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Today I am sharing my space with my lovely sister-in-law Kirsten who is a very talented make-up artist and knows a whole lot about beauty and I often turn to her for advice about products and looks.

Due to an abundance of products accumulating on my desk and a severe lack of time to trial, test, photograph and blog about everything, I thought I would ask Kirsten to give a few “eye” related products a whirl and let me know her feedback!

So without further ado let me hand over to her to give you the low down on a few new eye makeup products….

Revlon Brow Fantasy

revlon brow fantasy pencils

Your eyebrows are there to frame the face, so I feel it is always important to define them. The Revlon Brow Fantasy is a pencil on the one side with a tinted brow gel on the other side. I’ve tried three different colours, Dark Blonde, Light Brown and Brunette. I love using the Dark Blonde on myself as I always prefer to fill my brows in with a colour that is slightly lighter than my actual brow so that it defines my brows without darkening them. The Revlon brow pencil adds a gentle hint of colour, without the colour being too harsh. I find that the brow gel sets the brows nicely and really keeps them in place. I have noticed that If there is excess gel on the brow, it dries quite white and flakey, so once I have combed one layer of gel through my brows, I like to gently dab it with my finger in areas where I feel I have applied too much.

revlon brow fantasy

Extensions in a Bottle by Lash M

lash m extensions in a bottle 1

This mascara is definitely more for the woman who has quite a bit of time on her hands in the morning as applying this mascara is quite a time consuming process. It requires three steps.

Step one: apply normal mascara.
Step two: apply the white fibre layer.
Step three: apply another layer of mascara.

When I applied the white fibre layer, I made sure to concentrate on the outer lashes to create a more elongated eye. I find that this mascara definitely lengthens your lashes slightly but because the color is dark grey I find that it looks very natural. I personally prefer to use one mascara that does everything in a few layers.

Color Strokes Liquid Eyeliner by Lash M

lash m eyeliner

This liquid eyeliner can be used as and eyeliner and eyeshadow. When choosing a liquid liner, the brush plays a very important part for me as it can make or break the quality of the application of your line. I love the stiff tip and the sharp point of this product, it gives a very precise and defined line. The liner is very black, which looks very striking on eyes. It says long-wearing on the box and I can definitely say that after wearing this liner for many hours on end, that it has wonderful staying power. It also contains a peptide-infused formula which nourishes the skin.

Measurable Difference Brow Amplifying Tint and Lift

measurable difference

This is such a great product when you’re wanting a little bit of something to add to your brows. It adds a slight shimmery golden tint which immediately lifts the look of your brows, your brows no longer look one dimensional and flat. I love that it gives my brows a bit of color with out me having to fill it in with a pencil or brow shader. Its quick, easy to use and the perfect product when you’re needing to define your brows on the go 😉 LOVE this product!

Words & Images: Kirsten Murphy Rossiter

Kirsten Murphy Rossiter

Kirsten is a Cape Town based Hair and Makeup Artist and Model. She also has a passion for performing on stage in musical theatre. She has an insatiable appetite for all things beauty and loves educating women with beauty advice, helping to make it attainable and unpretentious, yet still trendy and cool. She loves trying out Foundations, Highlighters (cream and powder) Mascaras, Matte Lipsticks and Cream Blush.

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