My Top 10 European Bucket List Destinations

A while back I wrote a post on the Top 10 African Adventures for any Travel Bucket List.

Today I’m sharing some of the spots on my own European Bucket List. These are the European destinations that I have yet to visit and that are calling my name, loudly!

I feel these places are beckoning me to book a ticket and pay them a visit… Here’s hoping I’ll get to tick them all off my list over the course of my lifetime (no guarantees when you’ve got school fees to pay! but a girl can dream of course).

I’d love to spend a week or more exploring the side streets and back roads of these iconic European Bucket List destinations. Join me for some wanderlust inspiration below…


My Top 10 European Bucket List Destinations

1.Dubrovnik, Croatia

The beautiful country of Croatia has been at the top of my bucket list forever. I’m so keen to explore this incredible country, especially the picture perfect old town of Dubrovnik with its’ shimmering turquoise waters and peach tiled rooftops. Guide to Croatia that I’ve recently delved into has got me planning my trip already. A perfect day in Dubrovnik would see me take the cable car up to Mt Srđ to take in the panoramic view for myself, then I’d explore every cobble lane I could, before enjoying an alfresco lunch and a dip in the azure seas. An afternoon of lazing on a white pebble beach with a drink close at hand wouldn’t go amiss either!


2. Lisbon, Portugal

Lately I’ve been lusting after Lisbon which is quite a new spot on my radar. I’ve been reading such good things about this beautifully tiled city that overlooks the Rio Tejo. The city is ringed by seven cinematic hillsides that cradle the postcard-perfect panorama of cobbled alleyways, ancient ruins and white-domed cathedrals. Lisbon’s strategic seaside position means an abundance of fresh seafood is available on every menu in town. I’m also keen to hop on board the tram in Belém to explore the district that is home to some of Lisbon’s biggest attractions such as The Jardim da Praça do Império, Europe’s biggest plaza, the Museu dos Coches and Jerónimos monastery, not to mention Pasteis de Nata from the Pasteis de Belem bakery. After Lisbon there will be many more places to see in Portugal including Sagres on the Algarve!


3. Seville, Spain

Seville may not be the obvious choice when choosing a Spanish city to explore, most people would suggest Barcelona, but I’m intrigued by this city and really want to experience it… From my readings and research, Seville seduces each visitor with its intoxicating scent of orange blossom strewn streets and flamboyant Flamenco nightlife that fills the air with passion. I want to see for myself the gorgeous Gothic cathedrals, Mudéjar palaces, Baroque churches and winding medieval lanes. And then I want to experience eating tapas in a crowded bar celebrating my special Spanish memories with a drink! A weekend in Seville, or better yet, a week, is top of my bucket list when it comes to Spanish destinations! And if I’m feeling energetic enough maybe I’ll add a walk along the Camino de Santiago to Spanish trip too!


4. Provence, south of France

The whole province of Provence is high up on my bucket list because FRANCE. I’m a huge fan of all things French – food, fashion, wine – they really do know how to live life well. I managed to enjoy visits to France before – Paris, Lyon, Lille and a few other pockets of the country in the north – but I never have managed to venture south. If I had a choice I’d head to this part of the French countryside in a flash. The allure of Provence is the gorgeous fields of lavender, the rolling hills of vineyards, the avenues of trees and the home of French perfumery in Grasse, located in the hills to the north of Nice. Synonymous with perfumery since the 16th century, the town is still home to around 30 makers of perfumes. This destination would combine my love of flowers and fragrance… with some pretty perfect scenery thrown in!


5. Prague, Czech Republic

Not many cities can rival Paris for prettiness, but from the photos I’ve seen I think Prague does a pretty good job of it. With a history that goes back a millennium and an abundance of art it’s impossible to not include Prague on my bucket list. I want to get lost in the city’s maze of cobbled lanes and hidden courtyards and spend time aimlessly people-watching on Old Town Square. I’m not sure what other must-see spots there are to be discovered… but that’s the beauty of it. I want to show up with low expectations and leave breathlessly blown away. I think Prague is a city that is likely to do just that and I can’t wait to see more of the best Prague attractions! This is also one of the best European cities to visit during winter!


