Beauty Review: Elizabeth Arden Bold Liquid Lipsticks & Bold Defining Liquid Liner

A bumper Beauty Babes review for you this Friday… Both Cara & Rayne weigh in on TWO bold new beauty buys that have just hit the shelves of SA…


The beautiful Bold Liquid Lipsticks and Bold Defining Liquid Liner from Elizabeth Arden‘s new liquid assests colour colour… a luxurious wet collection that is comprised of innovative fluid textures with rich colour intensity and long-lasting finishes!

Cara’s Review

I was so intrigued and excited to try these new Elizabeth Arden Liquid lipsticks firstly the packaging and unique applicator, secondly I had seen that they’re quite glossy yet told to be long lasting. They’re essentially a lip-gloss hybrid, I say that because unlike most lip-glosses these are super long lasting and pigmented.

I have the shades Fiery Red and Luscious Raspberry (Other shades in the collection are Extreme Pink, Daring Beige, Fearless Red, Passionate Peach and Seductive Magenta) As you can see in the swatches these are so similar and that disappointed me a little; when Rayne and I were choosing our colours I immediately gravitated to fiery red in hopes it would be the most gorgeous glossy fire engine red but as you can see its very similar to raspberry.

I really enjoy the formula; it’s long lasting and leaves a subtle stain on the lips, which means no worrying about reapplying. There are so many amazing shades in the range and a nude one called daring beige, which looks like the most amazing glossy nude shade, and I so have my eye on.

Onto the bold defining eyeliner in black. It has the finest nib I have ever seen, which makes it perfect for tight lining. I tried to create a wing with it but it wasn’t very pigmented and disappeared by the end of the day so this is not the product for winged eyeliner, however to create a full looking lash line, it’s perfect because of the very fine nib.


Rayne’s Review

The new range from Elizabeth Arden, the Bold Defining 24H Liquid Eye Colour and the Bold Liquid Lipsticks come in the most gorgeous packaging and are some of the most unique products to date!

First up, I tried the Bold Liquid Lipsticks in Seductive Magenta and Passionate Peach.

Both shades are stunning and pay off exactly as they look like in the tubes. The packaging has a clear gap in the tube that allows you to see the product inside; this is spot on to what it looks like on your lips.

I LOVE Passionate Peach and I find it to be the exact shade that I gravitate to on a daily basis for work. Also, there is no feathering of the product. I repeat, NO feathering, even without a liner. *Spoiler alter, I never once used it with a liner. I just didn’t need to.

The one thing I find is that it is described as “the intensity of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss” and I definitely get more of a matte finish from it. I would actually call it 100% a matte finish, not even kind of a matte finish.

Both shades lasted ages, a good four to five hours before needing any touch ups. Another thing I found is that after a while – about five hours – it starts to feel a bit tacky of your lips, but a coat of the product over the current application solves that immediately and it feels brand new.

And finally, the applicator is one of the most unique I have ever used. It is a slightly puffy micro-fibre feeling applicator that, when you push the lever up, produces product. I thought I would hate the applicator but it is much easier to use than I thought! It also spreads the product out nice and evenly as the pad covers a large area of your lip as you go.

Next up, the liquid liner. There are 5 shades available in this collection, namely Dark Valentine, Gilded Brown, Electric Blue, Mystic Green & Plum Desire. I have it in the shade Mystic Green which is a stunning emerald green shade. You have to apply multiple coats to get the proper intense colour that it deserves, but once you do, it is absolutely gorge.

I am pretty pathetic at creating a winged liner with khoki liner so I am totally dismal with this applicator. However I can at least create a really pretty pop of colour with this shade.
I am really loving pairing this with the Passionate Peach liquid lipstick for a subtle look and a pop of colour.


Retail Price: Liquid lipsticks (7 different shades) for R295 each and Liquid liners (5 different shades) for R265 each.



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Test & Images:  Cara Fay & Rayne Alexander


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