indulge in immersive experiences, including roller coaster rides and thrilling events.

3. All-Inclusive Resorts

Relaxing and laid-back all-inclusive resorts on tropical islands are the ideal vacation destination with teenagers in tow. While adults can enjoy their drinks besides the pool and get rejuvenating spa treatments, teens can spend their days at enjoying the water sports, pool and teen programmes and activities on offer.

Yes, you’ll get everything under one roof if you choose the ideal teen-friendly resort for your vacation. Make sure to check everything the resort has to offer and discuss it with your teens. This way, they’ll always have something enjoyable to do.

Similarly, if your teenagers are fans of watersports, choose a resort with all kinds of water recreation available such as scuba diving, snorkeling and water skiing, where you can make memories with the whole family.

All-inclusive resort trips like these make for some of the best Christmas vacation ideas for families with teenagers.

4. Outdoor Adventure Trips Across the Country

Believe it or not, teenagers who stay cooped up in their rooms mainly do that because they’ve lost interest in the outdoors. There’s nothing like mountain climbing and nature hiking to entice your teenagers into becoming active and adventurous individuals.

If your family yearns for a rush of adrenaline, there are many adventure trips you can take around the country to make thrilling memories together.

Whatever you choose, your teenagers will love to connect to the outdoors and learn to have fun old-school style.

Some amazing adventure ideas for teenagers are:

  • Whitewater Rafting/ Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing
  • Water sports
  • Boating
  • Hunting
  • Mountain biking

5. Experience Europe Together

Europe has a historic, rustic feel, which is accentuated come winter with snow and holiday lights. This makes it one of the perfect Christmas holiday ideas with teenagers.

If you’re concerned that your teens will downright reject the idea of spending their days at museums and churches, don’t worry. It’s an excellent chance for them to get authentic cultural experiences, and they’re bound to enjoy themselves if they agree to try it out.

They can watch history come to life in Russia, row gondolas in Venice, and taste French cuisine and bread in Paris.

Northern Italy makes for a great family destination with it’s diverse terrain, vast history and teenager-friendly dining (what teen doesn’t love pizza and pasta).

6. Cultural Getaways

For teenagers living in the west for most of their lives, visiting non-westernised countries rich in local culture can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Plan an international visit to countries like India, Japan, Jordan, Pakistan, Thailand, or Peru. Here, you and your family can connect with the diverse cultural aspects like language and food.

There’s nothing like interacting with the locals and learning about unique rituals to enthrall your teenagers. You can even merge your cultural tour with volunteering trips.

This will help your teens become compassionate individuals and learn to give back to society.

7. Food Tours

Most teenagers are picky eaters and refuse to try anything apart from their everyday comfort food.

Visiting culinary destinations is one of the best trips to take with teenagers as it gets them out of their shells and entices their palettes with exotic flavors.

For instance, New Orleans is a well-known destination for food tours, popular for its oyster bars and sweet pastries. Besides that, check out contemporary American art and spend the night at their popular jazz clubs.

Europe, the Far East and the Middle East are other popular culinary destinations.


8. Hit the Slopes Skiing

Teens need to stay active so what better way to encourage active bonding time in nature than with a ski trip?

All ages will enjoy hitting the snowy slopes. The beauty of skiing is that there’s something for everyone’s skill set with lessons and slopes for all levels.

Plus just being in the beautiful surroundings of an Alpine village or a Canadian forest will be balm for every soul… and hopefully lead to chilled memory making opportunities.


9. Go Camping

Kids of all ages (teens included) will enjoy getting out into nature and sleeping under the stars.

Take along a few outdoor games, board games, fishing supplies and hiking boots in order to fully enjoy this outdoor experience as a family.


10. Be by the Beach

Riding the waves is perhaps the most-loved sport for youngsters. It is one of the best summer holiday ideas for families with teenagers. Not only does it allow the family to learn and experience the sport together, but it also helps beat the heat. Be sure to find a spot with a surfing school so you can sign up for lessons if you or one of your kids needs to learn the ropes.

Other tips include staying in a spot where there are many other families with teens or taking along another family to help beat their boredom. When planning your stay be sure to book accommodation within walking distance of the beach as teens love the freedom to come and go as they please.

That concludes my list of the best family holiday ideas with teenagers. Initially, planning a vacation with your picky, snobby teens may sound like a nightmare. But, you can find a spot that makes everyone happy if you do your research.

The trick is to include your teens while mapping out the plan. Similarly, keep a keen eye on their interests throughout the year. Also, fill your itinerary up with exciting activities and adventures to keep your teens occupied throughout the trip.

Finally, every family is different. That’s why you should be mindful of your family’s unique needs while picking a destination. After all, you want to look back at those memories with your loved ones with a smile and strengthen your ties as a family.


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