6. Istanbul, Turkey

I can’t say I’ve never been to Istanbul, because I have… but it was a very brief bus tour that didn’t even skim the surface of all the incredible sights Istanbul has to offer. It did whet my appetite for more however! I want to stroll through the Grand Bazaar and marvel at the Blue Mosque; I want to experience a genuine Turkish bath and be amazed at the Hagia Sofia. I’m crazy about art and this city is bejewelled with mosaics and frescoes that are worth more than a moment. This city is the magical meeting place of East and West, a place where continents collide, and this strategic location means that there is a rich history to uncover. Greeks, Romans and Venetians have all taken turns to rule the empire before the Ottomans stormed into town and decided to stay until the 20th century.


7. Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital regularly tops world liveability lists and the Danes are often referred to as the happiest people on the planet, so I want to discover what they’ve got going on to make them so! I’m more than a little obsessed with all things Danish at the moment…. mostly thanks to my deep love for their concept of Hygge (more about that in another post!). Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and certainly the epitome of Scandi cool. Think gorgeously simple style, Modernist furniture, cycling commuters and pristine waterways. The city is also a culinary powerhouse with no less than 15 Michelin-starred restaurants to eat your way through! This is the perfect city to take away some personal style tips as you watch the model citizens glide on by on their bikes. Expect effortless, cool, understated fashion. (and be sure to take some tips on what stylish footwear to take on your travels so that you look the part on the streets of Copenhagen while still feeling comfortable after all the walking you’ll be doing!) Here are some of the best things to do in Copenhagen and a really useful 2 day itinerary for visiting Copenhagen with kids.


8.Budapest, Hungary

I’ve been told that Budapest is a paradise for explorers who enjoy discovering something wonderful at every turn. Architecturally this city is a treasure trove, with an abundance of Baroque, Neoclassical, eclectic and Art Nouveau buildings – living up to the saying, “the past is always just around the corner in Budapest”! I’m quite fascinated by World War 2, so this city would be very interesting to visit from an historical point of view – bullet holes and shrapnel pockmarks are still evident on buildings. Plus the Danube – could there be a more romantic idea than a cruise along this river? I’d take an hour, or a week, if you’re offering and check off all these cool things to do in Budapest including these free things to do in Budapest!


9. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I’ve only managed to spend one weekend in The Netherlands, in Delft, but I didn’t get as far as Amsterdam, so there’s still a part of me that would like to cycle these streets for myself. I’m sure the general idea is the same as Delft – canals, bicycles etc – but there’s a fascination about Amsterdam that I have yet to fulfil… you see if you go back a few generations on my family tree I come from Dutch stock on my mother’s side. I’m lucky to have a copy of a letter written by my great, great grandfather, who left his home and family in Amsterdam, to make his way down to Cape Town with his bride, to become one of the first Lutheran ministers in the city! It might be a stretch but there’s something to be said for connecting with your past. I’m also keen to explore Anne Frank’s house and the incredible art museums (Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt et al) and, of course, indulge in an inordinate amount of stroopwaffels! (as well as try some of these typical Dutch foods)


10. The Northern Lights

Listed at No 10 here, but certainly far higher on my personal bucket list, is the Northern Lights (officially known as the Aurora Borealis). I’d be one happy gal if one day this dream came true! The unbelievable dancing colours of green, pink and purple that move across the Arctic sky can only be seen at night between late September and late March when the sky is dark. The best places in the world to view this incredible natural phenomenon are in the north of Scandinavia, Iceland or the Solovetsky Islands in northern Russia. Both seem pretty far away from my little dot on the map at the southernmost tip of Africa, but one day I’m going to get there! And when I do I’ll be sure to pack well as winter in these parts of the world is no joke!! This packing list of what to wear during winter in Iceland should come in handy.

