Tech Talk: EDRO Robotics is fun for the whole family plus WIN!

I don’t know about you but as Christmas looms I sometimes get a bit stuck knowing what to buy my kids… you see they are so fortunate to have been blessed with all manner of toys over the year that it feels like I am just buying them more of the same to add to the “mess” in their room. Kids of a certain age (8 plus) can be especially hard to buy for as they’ve usually outgrown toys. But the alternative of NOT buying them a gift isn’t really an option as I still want to bless them and show them I care …

So, when I discovered a new robotics toy concept for kids called EDRO, I knew it was something that would be really awesome as an alternative Christmas gift, especially for my son!

A newcomer in the South African robotics market, EDRO, otherwise known as Education Robots, specializes in child robotics and offers a practical and appealing way for children to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) preparing them for today’s technological world.

The idea is that this “toy” is also educational as it encourages kids to apply theory to real life problems and is a great way to get kids excited about subjects that might otherwise be deemed as “boring” – Science, Technology, Electronics and Maths – while working with robots enhances creative problem solving techniques.



Learning is visual, tactile and active.

Founded by, Werner Venter, Industrial Engineer and Christina Clucas, degreed in industrial psychology, EDRO was developed after introducing the concept to their own children. To their surprise, their kids’ excitement and quickness to learn was the start of a new brand in South Africa that incorporated child play and education all in one. EDRO has also recently launched robotics workshops over the holidays in Cape Town.

There are 12 fun example robots to build, as well as introducing kids to the excitement of creating their own robots. These are their 3 robotic kits for children aged 6 – 16yrs:

  • Just for fun Chokomacar: This little robot is guided by antenna-like sensors that detect light intensity differences. This Chokomacar will trace along lines that your kids can put down for it. Allow your kids to learn about electrical circuits and have fun decorating their own chokomacar line tracing robot! (R150 with R50 gift voucher off another Intermediate purchase)
  • Beginners Robo- Link: Enjoy the new revolutionary build it yourself Robot with the help of motors and Artec’s superior quality building blocks. The Robo Link is a fabulous kit which enables children to build a total of 5 different robots. The Robo Link is a wonderful robotics and science experiment to toy in order to introduce children to the future of science! (R375 with R150 gift voucher off another Intermediate purchase)
  • Intermediate Robotis Dream – A perfect starter kit for a budding roboticist, the kit teaches basic robotic fundamentals with easy to assemble parts. (R1250 with R150 gift voucher off another Intermediate purchase)



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So if you’re like me and feeling stuck for a gift idea this Christmas why not try something educational AND fun, for the whole family to enjoy together?

You’ll be pleased to know I am giving away 5 NEW EDRO robotics kits for 5 lucky Becoming you readers to win this week!

Yes, I’m giving away 5 x Chokomacar worth R150 each along with an additional R50 gift voucher for the EDRO online shop.



To win one of these fab robotic kits follow the steps below to enter…




Images: EDRO

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  1. I love it – completed the form and shred the post on FB /

  2. I think encouraging Robotics in child education is vital in the world today because…

    at work or play machines make for a more streamlined, efficient & stress-less future.

    The Information Age has given way to individual choice, it’s our chance to make the future happen – it’s in our hands. What do you choose?

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