Spa Review: My Endermolift Experience at Legs Eleven

A few months back I was invited to experience an Endermolift Facial Treatment at Legs 11 in Green Point. I must be honest and admit it took me a few invites before I committed to going. The idea of a machine being used on my face wasn’t too comforting at first but once I read up a bit more about the treatment I realised that it really wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating and that it might be worthwhile giving it a shot!


Endermologie is a hugely popular body treatment in France as it offers non-invasive slimming, body contouring and anti-cellulite treatments. Using the same LPG machine that powers the Endermologie body sessions, an Endermolift facial treatment uses a smaller wand with smooth rubber flaps that gently squeeze the skin, stimulating the cells below the surface to produce more hyaluronic acid and elastin that plump up your cells immediately. It’s like a workout for your face!

From the age of 25, fibroblasts, which are your skin’s youth cells, start to become inactive, resulting in the deterioration of your body’s natural levels of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. One eventually starts to notice the dreaded appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging and a dull complexion. Following in-depth research, LPG® designed the Endermolift™, which is proven to reawaken your sleeping youth cells, and radically reverse your skin’s natural ageing process. By utilizing the latest in motorised flap technology, the Endermolift™ is able to deliver gentle micro-pulses to the skin’s surface, which naturally rejuvenates the skin from within.


Watch this video for more information and a visual representation of how it works on the skin…

The idea is the have a course of treatments to improve your skin and to encourage longer lasting results. The first few sessions are close together and then once you’re onto a regular schedule they are spaced further apart. You can have an all over facial and neck treatment or if you need a quick boost you can choose a targeted treatment to smooth out your forehead or the lines in your cheeks for example.


Immediate radiant, younger-looking skin without any invasive or medical procedures! Once you’ve experience the Endermolift it’s obvious what it’s the treatment of choice for many Hollywood stars as it naturally slow the signs of ageing and restores their youthful glow immediately.

The procedure is quick – only 45 minutes for a full facial incl neck. And targeted treatments on certain areas can be as fast as 15 minutes!

There is no pain involved in this procedure, only very mild discomfort on certain “harder” areas of the face such as the forehead.

Cells deep in the skin are stimulated using state-of-the-art technology and therefore renewed without the addition of any products. It acts directly on all visible signs of skin ageing; pigmentation, fine lines, dark circles, even a double chin and combined with a healthy diet, exercise and less stress, damage can be repaired.

Radiant results are immediate, with no down time, and it can be used on the day for instant results – great for brides!

Skin is left feeling and looking amazing, wrinkles are smoothed, eye puffiness eliminated and dark circles lightened. My face was radiant and smooth and lines were visibly reduced especially around my eye area and between my eyebrows! (My worst age betrayer!!) A few days after the procedure I was still receiving compliments and enquiries as to what I had down with my skin and there was no doubt in my mind as to the reason!

An Endermolift Facial Treatment is actually more affordable than than an ordinary facial if you can believe it! Approximately R400 per session or purchase a package of 5 and get the 6th one free (Approx R334 per session.) If after your first treatment you only want to target one area (eg. under-eyes) it will cost you R160 per area. With this option, you can also buy a package deal – 6 sessions will cost you R800 and 12 sessions R1440.


Endermolift by LPG is now available at Legs11 in Green Point, Cape Town. Legs Eleven specialises in the latest IPL hair removal, anti-aging and slimming treatments to give you beautiful, lasting results with hundreds of satisfied customer testimonials, referrals and top beauty reviews.

For more on the Endermolift visit the FAQ section on the Legs Eleven website.

small Endermologie Treatment room

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