Before you plan your trip to see the Northern Lights be sure to read this amazing guide to viewing and photographing the Northern Lights! Super useful!
So which of these dream destinations are you adding to your European Bucket List?? Or maybe you’ve got one that you feel I should add. Be sure to let me know in the comments below! And don’t forget to take out Travel Insurance before your next dream holiday… you don’t want the dream to become a nightmare!


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  1. Hi Kathryn
    I completely agree with most of your choices, especially No 1! I have been to Croatia 4 times and my live for this beautiful country just grows!
    Just to share one bit of advise with you … we have discovered the most beautiful town called Cavtat – it’s just 30 mins South of Dubrovnik, either by Taxi boat or bus, but it’s the perfect place to base yourself for a week. Wonderful cafes, markets, promenade (that you will never want to leave) , fabulous beaches and swimming spots, along 2 peninsulas… and lovely yo be able to escape the Summer crowds in Dubrovnik.

  2. I went to Sevilla last year. For me, it’s a very close second to Barcelona. It has the most beautifully tiled buildings. The exotic scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed at the one Palace I was fortunate to visit. I was there for 4 days and that was a good amount of time. You’ll love all the winding alley ways. I’ve you’d like to know more I can pop you some recommendations

  3. That’s an interesting selection! I would want to marvel at northern lights from one of those glass igloos (there’s a resort in Finland), You’re absolutely right there is so much more to discover when it comes to Istanbul! Architecture wise it’s not only the city unlike any other in the world but also the history, the culture and the art are centuries old and fascinating. I would also include Sarajevo. There is so much history behind this city, Illyrians, Romans, Slavs, Turks, Austro-Hungarians – all of them left their mark. The interesting cultural mix, stunning nature, great food and warm and friendly locals are just some of the reasons why Sarajevo is one of my picks! 🙂

  4. We visited Lisbon earlier this year and loved it! I’m glad to see it on the top 10. My next bucket list is the northern lights.

  5. Wow, I have only been to one of those so far! I better get moving 🙂

    I don’t know why, I wasn’t as impressed with Prague. But I was also in Vienna during the same trip and fell in love with it, so I think that could be why.

    I have been considering Dubrovnik, because I have heard so many great things about it, so this review is so great! Thanks Kathryn!

    – Jaclyn.

  6. This is a great list of places. I have been to a few of them (Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam). I loved all three of them. I am currently living in Spain and will see a few more places on your list this year (Sevilla and Lisbon). I hope you get to all the places on your list.

  7. One of the best places to see the Northern Lights is in Abisko, Swedish Lapland, heading there next year.

    One place you should see one day is Alaska and Canadian Rockies, in all my travels these have made me fall in love just want to return!!!

  8. So happy to see Dubrovnik made it to your bucket list. I haven’t been to Istanbul, The Northern Lights, Copenhagen, and Seville from your list, but would love to. I should tick off Seville this coming winter though. Can’t wait!

  9. Excellent bucket list. I was lucky enough to to have visited Istanbul last year and it was all that I imagined it to be – make sure you get the time to go back for a proper tour of this wonderfully, picturesque city. 🙂

  10. I have any been to two of the places on the list, Amsterdam, and Lisbon but would love to go to all of them on the list. Hope you get to visit all of them. If you ever visit Amsterdam I have an Amsterdam itinerary post that will help you.

  11. 6/10! Not doing too badly. Just back from Lisbon and loved it. Seeing the Northern lights is very high up in my personal bucket list too. My husband lived in Orkney for a number of years and saw them on many occasions. Might just have to book that trip!

  12. I have been to 6 of these places and seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland is probably my favourite, closely followed by Dubrovnik. High on my list to visit is Seville, Copenhagen and Instanbul. The more you explore the more I seem to add to my list.

  13. I have been dying to go to some of these, especially Seville and Istanbul! I also already love so many of them. I’ve been to Lisbon four times now and it never seems to be enough.

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